Nikon D90 guide coming by Thanksgiving… plus Nikon D90 specs (updated)

Nikon D90 guide coming by Thanksgiving according to David Busch's Amazon Blog.
Nikon D90 specs are available on his site:
See our related post from two weeks ago here.
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  • Theo

    Different sources give us the same information, looks like D90 is not a rumor anymore, it’s a fact 🙂

  • D80 owners shouldn’t upgrade to a D90. D40/50/60/70 owners should. If you’re a D80 owner, you should be looking at the D300. D300 owners… you should be getting that D700.
    And well, you D3 owners. Screw you. We all hate you.

  • buddywumps

    loled at that

  • Bruno

    the D90 image of the guide is a clear fake.
    zoom in the image and checkout the 9. looks like it was handmade with an axe.

  • dave

    well, nothing new there… could just have collected the information already available (e.g. on nikonrumors).

    – what about sensor cleaning?
    – AF-Points?
    – video resolution?
    – DOF preview button? (i hope so…)
    – other features…?

  • John

    Is the sensor CCD or CMOS? I haven’t seen this listed yet

  • Justin C

    The image of the ‘D90’ is clearly a D80 with a ‘9’ instead of an ‘8’.

    All of this information is available elsewhere. This leads me to believe that this person doesn’t actually know anything that everyone else knows.

    While I do not know for sure, it would be logical for the D90 to have the same sensor as the D300. If this is the case it would be a CMOS sensor.

  • Justin C

    Whoops! I meant to say “All of this information is available elsewhere. This leads me to believe that this person doesn’t actually know anything more than everyone else knows.”

  • Blog Admin

    I somehow got the vibe that he has the D90 in his hands and he is writing a book/guide about it. In that case he is violating his NDA.

  • Paul

    Same here, he’s just re-stating what’s been out there. Like you said, if he has a guide coming out, he probably has one or will get one soon…

  • Blog Admin

    The rumor here is that another person is confirming the existence of the D90. An author on top of this. Let’s don’t forget that 2 weeks ago we were still arguing if it will be called D90 or D80x and if it will have video and live view or not. Some were saying that the D80 line will be killed all together. Remember the build-in AF concern? This camera is still not released and everything about it is still a rumor.

  • matt

    he is online a person who thinks he is important.
    He doesn’t know anything, only that what he read on rumors-page – IMHO

  • matt

    sry, *online* = only

  • Jovan

    Clearly, the image is fake. But we can only hope it’s real. As I’ve said many times, this whole video with sound bit is a marketing gimmick, and a waste of money and resources. I mean how ironic is it, that with all these specs, we still don’t know a darn thing about the sensor?!?!? The sensor, is without question, the single most important component of any DSLR.

  • doc

    The D90 would be the perfect camera for my wife. She thinks the D3 is “too heavy”, works for me though. Now to convince her that I need a D700 for a walk around body (I’m a former canon 5D owner).

  • Blog Admin

    Aha – you see, there is something new in this post.

  • dps

    Get her the D700 and she can carry it around for you 🙂

  • jwylie

    He states in the post that the image is fake if you manage to read it all…

    “Why no microphone? Why does the D90 logo look funny?
    Because this is a simulated picture that will be replaced with
    the actual product Real Soon Now. I don’t need to reproduce
    fake product photos from the Internet, because I am perfectly
    capable of creating my own.

    Aug. 27 is the supposed target intro date.”

  • Greg Tommers

    Clearly this guy doesn’t anything beyond what we’ve all read before. He’s merely writing the same old stuff with more flowery language in a transparent attempt to drive traffic to his sight.

    Com’on Nikon Rumors!!! Have some editorial standards!!!

  • Blog Admin

    He is claiming to be Amazon’s #1 selling Nikon authority

  • upgrading

    so, Can’t I upgrade my D80 to D700?


  • Thanos

    D90 can’t be D300 killer… …unless (think ’bout that)

  • Blog Admin

    No matter what we post there always be someone that is not going to be happy. That’s the nature of a rumor site. We still believe this info adds some more credibility to the D90 rumor – he is promising a D90 guide by Thanksgiving. It seems that people are taking the D90 as an already released model, which is not the case. If someone is promising to write a book about an unreleased, we consider this to be “rumor-news” and that’s why we report it.

    Does this make sense to anyone?
  • plai

    Quote from the site:

    Why no microphone? Why does the D90 logo look funny?
    Because this is a simulated picture that will be replaced with
    the actual product Real Soon Now. I don’t need to reproduce
    fake product photos from the Internet, because I am perfectly
    capable of creating my own.

    But more interesting:

    The D60 lets you create silent stop-motion mini-movies, and that’s fun, but that capability doesn’t really qualify as video.

    Can any D60 owner confirm that the D60 has limited video recording features?

  • Anonymous

    While this Amazon blog guy seems like a wanker, I’m glad you posted it. It does reinforce the now imminent release of the D90 and feeds my lust for any D90 news even if its more or less a rehash of what we already new. The promise of a guide by Thanksgiving gives us hope of a camera before then as well.

  • NNatic

    Why is it that this site attracts such negative and aggressive people?!?!

    If you dont want to read about speculation and rumors then dont freaking read! Go search around for the rumors on your own. Ones that match your explicit definition of a rumor. Until you are ready to do that then stop being so negative and shut up. This is his / her site. Not yours… you want different information start your own!

  • plai

    Reading his post again I think he just summarizes the existing rumors and tries promote himself and his new book which is completly viable tactic.

    The only thing you can blame him for is that he does give hints what his sources are.

  • Jimmy

    I hope that the screen will be the highres 1mpx one like the D300 😉

  • Narna

    Not being an american I have little ideal when thanksgiving is, apart from sometime ‘late in the year’. Can anyone help?

  • thedude

    yeh i was too embarrassed to ask that. also, whats with “fall”, its blatantly autumn. 😉

  • plai

    Come on. Can be found with google within 5 secodns.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanksgiving = fourth Thursday of November

  • Narna

    It was more a lean on the “locally known holiday” as a date than an actual date. Just because one country has a national holiday doesn’t mean the rest of the world knows when that is. There may be more than one or a moving date (like this is). A great example is the “Queens Birthday holiday” which isn’t on the queen’s birthday and varies depending on which country your in.

    Oh and thanks for to the administrator for clearing it up.

  • Blog Admin

    I understand completely – I will try to post hard dates in the future for our international readers. I am also working to make NikonRumors available in different languages.

  • plai

    That is what I get for posting too quickly. My apologies for the harsh answer.

  • Blog Admin

    I like it when people are NICE!!!

  • tootoo

    Whene did he add this? Might have just been added because people started asking about the picture 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    He changed the whole page.

  • Danne

    “our tipster says this bad boy’ll be in stock on September 7”

  • cemp

    it says it was a simulated image of what the D90 may look like when its released

  • Mike

    You beat me to the question. However, for the benefit of the 95 percent of the human race that doesn’t live in North America, I had a look on Wikipedia. The answer is, unhelpfully, “Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.”

    So there you are – it’s sometime later in the year, but before December.

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