Nikon prices in UK – up 10-15% in Spring

In the trail of Nikon price increases around the world, the UK seems to be next in line. This is an email Park Cameras UK sent to one of its costumers:

Hi and thank you for your e-mail.
PC Email
The prices are due to go up, we don't know the exact percentages or date but know it is soon and 10-15% would not be unrealistic. I would expect us to have to pass on the price increases.
If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards, Gui
Park Cameras Ltd
York Road
Victoria Business Park
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9TT
Tel: 01444 23 70 70


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  • Mike

    Because of the weak pound? Did they lower prices when the pound was strong then? Because for a long while it peaked nearly £1/$2.

  • Pablov

    Dear Admin, sorry for this out-of-topic question:

    – since I’m considering buying a 70-200 zoom lens for full frame Nikon in coming months, I was comparing side by side reviews of every option available (Nikon, Sigma, Tamron) and even the expensive Nikkor didn’t meet my expectations
    Nikkor has noticeable softness and chromatic aberrations at corners, image distortion, not delivering the expected quality of very expensive Pro lens, etc
    Sigma has spherical focusing issues, not delivering well focused images in many situations
    Tamron has tendency to misfocus, sometimes front, sometimes rear, making it unreliable for high def photography (at least that review reported that, I didn’t check this specific issue on other reviews, but sometimes a team doesn’t check with high precision the issues another team does, thus not reporting it but still there)
    (Sadly the best performer 70-200 f2.8 seems to be the Canon’s)

    – So the question is: is there any rumor about a new Nikon (or 3rd party) 70-200 f2.8 ?
    – Or even a slower 70-200 zoom ? performing well in terms of IQ, focus, etc?
    – Another option (zoom model) that could work and I didn’t consider ?

    Thank you very much, and sorry again for this out-of topic question.
    PLEASE remove it, or move it, if you feel it is wrong to write it here.

    • Pablov – I just came across this today:

      “Rumours are that Sigma are looking to introduce an HSM OS (In Nikon terms: AFS and VR) version of the 70-300, and that’s why the previous versions have suddenly dropped in price.”

      I don’t have any other info. Sorry.

      • Pablov

        Thank you very much.

    • sperera

      try the 80-200mm Nikkor….GREAT lens!

  • Anonymous

    FFS what is with people who treat a comment area like a forum?

  • LSE

    well I was hoping the d700 would go down more but I suppose it will just jump back up. Hopefuly the US will not see these jumps before I can get mine. Or I’ll just have to wait until the rumored d700x or d800 is anounced and dealers start clearning d700 inventory.

    oh well, at least I got my 14-24 before any price bumps hit.

    • Anonymous

      The D700 will be around for many many years to come. Why? Because it will take ages to come up with something that can compete with the low light abilities of the D700. There will never be a D700x, This camera does already have everything it needs.
      There will be a “D800”, for sure. But this won’t replace the D700.

      Actually the D700 might become the camera that will the produced and sold for the longest time, any SLR ever got produced.

  • Ramon

    Don’t worry about USD prices changing in the near future. You can go on the internet to verify my figures, but since the July 1, 2008, the GBP has lost 38% of its value vs. the Yen. The USD has lost 12% of its value vs. the Yen. That, coupled with the fact that the U.S. economy has the greatest potential for an economic turnaround to occur more quickly than Europe, doubtful you will see price increases, more likely they will not extend their current $100 rebates.

    Yes, I know I’ve done it again and the pseudo-economists will tell me how I’m wrong and that the U.S. is in eminent danger of an apocalyptic breakdown and a bunch of other poppycock, but the truth hurts sometimes.

    And, as I stated in a previous post and NO ONE answered, if you think the Dollar is fundamentally weak despite the trillions poured into its coffers over the past few months, simply name a currency whose currency is more fundamentally stronger and why monies have not flowed there.

    • Anonymous

      What you do forget:

      – The UK is not Europe.
      – The Euro doesn’t have the trouble the British Pound or the US Dollar has.
      The Pound started to have troubles in the middle of the year, whereas the US Dollar is troubled now for more than over a year. Have a look how much value the Dollar hast lost in the last 2 years. Than compare that again to the Pounds history. You will be surprised.
      Actually Christmas 2007 more Europeans than ever before went to the US for the Holidays. Why? Because it was (and to some degree still is) dirt cheap for them.

      And yes the dollar is really weak. And it will become less and less important. It already lost a lot to the Euro, and will continue to do so. But even more important, it will loose, as any other western currency, to the RMB and the Indian Rupee. As these countries will take a more active role, as they already have.

      Did you know that the US is borrowing 20 Billion US Dollar from China every single month? Did you know that if the Chinese had put all their Dollars over night into the open market, on top of the financial crisis, the western world as we know it would have ended?

      oh, but yeah, you’re right “US No1”.

      Good luck. You’ll need it.

      • Mike

        “The Euro doesn’t have the trouble the British Pound or the US Dollar has.”

        Not yet. But for a foretaste of what’s to come in the Eurozone, look at Greece, where Euro membership has been so beneficial to the economy, locals have started demonstrating their happiness by machine-gunning police officers.

        Good luck!

        • Anonymous

          As said before, ALL western currencies do face problems, and will even more in the future.
          But the euro doesn’t have the problems the Pound or Dollar has, as it is not the currency of a single country. Thereby it’s not attached to the problems of a single country as the pound or dollar.

          The US needs to get used to the thought that this status we all lived in during the past 60 years is over now. It was created artificially after WWII. But the rest of the world woke up and wants to have a piece of the cake as well.

          Naturally the country which had the most before, will loose the most in during this time of transformation.

          But I guess we’re getting a bit of topic.

  • sperera

    i spoke to a UK pro retailer and they confirmed their next batch of cameras will be higher priced…..but then again the euro is devaluing as we speak….and the euro will be nowhere near as strong sooner rather than later so lets see what they do then…..come next year the euro will be in trouble….thats my prediction…

  • Xavier

    Nikon UK did announce price rises:
    ‘The price increase is the result of volatile exchange rate conditions and will continue to be reviewed on a regular basis,’ a spokeswoman says. ‘All product groups will be affected by the price increase to some degree. A recommended retail price list will be available to view from 12 January online.’

  • Ramon

    I love anonymous responders, your courage to not use your name is the height of European bravery, reminiscent of the bravery displayed against German in the 1930s through 1940 (excepting our British soldiers, though Chamberlain was a total weakling).

    We’re not talking about Christmas 2007. We’re talking about today and today, the Pound is weak, the Euro is weakening quickly and the ECB is too worried about inflation to stimulate the economy.

    Again, no one has told me of a better option than the US Dollar.

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