Nikon D3x for sale down under

Yes, it could be BS. I want to know how they came up with the "anticipated" price of $9989.98 AUD (USD 7174.62)? The Nikon D3 is selling for $6198.99 AUD (USD 4452.01) on the same page. How did they set the price based on rumors?
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  • therapist

    This is from a Vanbar website. After speaking to the guys there last week, they didn’t know if anything was coming at all, but they were just taking deposits for pre-orders just incase a new body did. They said the reason for it was because of all the rumors on the web, thats all.

  • If you look at the product information page it says:
    “Product Description

    Obviosly their are no verified images yet however the new D3X will undoubtadly be in the D3 body and look almost identical. The information currently leaked through the release of firmware upgrades for the D3 tell us that it is likely to be a 23.4 MP camera.”

  • christianB.

    guys, what is this? Do you want to track down the most stupid online shop?
    This is not even a rumor…

  • Anonymous

    What is this crap? This site is going into toilet.

  • Anonymous

    d3x prototypes is still around but not *cough cough* 24mp, much less than that

  • kaki

    now,you talking like Word “rumor” cannot be excuse for all mass here.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon D4 announcement coming, interchangeable backs, up to 96 megapixels! BIG!

  • Blog Admin

    Source please? Is this your own opinion?

  • therapist

    Actually they aren’t an online shop, they have 2 stores in Melbourne, Australia and another store in Sydney.
    I asked them about this almost 2 weeks ago, they said they were just taking refundable pre oders. They didn’t know if a new body was coming, but if it was some people wnated to be early on the list so they took a deposit on a pre order if it did.

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