Today’s updates

  • The price of D3x should be 7,000 Euros (around US$8,700???).
  • A well respected dpreview member (Iliah Borg) claims to have processed raw files from a new Nikon camera (no details provided at that point).
  • Nikon Thailand laid off 1500 employees. More lay offs may follow. Sad.
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  • Anonymous

    EUR7000 = ~$8763 as per today

  • 7000 euros is $8777 USD…

  • sorry – converted the wrong way 🙂

  • kaka

    expencive… well to me that extra pixels aren’t the world to me… so D3 or D700 will be so god in my hands… hope the price drop…

  • Anonymous

    They usually do not sell at a ratio equal to the exchange rate, most often the pricing favors the USD.

    So if the estimated price is EUR7,000 then I would estimate either $8499 or $7999 US retail.

  • MrRumorFace

    I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say the reason they were laid off was because they couldn’t keep up with the production of all the cameras people were rumoring.

  • Chevypower

    Don’t think i will be getting a D3x at that price. So what will be the price on the top of the range MX? $20,000?

  • Carpe

    Well, the price (7000) is from the largest professional camera shop in Finland. The usually have good relations with Nikon.

    Actually the most important photo site has also published information about the Nikon press conference at 1.12.2008 in Finland (

    Cheers, C

    BTW Finland is one of the most advanced country in new technolody, (e.g. the home of Nokia) so it would be an excellent place for world premiere of a new camera. 🙂

    • MrRumorFace

      Ah. THE most important photo site. Do they talk about other technolody there, too?

    • r-dog

      Why would they release the price of the camera before any specs? How does that make sense for marketing? I don’t care if it is posted on Nikonusa itself, it doesn’t make sense. Also, why would they announce something 24 days before christmas and not have it available for immediate shipment? So they announce something awesome and everyone says “I’m not going to buy a d3 or a d700 or a d300 now because the d3awesome is coming out after christmas. Unless releasing only the price would detract people from buying it and thus not hurt their xmas sales, but then they are hurting their sales for the d3awesome. It’s a guess, not a rumor. If someone had information then they would release that, like mpixels or name, not price. And who cares if finland has your so called “technolody?” How much shit do you need?

    • r-dog

      and who can even read that jibberish on Seriously, don’t these people realize that the internet is in english?

      • jibb

        Seriously, when you guys realize that the whole world is not running just on english..

  • Eric B

    It also may be worth noting that with the approaching December 1st release date, this is far from a “lull in activity”.

    I’m actually skeptical as to whether the”BIG” announcement will be made on the 1st. I mean, the teaser for it was in September for the original late-october press date, but one would expect some more teasers leading up to the release of such an important product. Maybe they shelved it?

    • MrRumorFace

      Fortunately, it doesn’t have VR.

    • yadda

      what, are you twelve?

  • NikonRumorLess

    I cannot wait for a new flash!

    man. my space bar got stuck.

    • Upgrades

      Man, nikonrumorless (lol name), youre’ spacebar messed up my screen (Lulz!). For serious. But, ok.

  • johnny know-it-all

    Well, in response to your response, I think that there are legitimate pros that check this site because, as we all know, when there is a rumor that something new will be released all of their equipment stops working. I heard chase jarvis is an avid reader of and put all of this camera bodies on craigslist (seattle) when the d3x was rumored to have 28 megapixels and gives decent handjobs.

    • Where did you get this info? Unfortunately I cannot confirm or deny who is reading this blog, but I can ensure you that we have some big names NR fans. Actually if you follow all post closely, you will get an idea…

      • anon

        Well…I am a pro–architectural/fine art photographer–shooting 4×5 film and presently making high resolution scans. I’m following the development of digital cameras very carefully. Hence, I check in here from time to time.

        • What?Who?

          Dewd, not to question your level of intelligence, but there are FAR better places to check on the development of digital imaging out there. Now that statement wasn’t meant to take away from the value of this website, because it does serve a purpose – what ever that purpose may be…

          This is pretty slick: it’s not a 4×5 sensor, but the resolution is there and I’m sure large prints are great.

          • anon

            Just because I hang out here sometimes, doesn’t mean I’m not onto other sites with info about digital cameras.

            For a variety of reasons–price for one–I am not ready to jump to a Phase One back. But thanks for the suggestion. I’m sticking with my current setup until the right combination of features and price come together.

  • Jeroenw

    Knowing Nikon if a camera will retail for 7000 euros it will go for about $6500- $7000 in the US. We europeans tend to pay a lot more for equipment

    • kaka

      that’s true in some countrys we pay lot more euros thant in America

      like a lens that cost 1600dollars we pay in europe like 1900euros

  • Darrell

    Any more than £3500 is a little high I think. Maybe Sony is preventing them competing with their A900 as a condition for selling the sensor. SAy for 6 months then prices fall

  • Mar

    BUt id there will be a D3x , there will be a D3h too?????

    • nobody

      the D3 is the D3h in my mind

      • Yeah. There never was a D2, only an H and an X. So I don’t think the naming structure REQUIRES any particular model, it simply leaves categorical room for it… And the D3 itself performs the “H” job quite nicely.

        …That’s what she said…


  • rhlpetrus

    The layoff news is interesting, Nikon has recently increased predicitions for dslr and compact shippings for the current year. Maybe slump got finally to them.

    Re rpcing, usually exchange is not followed between Europe and US for Japanese companies, since US prices include less import taxes than most European countries. I’s guess nominal values same, if 7,000 EUR, then 7,000 USD.

    Re launch rumors, no hard evidence so far, but certaily camera is ready, Iliah Borg has seen files from it and others have seen the camera. If Dec or PMA no one knows actually, but it’s getting near and soem say it’ll be Dec 1st. One week to go.

  • “Why would they release the price of the camera before any specs?”

    Because retailers have to program the information for a new SKU into their inventory control systems. This involves no specs other than knowing that the UPC number is X and the price is Y.

    I’m not saying that makes this rumor true, only that it’s plausible.

  • Nik

    Everybody is talking about the price and the layoffs and nobody is paying any attention to the second link provided (Iliah Borg at dpreview) where he states that he has worked with RAW files from a new camera and, very obliquely, hints that it might not use traditional Bayer interpolation.

    • B3

      I agree, that’s what I was looking at. I was hoping there was some discussion here about that little bit of info. It keeps sounding more and more like there is something unique about this sensor (other than its MP count). Where’s Iliah? We need more info…

      • hulk

        Maybe, Nikon switched back to CCD ?;)

  • Mar

    I mean if theres a reason now to wait for new cameras or go for D3; if there will be a D3X with a lot of MP , they’ll continue to have D3 or there will be a new noise performer camera (like a D3H camera..)?

  • nobody

    Check your imageshack
    special surprise

    • My imageshack account? Do you have the link – cannot find anything? Post it here and then I will delete the comment.

  • Yeah I wouldn’t bank on that 7000 number, and even if it’s true the USD is usually less. You never directly exchange the currency and use that as the MSRP…

    I’d put a D3X at $6-6.5K, tops, assuming it is in a D3-style body, WITH improvements. And expect to pay $5K or less shortly, with the economy the way it is…


  • rhlpetrus

    Looks like no hard news about Dec 1st launch, and it’s getting close. At this point we should be seeing some hard evidence about new gear, a credible leaked image, something in a German magazine, etc.. I think it’s not coming now, more likely around PMA.

  • i.g.okorji

    Nikon should pack the d3x idea, it will simply not sell in the quantity that will justify production bearing in mind the current economic climate.

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