Apple did not include Nikon D90 in their Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update

Apple today released their Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.2. No support for the D90 yet. Is there a problem between those two companies? Why does Apple sell only Canons in their stores?
Pure speculations, but here is some more foot for thought: Is Nikon aiming to drop Mac support?
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  • What an absurd and, frankly, stupid suggestion. Especially given that the primary update in that release was RAW support for the Nikon D700. Apple typically takes several months to release a RAW update after a camera is released. The Nikon D90 simply hadn’t been released long enough for Apple to include it in that release.

  • Rafael

    Mac takes a hole month??!?! wow.. thats slow! what good is a mac book pro with all the power in the world if mac doesnt support its software? I use Mac and PC.. I guess I better ready my PCs for pro use.. screw mac and its SLOW policies.

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