Nikon AF-S 50 mm lens

I got more details on the previously reported AF-S 50 mm rumor (thanks E.M.)
This is the post from a German forum. Is it legit? Hard to tell. Sorry about the rough translation, but you will get the idea:

I was today in my dealer (don't laugh: Saturn) and silly asked for the "Nikon 50 1.4" (I meant the AF 50/1.4D ...)

She came after 10 minutes, and says: "Not available ..."
Me: "what is because the costs?"
She: "EP around 649 euros, but not before September ..."
I: "What ... there's the online for 270 Euro plus shipping ..."
She: "Yes, yes, the old ..."
Me: "Yes, of course, what do you mean?"
She: "The new element with AF-S .... is already listed, but not yet available ..."

Here is the original German text:

War heute bei meinem Händler (Nicht lachen: Saturn) und habe ganz auf doof nach dem "Nikon 50 1.4" gefragt. (Meinte das AF 50/1.4D...)

Da kommt die nach 10 Minuten zurück, und sagt: "Nicht lieferbar..."
Ich: "was soll das denn Kosten???"
Sie:" UVP so um 649 EURO, kommt aber nicht vor September..."
Ich:" WAAS... Online gibt's das für 270 EURO plus Versand..."

Sie:" Ja ja, das alte..."
Ich:"ja, natürlich, was meinen sie denn?"
Sie:"Das Neue mit AF-S.... ist schon gelistet, aber noch nicht lieferbar..."

Can anyone that works for Saturn in Germany/Austria confirm that story?
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  • Blog Admin

    My translation is courtesy of Google.

  • Anonymous

    “Was soll das denn kosten?” is correctly translated to “what is it going to cost?” or “what about the price?”. Your translation is a bit strange.

  • N

    But still, the google translation isn’t that bad.

  • pezevenghiu

    Now why would I pay 650 EUR for a 50mm 1.4 (one point four), even if it’s an AF-S one, as long as I can (still) find a 50mm 1.4D lens for half that price.
    If it wouls be a 1.2 lens, yes, I’d find such a price worth it…

  • John

    Sounds like he made a simple mistake or something. Would Nikon bother investing in a new AF-S 50mm prime? Personally, I hope to see more faster VR zooms like a 24-70mm VR or something.

  • Hallo aus Wien,
    kann es nicht sein dass die Verkäuferin beim 1,4/50mm MF nachgesehen hat? Der Listenpreis für das MF 1,4/50mm in Österreich ist € 669.-
    L.G. Thomas

  • Don Vigo
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