A New Nikon Rebate Program will be coming soon!

In their latest newsletter (from October 17th, 2008) Ace Photo informs about a new Nikon rebate program that will be coming soon. Canon just announced theirs few days ago.

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  • Pablov

    Admin, thanks a lot for this post,

    it could be very useful for people who is planning to buy some Nikon gear soon, and can wait a bit to get advantage of the rebate.

    Very much appreciated !!

    I hope prices get down for end of year 🙂

  • Chris

    Is this why prices have suddenly gone up on certain lenses, methinks?

  • Ugly bob

    hmmm I wonder how soon is “soon” I was going to buy a d90 in twos days.

  • M72

    I’m about to buy Nikon d90 and a few lenses next week… When do you think this rebeate program will come ?

    • Pablov

      If I was you, I would wait at least 1-2 weeks.

  • CTW

    Take it with a grain of salt. I buy alot of equipment from Mo in person and he is rarely right about what and when Nikon comes out with stuff. For example, according to Mo we would have alrady had the higher pixel Nikon for over a year and no vr on the 500mm and 600mm. He is great to deal with though and a finer Nikon shop owner can not be found.

  • svd

    I was in Ace Photo and I heard from some of their regulars about the possibility of a 200-500mm Nikon lens that could be coming down the line. Another interesting rumor was about the possibility of a middle format nikon, much like the Leica S2 series, sometime in the next 18 months. that would be awesome!

    • Even more than a new rebate program, a Nikon 200-500 would be exciting to me! Any reality in this or is it just a reference to the year or two old bogus Nikon 200-500 image?

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  • Pablov

    when I contacted my local Nikon Center for a quotation on a specific model, the sales rep. told me the price but also noted that next week the prices here will drop about 10% (at least for some DSLR, including the one I asked for).

    What he told me is not a rumor, is true because he sales the product.

    So if you are going to buy, wait just 1 or 2 more week at least !!
    Maybe you save a lot.

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