New flash?

The Australian web site that posted info about the Nikon event on December 1st, has an update in their what's new section:

New flash? SB-700? Maybe they just have a good sense of humor.

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  • Steph

    Maybe the D3x has an onboard flash ? Many non-studio pros actually want it for use when fill in could be useful.

  • “What camera?”

    “What flash?”

    “What 18-?? f3.5-5.6 lens?”

  • Brighter Than You Ha

    This site is hilarious (in a ridiculous way) and full of random opinions from people who think they know everything about everything but, demonstrably, know nothing about anything, not even something about anything!

    To the administrator or site owner; I have been trawling – I use that term because thats what it feels like, trawling through thick, lumpy bitumen – around this site and I think you should rename it Nikon Stories, Nikon Possibilities, Nikon Heresay – oh look, you can pronounce that the other way too and it might be even more appropriate!

    A large part of the information here is not rumors but just tall-tales. I mean, with some of the stories you don’t even pretend there is a story or any genuine product but you post it anyway. That’s sad, and really strange because I think the idea behind the site is great, but the manner is which it is run is a joke.

    Personally I think I shall free up some traffic and save you some bandwidth.

    One other thing before I free up your traffic routes… please everyone, STOP using the term ANALOGUE for FILM!!!!! It isn’t!!!!!

    I have noticed a few posters to this site refering to FILM as ANALOGUE… er…

    Please don’t call film ANALOGUE. Just because something is NOT DIGITAL does not mean, in every case, that its therefore automatically ANALOGUE.

    Yes, you can have a DIGITAL signal for your TV or an ANALOGUE signal for your TV. Similarly for other products. However, FILM is NOT ANALOGUE – FILM is FILM! I hold 2 Phd’s but learned that BASIC fact when I was about 7 years old! Come on people! Wakey, wakey!

    • Point taken – why do you think that everyone should agree with you? That’s why we are people – because we are different. I think you are doing the right thing by not coming back here, I am sure you will find a place where everyone will agree with you. Good luck!

    • No reason to spam my blog if you don’t like it. You are blocked. Bye bye

      • Michael

        I don’t have two doctorates but in kindergarten they taught me how to play well with others. Maybe that is a course that should be added to grad school?

        Admin, you are doing a great job, Thank you.

        • With the number of readers we have, this is expected – so I do not pay much attention to such comments. I am actually surprised that we do not get more of those, which means that we are really doing a good job.

      • Eff your silly blog if your going to censor people who criticize content. Most of us are here for the same reason democrats sometimes tune into Rush – we like a train reck. Adious!

    • Justin

      Sooo… why exactly can’t film be considered analog?

      • SeriousDude

        Because he says so, I guess.

        Nikon PWNS!!11!!!!!

        • r-dog

          Film is to analog as nikon is to film, get it? Jeez. Also, why are you guys sitting here reading this? You should all be in yosemite taking pictures. Tell your boss you banged his wife, get fired, and snap some shots. that’s what I do. My wife once returned a house

        • too funny

          What better reply could you have? 😉

      • who is brighter?

        I believe that the poster of the above rant is refering the the fact that there have been analogue electronic cameras (electronic, but NOT digital)

        Scientifically the term analogue refers to a medium being able to map the transition from one state to another in a “non stepped” manner. The term analogue does NOT require an electronic system.

        An 8bit B&W tiff has 256 steps (or levels) from black to white available to be used for any given pixel. The stepped nature of this is a requirement of digital. An analogue ELECTRONIC image would be completey variable in transition from black to white, limited only by the recording or viewing medium and the quality of the circuitry.

        To Mr 2 PHD’s: I suggest you take a quiet look at the chemestry of film and the ways that grain and or dye clouds work, they DO in fact work in an analogue (non stepped) manner. Remember, the term analogue does NOT require an electronic system.

        • Anonymous

          I disagree. I say film is optical. The image is actually present. Not represented.

  • Jonathan Hughes

    You forgot to mention that anyone who is anyone is switching back to film, and that shooting JPEGs gives better quality than RAW, and that you’re so busy shooting 10,000 shots a day that you couldn’t possibly have time to deal with RAW.

    • r-dog

      I heard the new d3x is going to have the groundbreaking viewfinder of the fuji disposible cameras. Seriously, this is all you need to take pictures of baby ryan, maybe bounce an sb400 off his forehead for some fill

      • Kenny Rockstar

        That’s true. The color of Ryan’s forehead warms up the light, similar to what a 1/2 CTO gel would do.

        I feel sorry for all the nerds who pixel peep. I take pictures. No. I MAKE pictures. and a website. all day.

        • r-dog

          Dweebs! who needs an expensive digital camera and memory cards and a 3 thousand dollar computer? I use an $13 film camera and velvia 50 and get my stuff scanned at 100 megapixels. Then I open the files on my computer and…oh

  • Kuri

    I think the comment on that australian site are poking fun at the fact that NOTHING was announced at the much hyped 20-11 date.

    as in:

    It is past 20-11 now, no new camera, no new lens, what new flash? Nothing new/

    That’s all, I think.

    • Cin

      I agree too

  • rhlpetrus

    Or the whole Dec 1st thing is just a big PRANK, like BIG itself (MF Nikon, really?).

  • drwho

    I don’t think so. It wouldn’t make sense to bring out a new flash right after releasing a new video of the CLS.

  • pete

    the flash that is rumoured is an sb700 to replace the sb600. that was the opinion of ECS prior to them pulling down the other blog entry for the cheeky new version.

  • GT

    To: NRAdmin.
    I Got this from Nikon Australia – lets all just relax a bit…..
    This is an exclusive Nikon Christmas event for select professional retailers, journalists and photographers who have assisted Nikon throughout the year.

    We intend to thank our key retailers for their efforts throughout 2008 and highlight our ongoing successes.

    Any inference of something other than this is pure speculation.

    • I could not find it – do you have a link?

      • GT

        TO: NR Adin, No link – this is what was emailed to me when I asked about this site and what and why they were advertising??

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