Lexar 8 GB, 133x Pro High Speed Series, CF Memory Card for free

Lexar 8 GB, 133x Pro High Speed Series, CF Memory Card for FREE (mail-in rebate).

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  • Jeff

    They’ve just raised it to $89.95 but I got it in the cart at $80… still a deal at $9.95

  • follow the link from the above post – it is still $80 = free. I think the link in the RSS feed did not get updated and still shows $89 = $9 after mail-in rebate.

  • Jeff

    Correct – many thanks – just curious, what was the normal price on this item?

  • sperera

    ha i did it to check it out and they wanted to charge 81 dollars to send this chip to Gibraltar by courier……is this for real or what…..i tell you what, for that I will NEVER buy at that shop….customer lost Adorama

    • Alex

      well.. Gibraltar is across the world… The Adorama store is located in New York City. How much does it normally cost to ship something from the U.S. to Gibraltar?

      • sperera

        put it this way…Ive bought wheels for my racing bike from US on ebay (just under 2kg packages i would say) and cost under 40 dollars to ship by USPS……

  • Bob

    The rebate is only available to people with a US address. That leaves Gibraltar (and this frozen patch of Canada) out.

  • KT

    I hate to be crass about it, but that exact thing is selling for $ 40-50 on eBay. and if you are lucky you’ll get free shipping for your $ 50 investment.

  • Pablov

    just curious: what does the store or manufacturer earn or get with this “free” CF offer ?

    • Basically they clear their inventory that way and rely that someone will not mail their rebates on time – remember that they still make money – it cost Lexar less than $80 to produce this card.

  • steve bamesberger

    This applies also to 300X UDMA too. Download the rebate form and read the details because this applies to any purchase not just Adorama.

  • Rick

    Got my order in this morning, but boy the wait on hold was long!

    On a related topic, I jumped on the Black Friday Ritz deal for 4GB cards, and just was informed today that my order was CANCELLED. I was informed only because I inquired. Very strange way to do business…

  • FS Gilbert

    Took me all of 5 min. on line to order one w/ 3 day ship for $10.95. Chk rebate…only good until Jan 15, so get it to yous quick in time to apply for rebate.

  • Pablov

    The bar code must be shipped with mail stamps Date before Jan 15 or the bar code itself must be Received by Lexar before Jan 15 ? (In the last case one should ship it with fast service to assure it would be delivered on time)

    Sorry for the question.

    • Anonymous

      The rebate says the card must be purchased by Jan.15th and the mail in rebate must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase date.

      • Pablov

        Thanks for the answer

  • this could be another reason for this rebate – Lexar announces full-HD memory cards:

  • jes

    I will never ever never ever ever !!!!! us a lexar card again at any price !! I bought 2 pro cards had to return them both and out of the 2 new ones they sent me I had to send back one of those. Someone once gave me one and I tossed out the 3 lexar cards I had in the trash. I have had a 512mb SanDisk card for some 7 or 8 yrs and it is still working fine!!!! I would not use a lexar if you gave it to me for FREE and I know a lot of street shooters that feel the same way !!

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