Foto Magazin scan – Nikon Photokina rumor from Germany

We got multiple responses to our previous request. Thanks!
Foto Magazin is reporting that the D3X sensor might come from Sony (24MP - will be announced this Fall). The D3x should have the same body as the D3. The D90 will probably use the CMOS sensor from the D300 (12MP) including LiveView, sensor cleaning and Active D-Lighting. No word of video recording. I am not sure if the pictures are legit.
The full-size scan can be found @
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  • Blog Admin

    Ours of course.

  • Calvin

    There’s no microphone on ‘that’ D90 !!!

    so which photo is the real one. . .

  • Ralph Aichinger

    These are mockups, and there is nothing in the article we have not already been knowing for weeks. I could translate it, but it really is not worth the bother. They just rehash the firmware leaks and make it clear that their iformation on the D90 is pure speculation. The pictures are mockups becaus they are credited:”Illustrationen: Zoran Petrovic” (“Illustrations: Zorran Petrovic”). What a waste of money these
    magazines are.

  • Blog Admin

    Let’s don’t forget that another German magazine Publish the D700 pics and specs before the official announcement – just check the D700 history on this blog.

  • dsfasf

    it’s just speculation, they seem to have less informations then nikonrumors 😀

  • N

    This magazine never was a good source for rumors. They always produce they pre-show rumors by an easy formula.

    Take the Number of the actual model (80) and add +10 = 90, keep the letters => D90

    Add a few megapixel and only the features, which are absolutely standard by now (liveview) and that’s the (presumably released) camera’s specs.

    And btw, they DO NOT say the D90 WILL use the D300’s sensor, they remain vague and only say that the D90 will probably use the sensor from the D300.

    I never liked this magazine. They even make the Leica compacts winner of they tests on a regular basis, celebrating the low noise of these cameras, often without even metioning the watercolor nr artifacts….
    Those magazine isn’t worth it.

  • Blog Admin

    The translation was not ours. I added the word “probably” to the D300 sensor selection. Thanks for the feedback.

  • N

    After reading this article again, I’ve to mention, that they didn’t even speculate about the sensor of the D90 being the same as the one in the D300 at all.
    If you’re picky, they only say that the D90 will presumably have the same resolution (12 MP that is).

    And I’ve to realize and accept that my English has really become bad over the last years. 🙁 Sorry for my bad english.

  • Anonymous

    While it appears this mag is reporting pure speculation, this is the first time I recall reading that the D90 will have dust reduction. I’m sure many people assumed it would (myself included) but I hadn’t heard anybody yet claim it will until this.

  • somebody

    In my view: rufurbished & polished rumors.

    BUT thanks for taking action and making this article available here 😉 If this article had been a gem, we’d have been the first to know. Nice teamwork here 😉

  • Dani

    What are the chances to have a cmos sensor? I mean since when is nikon using cmos on consumer dslr’s ? It seems to me just a wierd thing to do ,although in my eyes the cmos sensor from d300 would be the single thing that could make me buy a d90..

  • Theo

    That sensor is the reason for all of us 🙂 If it comes true, we’re going to be friends with D90 for the next few years.

  • Blog Admin

    My German is worse than your English, so nothing to be sorry about.

  • Anonymous

    Having a d300 sensor and the small size is about the only reason i will buy this camera.

  • Anonymous

    What are they saying about that alpha 900? Last word on saw on this was a ff camera for around 2,000 . I would be happy to buy this 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    I’ve said it many times before – that’s the whole purpose of this site. The collaborative effort from people all over the world is our best resource. Without our readers and their feedback, this would be just another photography website. This is what makes us special. That’s why we are trying to publish this blog in 24 languages.

  • Stefan

    The German magazine ProfiFoto pubished the D700 on the very same day as if was launched officially, but subscribers usually receive magazines one day earlier. I understand, they kept the NDA.

    Last Friday, I browsed thru FotoMagazin in a shop. I only summarized the gossip you could read before in the web. Nothing new, no hard facts. They weren’t even sure about the D90 features (although we can grant this product for sure) nor they were aware of FourThird group’s recent announcement on smaller size DSLRs. Their fantasies on new Olympus cameras go into a complete different direction.

    If a magazine starts to spread gossip, you can be pretty sure that they don’t KNOW anything.

  • Mark

    What about “Lens rumors”? I have heard of a 70-200 upgrade. Anybody know more about this and other lenses?

  • Blog Admin

    Just check the “Lenses” section – we have few reports on the 70-200 lens (and few others).

  • Adrian

    Probably Sony sensor, reality is Kodak.
    Think about it. Whose just launched a 50 Megapixel camera using a sensor double the physical size of full frame ?
    Half of 50 Meg less hotpixels and a few that get lost cutting the chips off the die ? And Kodak isn’t competing against Nikon any more in DSLR’s so why would Kodak build a 50 Mega pixel camera sensor for a camera that will sell for maybe 1000 units tops,ever. They will be reusing the facilities to make a 20-25 Meg full frame sensor.
    Makes sense to me, but I also understand dolphins and believe in UFO’s !!!!!

  • raio

    ..there is a microphone and there is possibility for HD-movies and you can take photos, too …

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