New Nikon D60 “Special Edition”? Already? (updated)

Reading this dpreview post:
"I work at a retail camera store and noticed a new stock number pop up last night. It was for "Nikon D60 Black Gold Body Only." It listed the Nikon part # as 25459. It was not 'shielded' or 'hidden' as stock numbers sometimes are before announcements. The price was listed at $649.99, $50 more than the standard D60 body."
Black gold? Curious to see how this one will play out. Suggested changes from the comments section:
  • weather proofing
  • live view
  • larger screen
  • new lens combo
Nikon D60 kit currently sells for $599 @ Amazon.
Anyone working in Circuit City or Best Buy, can you please check the inventory for some "Black Gold"?
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  • ramzi

    Black Gold, that is what is mentioned when talking about Nikon’s Professional Lenses. If you notice, all lenses with a gold ring around the end are sealed for dust and moisture. Heck call up Nikon, they will confirm this, I did it last week. Perhaps they are releasing a D60 with more weather resistance then the original. I would like to see all Nikon DSLR’s weather proofed to be honest.

  • Blog Admin

    Good call! Let me do some digging…

  • ramzi

    Check out the 3rd video of Richard Pelham, “Black Gold” is mention near the end:

    In the movie, he mentions the crazy rains in Moscow, seems to me “Black Gold” may be the weather proofing.

  • butanding

    probably they will just add live view.

  • umbora skirp

    Likely to be a new lens combo. What I do wish for is that Nikon makes a D60x camera with same screen as D90 and video + LV and drop D60 price to D40 range (and drop D40 altogether). Don’t know if they could sell it for approx. the current D60 price (maybe $50-80 more) with increased features, but either way, Canon would have nothing in low end to compete this way.

  • tai

    NO! Then my D60 will be obsolete! I know it changes nothing about the camera I have, but I can’t help but hate when things I own get updated/replaced.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they will add LiveView, it’s probably impossible with current d60 sensonr, they would have to change the sensor and then they wouldn’t call it d60 anymore.

  • Anonymous

    D40 and D40x used different sensors.. so why can’t this hypothetical be called D60x with a new sensor?

  • ChrisL

    Because there are only a limited number of sensors available. The D40 (and D70 and D100) used the 6Mpx CCD sensor. The D40x, D60, D80 and D200 used the 10MPx CCD sensor. The D300, and now the D90, use the 12Mpx CMOS sensor. Having just put the D300 sensor into a lower end body to make the D90, Nikon might well put it into the lowest-end body at some point, once the cost has reduced even further; at the moment it would be to expensive and too soon, in my opinion.

    In other words, I would expect a D40/D60 sized camera with no AF motor and with the D300 sensor (and liveview, and video) but not for perhaps a year.

  • dk

    weather proofing would only make sense had the d90 been released with it. it has to be a lens kit.

  • Anonymous

    “black gold” is a metaphor like saying oil so they say “black gold” for nikons because black bodies and yellow “nikon” logo…

    …only 3 cameras was scheduled to be announced this year is already here ((d60, d700, then d90))

    50 bucks says there wont be a replacement for d60

  • st

    Most likely a vanity upgrade, change in cosmetics only. Nikon is very predictable in its naming schemes: D40/D40X, D70/D70S, D2H/D2HS, D2X/D2XS.

  • Michael

    I read your note that says only 3 new DSLRs were scheduled for this year and we have them. I was wondering your source for that.

    I read somewhere that a Nikon exec had said in a meeting that Nikon was going to focus on their high cameras this year.

    If you look at what they put out D60, D700 and D90, only 1 of those is what I would consider “high end”. They are all great but I would only consider the D700 as “high end”.

    I don’t recall where I read that and it was months ago but if that is the case it appears they decided to focus on low to mid range instead of high end cameras.

  • Oil, that is, Black Gold, Texas Tea!


  • Blog Admin

    I also would like to source of the “3 DLSR” rumor.

  • Rick

    I think the identification of the D60 for a special edition (if there is some fact to the rumor) indicates that the whatever is special about this camera would be attractive to the range of shooters that the D60 is targeting. Thus, my guess is that the only changes are going to be cosmetic rather than technological. I know it sounds God awful, but my (partly tongue in cheek) guess is a colored DSLR.

  • D90

    not really. There is no:


  • Anonymous

    sorry buddy its not a rumor and doesnt mean nikon will stop making cameras forever and its just for this year… damn you missed 3 announcements in past 9 months lol theres d60, d700, then d90 then thats it for this year

  • Blog Admin

    I can bet you that there will be a “Black Gold” Nikon D60! Stay tuned to find out more.

  • Keith

    Maybe it’s a new kit with a new AF-S prime?

  • Michael

    With all due respect because I am not going to be in a war on this blog like others. After your use of profanity, you said that I missed announcements in the last 9 months. Please re-read my post because it it names not the rumors but the releases of those 3 that you pointed out.

    You stated it is not a rumor that there would only be 3 DLSRs this year, where did you get that? That was my question and the Blog Admin asked as well.

    In the article that I read the exec said Nikon was going to focus on high end this year. As I stated only one, the D700 is a high end camera, the D60 is a low end and the D90 is the mid-range.



  • New Nikon D60 “Black Gold” confirmed (updated)

    New Nikon D60 “Black Gold” body only confirmed!Screenshot of Ritz inventory system:My guess: cosmetic change only, no new features, announcement @ Photokina, available October 15th.What say you? …

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