Second Nikon ad from Japan

I received another ad today. I will leave the comments to you.
You can see the first ad here. More on this topic can be found in older NR posts under the BIG and MX categories..
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  • Juergen

    “Does nikon still do round viewfinders?”
    Yes, all current Nikon FX cameras have round viewfinder eyepieces:
    F6 (non-digital cam)
    and F3

    Also the earlier professional models (DX) used it, D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, (and more).

  • E

    No command dial.

    No other top bottons tht can be seen.

    Does nikon still do round viewfinders? (That’s a serious question, I really don’t know)

  • At best it looks like a mock-up ad concept to me. I wouldn’t put much weight in it. It’s pretty ugly whatever it is. . .

    To answer E’s question Nikon still does round eyepieces as the Nikon D700 proves.

  • Blog Admin

    Is there an existing camera from other manufacturers with such/similar eyepiece? I could not find one.

  • dfgdfgdfg

    i belive the command wheel is under the hump, in the shadow.

  • Jonathan

    you can’t look too much into the use of lighting and shadows to determine the shape. it looks so curvy because of Nikon’s use of lighting and Photoshop-tography.

    there could be a possible command dial on the left side if you look closely on how it curves.

  • Someguy

    Just guess from left field…

    I vote real on both these images. A faker would simply lift an existing back. But this looks like something an ad agency would cook up in advance of receiving a real prototype.

  • ericu

    this looks obviously
    this is the redesing of the viewfinder for the MX format.

    you know, big prism, new viewfinder

  • Blog Admin

    or maybe they are not waiting on a real prototype – maybe they just want to keep it that way, so we can discuss it forever and create buzz

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s interesting how the first ad emphasized the sensor, and this one emphasizes the viewfinder. This definitely seems like “big” news.

    I hope there are more of these coming. What’s next? Any guesses?

  • Blog Admin

    Remember this picture?

    Does the size of the prism look the same as on the above ad?
  • Benz

    To me, it’s legitimate. Altho the first picture it shows absent of the motor screw, it’s not necessary if Nikon wants MX be all AF-S kinds. Nikon would probably provide “converter” for FX/DX lens which has an motor built in to drive old lens -> the mount is bigger than existing one, this is possible.

  • fm_JP

    I guess it’s fake.
    The word means “BIG”, but it’s not creative.
    I’ve never seen this kind of word on the top-ranking company’s ad.

  • Tony M

    Nikon would not be the first company to advertise ‘bits’ of a new product over a number of months before the actual launch to whet one’s appetite.
    However, this is expensive and if they are doing this then whatever they are coming up with is a ‘biggy’.
    My guess is a ‘rangefinder’ size SLR – maybe ‘MX’ – judging by the mount to grip ratio.
    If there was an electronic viewfinder then one wouldn’t need a mirror/motordrive either.

  • Jimmy

    yea but remember the ad from a while back? “BIG” is a straight up way of saying something, and they have already used it….

  • umbora skirp

    This could be some internal presentation that Nikon has pitched – ie. unfinished product only meant to be seen by top people. Something tells me there will be few more images coming from the same place.

  • Juergen

    Oh, and make the “F700” and the “F3” in my post above “D700” and “D3″… ==:-((

  • Douglas

    i was thinking about the lack of focusing screw on the mount… it has been mentioned a few times that this could have a new set of lenses to go with it (also that might explain the comment that Nikon is too buisy to refresh some rather aging lenses), and each of these new lenses will be backwards compatible to the “standard” mount, but will be somewhat different in the mount design so that the older lenses wont fit onto the new body, much like Canon did with EF and EF-s Lenses, EF-s Lenses wont fit onto the film or FF Mount…

  • Tony M

    The use of the word ‘Big’ for the Nikon WPPI advert and the same usage here seems a little more than a coincidence.
    In advertising not unusual to use a ‘key word’ to link ideas together.
    It’s also rumoured that Nikon will introduce 35mm and 85mm AFS lenses soon to go with the new 50mm.
    Would fit into the strategy to eventually drop internal focus drives on camera bodies – like the one ‘depicted’ – other than high end models for retro-compatability.
    IMHO this info on this new body is correct.
    I’m also thinking that this ‘leaked’ information is all part of Nikon’s strategy.

  • cameron

    the question is… why is it being printed in magazines but not shown as a “mystery” surprise on nikon websites, hmm?

  • Tony M

    From what I see these ‘pictures’ are proofs for printing.
    AFAIK, they have not yet been printed.
    Getting the advertising ‘blurb’ ready well ahead of schedule is standard practice.

  • MattiasK

    What about the “1.21” note on it. Could this be draft numberfor a possible campain.

  • call me crazy, but this reminds me of the leica S2. big viewfinder and no apparent buttons. Maybe Nikon is preparing a LeicaS2-like camera, hence the “big”

  • hulk

    If you copy-paste this viewfinder on top of the body (previous ad), scaling down the viewfinder layer is required to have both layers match.

    At the end, the viewfinder illustrated here is really not that big.

  • Tony M

    The question is, is that if this is a real product, where would Nikon have got the sensor from?
    As Sony have got out with their large sensor and Nikon hasn’t (and Nikon have purchased Sony sensors up until now) perhaps Nikon have looked for an alternative source?
    Possibly Nikon are not overly happy with the Sony sensors thus far (I find it a little strange that Nikon didn’t jump in with Sony on the higher res sensor immediately)?
    Possibly Nikon will go with a Leica or some other sensor?

  • D3 Owner

    Fake… if it were to be real, they would have announced such a BIG and important product at Photokina… It would also then have been a blow to Canon.

