German magazine reports on Nikon rumors – we need some help from our German readers

The latest FotoMagazine (Germany) has some Nikon rumors (Photokina!) on page 30 in their latest edition (08/2008):

Seite 30
News und Gerüchte: Was Canon, Hasselblad, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Phase One, Sigma und Sony bringen

Can someone from Germany send us a scan and a translation please? The German media is very liberal when it comes to rumors, so I will basically believe whatever they write - they have been always correct in the past.

Email: pz [at] nikonrumors [dot] com or just post a comment.

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  • If you can get your hands on a scan, I’ll be able to translate it. But unfortunately I don’t have this magazine and tomorrow’s sunday… probably someone will be quicker.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – we will wait and see.

  • bebe

    Very easy to translate…..

  • transl

    The magazine is called foto MAGAZIN, not “foro”.

  • sooperkuh

    What Neal said: Unfortunately it is rather hard to get a magazine on Sundays around here (if it is in the shops already), the shops on train stations are probably the only option (and I do not want to be kicked out there for making snaps of magazine contents ;).

    I do like the cover, however. Not yet another naked woman. Or is that body painting? What is it with photo magazines always needing nakedness on their cover?

  • Blog Admin

    I did not have the text. Now I got it.

  • Foto Magazin scan – Nikon Photokina rumor from Germany

    We got multiple responses to our previous request. Thanks!Foto Magazin is reporting that the D3X sensor might come from Sony (24MP – will be announced this Fall). The D3x should have the same body as the D3. The D90 will probably use the CMOS sensor from the D300 (12MP) including LiveView, sensor cleaning and Active D-Lighting. No word of video recording. I am not sure if the pictures are legit.The full-size scan can be found @

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