Kamera & Bild: D60 replacement expected

From Kamera & Bild:

"It is also expected a successor to the Nikon D60 with 12 megapixels and screen viewfinder. So the same sensor technology as the D90. One question that arises is what such a camera should be named. D60-successor can not be called D70 or D80..."

Here is also another link to a online store in Australia that promises Nikon D3x to be in stock by December 31, 2008.

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  • Boris

    this was the magazine that was two times wrong on the press conference date, weren’t they?

    this time they’re definitely wrong. if nikon will announce a new entry level dslr it’ll be a replacement for d40x which was introduced in march 2007… and not a camera they launched 11 months ago…

    • sonololo

      youre the more wrong. d60 was the replacement of d40x. in fact, d60 is a slight derivate of d40x. it is pointless to manufacture d40x and d60 in same time.

      • Boris

        ok… i have to admit that i’m not anymore that interested in this entry-level dslr anyway… but when d60 REPLACED the d40x, why are the d40 and d40x still available?

        • cs

          the d40x is no longer being made. hasn’t been since the d60 came out.

        • Boris_is_wrong

          Boris you’re about 1 year out of touch with reality. The D60 replaced the D40x. The moment the D60 came out, the manufacture of the D40x stopped. Meanwhile, the D40 has continued to be available. Get your facts right before writing a comment.

    • Boris!
      No. We were not wrong about the dates.

      Our danish edition got two official invitations to Nikon Denmarks’ pressmeetings that turned out to be wrong. They had an outdated schedule for product launches.

      Magnus Fröderberg, Editor in Chief, Kamera & Bild

      • Magnus, thanks for clarifying. I understand that you are just like me – we report the news we get, we don’t make up stuff.
        -NR admin

  • D60x?

    • somebody

      I guess so too.. or maybe:

      D60 x black gold platinum deluxe s


  • eyrieowl

    regardless of whether this particular rumor is true or not, i’ve been wondering what they intended to do with the their naming scheme for a while. it’s clear that they can’t continue with Dx0 or Dx00 naming schemes..so…what next? I kind of like the essence of what Canon did here (although I think the implementation is confusing) where you have models with revisions (xD mk xx). Done properly, it helps show consumers the models which replace other models, which isn’t a bad thing, eliminating confusion and all…. One way or another, I’m sure we’ll see before too long.

    • tennisdude7407

      nikon might produce a new camera this year but i think that it will be an upgrade from the d60 having live view and other features but that will make the new camera more expensive

  • Zoetmb

    If it’s a true replacement for the D60 that’s not a major upgrade, it can be a D65.

    There’s precedence for this:
    The F55 replaced the F50
    The F65 replaced the F60
    The F75 replaced the F70

    There was never an F85 or F95 though.

  • Redwood76

    If there is an upgrade – it’ll be a D60x and the D40 will go (the D60 will become the “new” entry level body).

    I’d expect the D60x to be a fairly minor improvement on the D60, perhaps with video added and upgraded sensor.

  • rhlpetrus

    They’ll start a new series numberinglike DX50 or something. The x is reserved for a simple update or just change of sensor like D40 to D40X. This one needs a new body, for LCD and other features like video, etc.

    Likely PMA, but maybe Nikon is being very aggressive and will launch a bunch of cameras, but I doubt it.

  • fotosniper

    they could always go with the 4 number designation
    something like that
    i was also thinking they could drop the d altogether

  • fotosniper

    oh and i forgot
    what about d20 or d30?

  • Annonymus

    It would be nice to see the FX cameras as FXxx, and the DX cameras as DXxx.

  • Soon2BaD60Owner

    So do people think the D60 going to be replaced soon? Any projections of pricing for the new one and the old one? I’m hoping the price of the old one will drop when the new one is announced.

  • kikmeister

    with the ongoing global financial crisis.. i doubt if Nikon would release an update to the D60 in the first half of 2009 at least.. late in the year seems more logical.. but then we’ll just have to see how things work out next year..

  • Soon2BaD60Owner

    If there isn’t going to be a new one soon, why does this site recommend waiting to buy the D60?

    • I changed that few days ago – are you still seeing it as a “buy”? Try to refresh your browser or clear your cache.

  • Mike

    why not with the tilting screen like sony

  • Soon2BaD60Owner

    It doesn’t say “buy”. It says ‘wait to buy”. So, do people think there will be an update or not? I’m new to DSLRs, but have decided on the D60 and am trying to decide if I should wait for a new one or buy the current one. Any suggestions?

    • I can recommend to wait till the end of January and see if a new camera will be released – of course if you can wait that long. The price of the D60 will drop further as well, so you can only win.

      • StillWaiting

        With the new posts for increasing prices on in Australia and UK, do you think US buyers should still wait for a price drop in late January 2009?

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