    Nikon missed that chance so new rounds will come up only after the christmas season has ended. Only to find out Canon will come back with new 1DS series or their own MF format camera i am afraid. I feel Canon is more prepared now to slam back then they were last year. But there are interesting times ahead.

  • Kuri

    – No hotshoe?
    – No viewfinder shutter button?
    – No metering mode selector?

    The shape of the back of the prism doesn’t make sense.. Looks like it is beveled inwards? Or very poorl attempt to make it look bevelled outwards? Something not right there

    And the registration marks still don’t align. And what is with the black band on the right side? I WANT to believe, but this is not right.

  • Ernst

    I suspect we can quit nit-picking the details, because the two ads, if real, appear to be deliberately abstract renditions. That would explain where the third flange cam went in the first picture.

  • Kuri

    Sony and Nikon have a mutual agreement whereby Nikon supplies Sony with Image steppers and other optical equipment needed for the production of sensors and other electronics. In return, Nikon has access to Sony’s sensor production facilities to develop their own sensors. In how far they actually share technology is a bit ambiguous. However, it is not implausible that Nikon has engineerd a new sensor and is getting Sony to produce it for/with them. After all, the D3 sensor is a Nikon design, not a Sony design.

  • drhaasmn

    My guess (hope) is that this is real. And if it is …put me down for 1 of whatever it is (unless of course, it’s a new consumer D-20 or whatever.)

    According to the Nikon rep quoted in an earlier post – No new pro body for remainder of 08. That means that whatever is next will be in 09… and if that’s the case, this teaser add / conceptual drawings make sense. It is very likely that the ad agency doesn’t have a prototype to work with yet and is building this campaign with mockups / artists drawings – which would not be 100% accurate.

    As to the use of the shadows / lighting… Remember the Canon “Destined Evolution” for 5DM2 – it didn’t show a whole lot of detail at first either. And there was a ton of speculation that it was either a 5dm2 or 1Dm5.


  • drhaasmn

    As to why it wasn’t announced at Photokina – it’s not ready yet. Besides Nikon hasn’t exactly aligned their new product announcements with the big shows recently have they?

  • MarkDphotoguy

    mock ups are generally not used in ad campaigns as this seems to be a print ad I’d say it would be a production prototype not a mockup.

  • alex

    they look fake to me
    someone has too much free time

  • D3 Owner

    I am afraid that was out of marketing reasons… and they did well.

    Nikon knew what Canon and Sony were up with and Nikon didn’t have any good product offering. But by playing it smart, it was the perfect move for Nikon to release well before the Photokina. And it worked out well. To be honest, I find it quite stupid to have nothing really new available at the biggest camera show in the world. I found the Nikon booth a bit of a no show stopper. All Nikon products I have seen at my local camerashop already….

  • peter

    these pics look retro. i think they all belong to the series of an old giugaro study for a nikon pro body which never materialized.

  • hulk
  • How about January 21st?

  • Robert

    Hi all, I am following this “BIG” discussion since months, and I am very curious what nikon will announce. I dont think so this is a true story because: Why the guy who took a picture from the advertisment did not take more pictures. Can sombody ask him to post all the pictures he took and tell the source? It is simple!

  • xx

    Are you sure about that Sony using Nikon technology fit the litho processes??

    I know that Sony has an other brand Litho tooling/scanners (steppers?) for their chip production processes..
    And if they’d use Nikon litho equipment, why cant Nikon do it them selfs??
    This might also be the reason why the D3 sensor is a combined/stitched Litho design. Nikon cant produce that large formats in a single scan/step.

    Many in the market believe – or the rumor goes – that the reason Nikon buys Sony sensors because they cant be made with Nikon Litho tools. ASML and Canon will never sell their litho tooling/technology to any competitor.

  • S H

    Remember the sneak preview ad for the D80. It hade a lot of over words from Nikon about that camera. This could be the same thing. It´s BIG!!! But it looks like a D90 class camera.

    If indeed this is true I think this is an FX camera. I don’t think it is an MX camera basically because the sensor should be square. This sensor I a rectangle. From the previous rumour the picture of the front we learned that is probably do not have a focus drive. The focus screw is missing. Right if we suspect this to be a D3x 24 mpix High end camera. Would Nikon release a high end with no focus motor and relay 100% on AF-S lenses. Properly no.

    So this could be a sub $1000 FX camera, a D90x or something.

    But personally, I think busted. We are not there yet.

  • Alex

    Can someone tell me what the third all black circle is in the upper left hand corner of the image? It appears to be a screw. Its on the other “BIG” add from Japan too and I don’t get what part of the proofing process this is. Thanks.

  • Bruno

    hahaha. now no command buttons.. what’s the revolutionary technology? the camera is operated by voice? no! better!! they are operated by thinking!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    these ads are not to discuss anymore, i’m using them to have a few laughs before go back to work.

  • Blog Admin

    is that a release date?

  • Blog Admin

    we got a third one with picture of lenses and are expecting more

  • Douglas

    more likley than a release date for the equiptment itself, but a release date for the add campaign, IMHO…

  • Blog Admin

    where did you get this info?

  • Kuri

    Oh really, then why has ASML just been ordered to pay Nikon over $10 million for ‘borrowing’ their patents and image technologies? Well?

  • Dibyendu


    I am pretty sure this is a fake picture that was busted on DPreview before the D3 announcement last year. The guy who created this explained how he had done it.

    Likewise the mount picture is fake, as it has one of the bayonet claws missing – was also busted on DPreviews last year.

    Whoever is sending you these is taking you for a ride.

    Finding this old stuff on DPreviews is not easy … I am trying to but it is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

  • Blog Admin

    I am 99.99% sure that those are not pictures you are talking about. They still could be fake though.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – we discussed this few moths ago. I added the link to the rumor roll at the bottom of the left column of this blog.

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