Chasseur d’Images is pouring Leica rumors (updated)

Update: got email from someone that has the magazine: no Nikon rumors.

The latest Chasseur d'Images is pouring Leica rumors (see here and here). It is suppose to be #307 page 12? Can someone check for any Nikon news? Please?

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  • Blog Admin

    good old times

    nice pics
  • HDZ

    Hope Nikon producing RF…

  • Rad

    I would like to know what are so great about rangefinders. I guess I don’t see why everyone is so passionate about them.

  • Smaller, lighter, more compact since there is no mirror and housing. Very quiet – great for theatrical photography and weddings where any extraneous sound is intrusive.

    Absolutely positive focusing in any light sufficient to discern the subject.

    Without the mirror, there is no need for retrofocus wide angle lenses, and true wide-angles rule the day.

    Very non-aggressive looking cameras, ideal for “street” photography. I always used a Leica when assigned to photograph potentially dangerous people. Very popular with war photographers as well. Easy to use with both eyes open – important in these cases, so you don’t get blind-sided.

    You don’t need the camera jammed into your face, since the viewfinder generally has generous eye-relief. Float the bright lines around your subject and shoot. You are in fact, looking directly through the camera, not watching a projection on a viewing screen.

    This would be a typical rangefinder shoot. In this case a Leica M4 with a f/1.0 Noctilux 50mm and a f/1.4 Summilux 35mm lens.

    Weaknesses? They don’t work with telephoto lenses much beyond 135mm, nor is there much in the way of zoom lenses.

  • Have you ever shot one? They’re addicting, trust me… I only have about a dozen, 😉

  • Alain x

    Nothing striking about Nikon in CI 307 🙁
    Except 17 (!) pages about a full test of D700, very well done and close to my impressions a month after THE day.
    Full preview of Sony 900, also very useful to know more about the coming competition this winter !

  • StephD

    I just bought it. Nothing SPECIFICALLY about Nikon, but the cover story is about “the return of full frame”, and the editorial talks about “…several other FF bodies to enter the market in the coming weeks…” (that’s excluding the already released A900 of course).

  • Tanman

    Why a rangefinder? Different tools for different applications. No, I would not use a rangefinder with a 300mm lens, but a SLR just does not compare for unobstrusive shooting–reportage, street, candids–Cartier-Bresson stuff. It’s like packing a point and shoot with manual control and IQ of a

    I really really want a “real” rangefinder camera. I am really tempted to replace my old Leica m4p/35mm summicron that I sold a few years ago, but am holding off until digital full frame–what can I say, I want it all!

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