Firmware ver. 1.10 for Nikon D300 confirmed

Thanks PJS!

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  • So where’s the link to get this update? Totally pointless posting this if you don’t post the link to where we can get the update.

  • anon

    Well, if somebody has it installed then it can’t be far away.

  • Jovan

    Ryan – Instead of just whining, why don’t you find the link and post it for us! This is a community site, not a fast food joint.

  • Ryan: if the link for download is available it would not be a rumor, right?


    Sweet! I wonder why you can’t download this from the Nikon site yet? If it’s in new cameras then you would think it could be downloaded at the same time.

  • Mike

    Admin: “if the link for download is available it would not be a rumor, right?”

    Surely if the firmware update’s “confirmed”, as per the title, it’s not a rumor, either.


  • noname

    whats the difference from this version?

  • Michael

    I agree with Jovan. Admin – The new site looks nice! Thanks

  • Bill

    To the best of my knowledge, the firmware is not available for download. It is factory-installed on some new D300’s that have been purchased recently. Perhaps Nikon is waiting to see how the new firmware does in the wild before a general release. Perhaps there will be a couple of more revisions it is released.

    Those who have received D300’s with 1.10 report that Auto ISO minimum shutter speed has been increased to 1/4000. I’m very much looking forward to that, but will be happy to wait until Nikon has put the new firmware through its full Q/A.

  • yrsued

    I agree, it’s no longer a runor, I called Nikon Tech Support and the Tech (from Canada) that helped me didn’t have anything on 1.10, the last one he had was 1.03. Why is it on new bodies and not available for downloads?? Only Nikon can answer that one,b ut its a good question. Let’s hope they get their $hit together and make it available to all soon!! I have two D300’s and I would like to see what it improves on at least one of them.

  • anon

    Just out of curiousity…isn’t the new firmware available (downloadable from Nikon’s site) for the WT-4 transmitter version 1.10? Does anyone with a WT-4 transmitter know how to look at the firmware version of theirs on their D300? Not that I doubt the validity of the new firmware for the D300, this picture just got me thinking as to whether you could bring up the WT-4 firmware version on your D300 screen and take a fake shot. Sorry if I’m coming across anal. It just got me thinking and I felt like sharing. Great new site by the way Admin! Good work.

  • i think the dude above me has a very good point. after viewing the download page on Nikon’s site for the firmware for the wt 4 it says the way to check your wt4’s firmware is to connect it to a compatible camera (D3 or D300) it then displays it on your cameras LCD. correct me if i’m wrong but this seems very plausible

    (From The Site)

    Confirming the firmware version

    Connect the WT-4 to a compatible camera and turn the camera and WT-4 on. * To view the WT-4 firmware version with conenction to a D3 or D300, the USB item in the setup menu must be set to MTP/PTP. Press the camera’s MENU button to display the setup menu and verify that MTP/PTP is the selected USB option.
    Press the camera’s MENU button and select Wireless transmitter > Device info > Firmware version from the setup menu. The WT-4’s firmware version will be displayed.
    Turn off the WT-4 and the camera

  • JJ

    I can’t believe people are still discussing whether this is a fake shot – it’s real! it’s out there! We even know what it does! I’ve got a D300 with it on! Now come on Nikon, give me a chance to put it on my first D300 . . .

  • anon

    JJ relax a bit buddy, I was just wondering. Like I said in my comment, I don’t doubt the validity of the new firmware for the D300, I was just pointing out that the shot could be a fake and the idea of faking it interested me. Sorry if my thinking about how one could fake a shot of a new firmware version has put your panties in a bunch. Glad to hear your new D300 has the version 1.10 on it. My question to you…is all it really did was up the Auto ISO top shutter speed to 1/4000th? I’m just surprised that the firmware has gone from 1.02 to 1.03 and now jumped to 1.10 and all that it solved was that. I find that firmware jump slightly lacking in features although the one it offers is helpful. But if a top shutter speed of 1/4000th on Auto ISO would mean the world to some people then for their sake I hope Nikon releases the version soon, and for mine so there’s no more stupid bickering over it.

    • JJ

      No worries, I’m taking deep breaths now . . .
      One possibility for the huge jump from 1.03 to 1.10 is that there may be a lot of changes that we don’t see on the menus: improvements to focusing, metering, etc.. Remember the jump to version 2.0 of the D70 firmware? All that we could see was a change to the menu font, but the 3D focus and the metering were both changed to D70s standard

  • The wireless transmitter update isn’t compatible with the latest D300 firmware. Here’s the quote from the link that JimmyDever listed:

    Users of the D300

    The current version of the D300 firmware (v1.0.3) is not compatible with Thumbnail Selector v1.1.0. An upgrade to the firmware is planned but the timing of this release is as yet undecided. Until this firmware update is available we would recommend that D300 users do not upgrade the WT-4 firmware to version 1.1.0 and that Thumbnail Selector v1.0.0 or 1.0.1 and WT-4 Setup Utility v1.0.0 are used.

  • anon

    Thanks Paul H. for clarifying that and proving that the shot is of the D300 firmware version. Thanks for catching my mistake and correcting it.

  • Stig

    The new software seems to be available. advertises free “Check and Clean” service for D300, and says in addition to cleaning sensor they will also “update the camera to the newest software”. I guess this service offer is international.

  • finn

    Stig: I was here on a small fair last weekend in Norway where a Nikon sales and a tech guy were present, incl some check and clean service. But no 1.10.

    The “Check and Clean” is an additional 3 year Service program you can buy
    for 375$

  • David

    The check and clean 3 yr is included free with D300 , D3 and D700 in norway .

    Tilbudet gjelder kun dersom kameraet er kjøpt hos en norsk Nikon-forhandler. For mer informasjon gå inn på

    The offer is only for camera´s bought from a norwegian nikon-dealer

  • jay

    Good point about the WFT, especially where you can see the grip just a little in the lower left hand corner of the photo…..just a thought, not trying to start trouble.

  • Nikkorian

    @JJ: Is the mirror-lockup bug fixed? I.e.: Does the D300 take pictures with manual exposure time set longer than 1 sec at the expiration of the 30sec interval for the locked-up mirror? (The bug was that it reduced the exposure time to 1/4 or 1/6 sec. – see e.g.

    Also: What about the exposure delay time after mirror up. can it be adjusted now to different values than 1 sec?

  • Does anyone know whether the new version will offer the extra Active D Lighting features that the D90 has?

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  • D300User

    The 1.10 firmware is available to download on Nikon Canada’s site.

  • jose horacio

    Hola: No logro ajustar en modo P (program) el programa flexible *.
    Giro el dial principal, aparece el símbolo de programa flexible, pero no se notan variaciones en velocidad ni diafragma.
    Alguien puede ayudarme. (el manuel no es claro en ese aspecto.

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