CES 2009

CES 2009 starts in three days and I don't have a single rumor for a new Nikon product (Nikon does have a booth on CES). I guess we will not be seeing any D40/D60 updates, not even a CoolPix. In the past, as we got closer to the official announcement, there was always a specific online chatter and a series of events that are just not happening now. I hope I am wrong!

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  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I too hope you are wrong. I would at least like to see a new AF-S Prime Lens.

  • Pablov

    More and more people want new or updated lenses…

    I suppose it IS time to bring them on, isn’t it NIKON… ?
    Some of the existing ones need to be improved
    High resolution cameras are not useful without high quality / high resolution updated lenses…

  • I realy think it’s time to launc NEW 85mm f/1/4 AFS

  • Sergio

    I do think that this time they will concentrate on launching new lenses, especially (I hope) for FX. Any rumors on new lenses?

  • dino

    I too think that soon there will be some kind of announcements. It’s 2009, 50th from 1959…) and high res studio camera still needs excellent short tele lenses to be paired with… I’d say we’ll see something just before or around PMA which is probably the most known photo fair after Photokina

  • LSE

    Isn’t the nikon BIG event in february? if they are going to announce something, it will probably be there.

    • Pablov

      is the “Big” thing still to be launched ?
      some of us thought that maybe the “big” thing was the D3x (or its price 🙂 ), rushed to be available before the end of 2008

      • LSE

        I don’t think it was conclusively settled that it was the D3X. There were all those mystery ads with viewfinders nothing like the d3x and 3 squares (allegedly sensor sizes).

        Rumors are still going that it is a medium format rangefinder or slr. But nobody proved or disproved.

        since it is just about a month away, I guess we’ll know soon enough.

        • Pablov

          yes, although I hope Nikon put more efforts in improving (and making new) lenses for FX format than making new ones for a medium format line…..

  • Michael

    I don’t know if we will see anything at CES. As the Admin stated he has seen no traffic to speak to that. If there is I doubt it will be anything major. Maybe a new lens, which would be good, maybe a Coolpix or probably just nothing.

    I do think we will see new products at PMA. I don’t know what yet. I do think we will see the D400 around that time with all we have been reading. That may come out at PMA and / or we may see the D60 replacment which is probable.

    Pablov is probably correct, the “BIG” was probably the D3x. There may have been a BIGger but Nikon may have tabled that for a year due to the economy. I think it was Thom that said he knew that Nikon had been testing / working with the concept. I just don’t know if they will pull the trigger on something like that in 2009.

    I am sure we will see some new tools this year. I am sure we will see a new body (or 2) at PMA. I doubt we will see anything much at CES though we could be surprised. I hope so.

    I hear buzz from the Canon camp that they may update one or both of their pro 1D cameras this year. I don’t know if they will or not. I don’t think Nikon will update their D3 this year due to the success they are already sitting on. Canon is playing catch up. A serious game of catch up.

    I would not be surprised if we see an update to the D700 this year but I am not counting on it though. I think we will see a consumer body at PMA maybe a D400 as well though. We all hope!

    Of course we ALL are always looking for lenses!

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