Two more hints from dpreview

It seems that Thom Hogan now also believes that there will be a new Nikon announcement by the end of this month:

"There's a pattern that happens prior to a real Nikon launch. I'm seeing that pattern again and we already know about a 11/20 date for something being launched." (Source)

and another one from jeff-c (for detailed history on jeff-c's predictions click here):

"Entering quiet period until Dec. 1st" (Source)

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  • cas

    I just want you to know that this waiting is killing me!

    This announcement is the main reason I have not gotten the D3 yet. I’ve been planning on it for a few months, but if they announce something good, I will either get that, or a D3 when the price suddenly drops out on them.

    • Guest

      I’ve never understood this mentality. Either the D3 meets your photographic needs i.e PJ, Sports low light photography or it doesn’t. If a higher mpix camera meets your photographic needs, then the D3 shouldnt even be a consideration with the choices we have now.

      If the D3 meets your needs, then get it. High mpix camera is aimed at a completely different market than the D3, I doubt the price will drop, just as the 1DsMIII didnt affect the 1DMIII pricing.

      • cas

        I want the D3 for shooting in low light, but I am perfectly content with my D2X.

        I would have upgraded long ago if I absolutely needed a D3, but I don’t.

        For me, it’s not the camera, but the skill of the photographer. I not concerned with MP, but would like the larger sensor for low light, and less noise.

        • Guest2

          Sounds to me like you want the D3. More MP is normally more noise at higher ISO (take a look at Sony A900, which noise appears already at ISO 800).

      • Ernst

        Maybe he’s waiting for something that meets his photographic needs *better*.

        It’s not as though D2X owners’ *needs* changed the day the D3 was released, yet all those pros bought them because the D3 was an improvement.

  • I should be shooting

    I completely the understand the mentality of wanting the greatest value for your money, especially in these times. Especially if this is your business. Good things come to those who wait 😉

  • Waiting is killing me, too — but my waiting is to see if I still have a job in January.

    So I’d really just as soon NOT have a big Nikon announcement of something I really want but on which I oughtn’t spend any money.

    If the “BIG” announcement is a new camera line with a bigger-than-FX sensor, fine. That would be interesting to read about, and since I don’t personally need one, it wouldn’t bother me that I can’t afford it. Ditto a D3-something with more pixels packed in. Most of my pictures, when they get seen at all, get seen online or in small print sizes, so I can get by with the D300 for a long time yet.

    On the other hand, in the (unlikely) event that they announce a high-tech digital rangefinder camera, I’m going to feel really, really depressed — because that WOULD be a camera I’d really want and could really use. My Epson R-D 1 is just about worn to a nubbin.

  • Pablov

    D3’s and D700’s prices droping might be a signal for a new release.
    Not sure, but might be.

    and more MP is not a “completely” different target. It only depends on the kind of tasks you do.

    Some current D3 users might get benefit of more MP, other people may not.
    People who doesn’t need so high frame rate and/or so high ISO levels may benefit from a new D3x higher MP camera.

    Why is it so hard to understand? or maybe some people refuse the idea of higher xx (whatever it is) and also doesn’t like the “race” in some areas of technology. That is another topic, and I do understand that, because I don’t like that “race” either. The only positive point of it is that we can get something better sooner, but it may become obsolete (or not “so good” compared to other models) sooner too.

    Don’t follow the race, but consider the options, tendencies and upcoming releases before spending money, especially when it means a lot of money…

  • Boris

    Any new body is useless without new lenses… I’d be quite happy to see something else new than 50mm 1.4D….
    it’s exciting to get something new but I’d prefer to invest in lenses rather than body full of feature a bit useless if you have got no choice for higher sensor (higher number of pixels/ higher size)

    I hope Nikon will confirm their roadmap for 2009… I am speaking about roadmap as I doubt any new camera announced on the 20th will ever be available in store/online before a few months….

  • Vlad

    My guess of something Big, is a gigantic, unaffordable lens :DDDDD

  • Ed

    Nikon, as a Major Camera manufacturer is missing a high megapixel count camera, even Sony has one. If they want to be perceived as the top manufacturer for pro’s, they need to produce one. Even though many might not really need such a monster, the perception that they can’t compete hurts them.

    Now that they are newly agressive at capturing back the top end from Canon, they badly need a 20+ MP Flagship. If its a good one, they will force Canon to go back to the drawing board once again to up the ante. When this happens, we all win.

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