Nikon history video

Here is the link. The video contains the history of many Nikon's "World First". After seeing the video, you will get an unusual urge to go out and buy a new Nikon...

btw RED announced their monster modular camera - it does shoot stills. Wow!

RED cameras do have a Nikon mount (adaptor).

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  • RumpelHund

    Oh my god! What a hefty RED announcement.
    Wonder who makes them such fast (FPS) sensors.

    Incredible, never saw anything like this before.

    If Nikon would join in with their Focus/Exposure/Handling experience god what could they produce.

  • JR

    take a look at the 617 sensor…. holy crap

    it shoots 24p as well.

  • adrian

    I’m surprised how little effect this is having on photography forums…..

    this is HUGE news, nikon lens mounts, modular accesories, and prices that make phase one systems look like the gold plated bricks that they are……

    will be very interesting to see if;

    a: Red can deliver on their promises, and
    b:what nikon and canon do in response

    • I did not want to make a whole post for the RED announcement, because some readers are very sensitive when they do not see real Nikon rumors on this blog 🙂
      but I agree this is huge!

      • randy

        no worries on that ! im sure they’ll all be excited on the flexibility of those machines which is able to use nikon glasses !

    • den

      they do not need to do anything. firstly its way to expensive (12.000 bucks only for the fullframe back) plus the needed grip and eyepiece and storage….that will be close to 15.000 or even more and only for shooting still with a cam that probably does not feature autofocus? plus i hate to see the digital viewfinder, this thing can never replace a good prism. i think its nice for filmmakers who want to shot still at their set but other than that its useless.


  • randy

    dang im speechless on red’s achievements… such a young company and able to come out with such mind blowing ideas and tech in such short period of time responding to nikon and canon… and not to mention their ability to listen to what people actually want and tries to deliver !

    “I’d be really surprised if Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Panavision, Arri, Dalsa, and everyone else did not pee their pants this morning in fear…. This is absolutely amazing.” – REDUSER QUOTE

  • Martin

    The RED camera is quite impressive. And to say “it shoots stills” is a huge understatement, because with certain digital backs it’ll shot 100 stills per second!

    Is this video really officially from Nikon? Boy, it’s so incredibly un-professional. The music is most annoying. And why on earth do they present videos to put emphasis on their huge experience in taking still pictures? What’s more: if they are so proud about the Nikonos RS, why did they discontinue it after only four years? Why haven’t they already built a waterproof version of – let’s say for the heck of it – of the D60? Let’s call it Nikonos RS-D60, just for fun. Amongst my friends, I know at least three people who would buy such a thing in an instant.
    This video is embarrassing. It’s nothing really but a huge self-praise of Nikon.
    Don’t get me wrong: I like Nikon’s products, I always have. But this is too much.

    Thank you for posting it.

    • Sebastian

      “The music is most annoying.”

      I was afraid I am the only one who disliked the music. 🙂

  • den

    red is cool but alittle to expensive if you compare it to a d3. also they look ugly as hell and i´m not quite sure if the lens mount support autofocus? but the concept behind the red is great.

    back to the real news, that video is crap. horrible music and a no good narrator….makes me wanna throw away my nikon. they could have certainly done better.

    • randy

      yes they look like militants top secret weapons ! brr perhaps they should have improved on the design alil. but meh who cares as long as its a killer …. you know what i mean.

  • PJS

    WOW! Red already has 2009 copyrights and we’re not even there yet! Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, pics of new vaporware. It would be nice to buy one of those if or whenever they do get released, but right now it really is just an idea they’re working on.

  • the nikon history video was shown publicly before D300 / D3 announcement last year… old news.

  • Theo

    Nikon as always impresses us with shitty quality web-sites and they can’t even implement video properly. At they make good cameras…

  • “dang im speechless on red’s achievements… such a young company and able to come out with such mind blowing ideas and tech in such short period of time…”

    Coming out with ideas is easy. Coming out with actual products is a bit harder… unless you can take pictures with CGI renderings like the ones in RED’s product announcements.

    At least they’re honest in saying that delivery dates and specs are VERY subject to change. I figure we ought to believe them about that…

  • Pablov

    lot of comments in very few time
    that speaks by itself about the Red system and features.

    that’s what we really could call “modular”.

    all beautiful.
    The only BAD thing is that is a “bit” more than “expensive” to the “normal” photographer……

    BTW 1: 2 weeks ago I checked the price for the Nikon mount adapter, and it was “just” $500 (!!!! for only a piece of metal !!!!)

    I guess that is why it is not so popular in photography forums…..

    BTW 2: I wonder how this “young” company developes so big, highly expensive, full modular systems in few time, while other older, bigger and wider extended (like Nikon, Canon, etc) didn’t or couldn’t…..
    (hom many millions are moving behind such developements ?? )

  • rhlpetrus

    This RED thing looks like LEGO to me. Funny, nice, but likely not to be used much after a few months out there. And very expensive.

    I didn’t watch the video, will check it later, thanks.

  • lox

    Holy sh*t! “617 Lenses to be announced” – I would really REALLY love to see those ones…. OMG, this beast is shooting 261 MP images. Wow. The smaller stuff is not at all less impressive. Holy, holy sh*t. Someone’s gotta have nightmares on this…

  • clzcs

    The only thing I urge for while looking at this video, is getting a video de-interlacer for nikon. I can not believe these ugly stripes in a professionell marketing video.



  • Thanks great Nikon Vid…. looks like Video is coming on strong.

  • bigmouth

    the video is probably made by Japanese marketing firm because the background music is very much similar to Japanese pop song styles.

    • anonnymous

      what a stupid comment.

  • Roy Batty

    Funny how thw video shows a guy watching pics on a MacBook, when Nikon seems about to drop Apple support for some of their software.

  • Bruno

    this video is quite old. i have it on high def. since february. they just changed the opening. the version i have, begins with the “Nikon 90th anniversary” logo.

    here is the link to my one:

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