Nikon D90 @ Best Buy – same price, different screen – available on Sept 7th

Best Buy will be selling the Nikon D90 at the same price as Circuit City: $1,299.99 (click here for CC price):
The key sentence in the original post is "our tipster says this bad boy'll be in stock on September 7".
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  • SteMa

    “our tipster says this bad boy’ll be in stock on September 7” -lets hope so 🙂 hope that it won’t cost more than $1500-$1600 here in hungary :/ This sucks, and average payment is about $800, but electronical gadgets cost 25% more than in the us.

  • SteMa

    $800 is for a month, to avoid misunderstandings

  • Anonymous

    D300 doesn’t cost that much more,this better be a good camera 🙂

  • SteMa

    It’s the price with the new 18-105vr lens, so the d300 does cost much more.

  • Anonymous

    500 dollars more you can get a d300 with a 18-135mm Lens from
    (sites from not mine)

  • Paul

    The D90 is new and so no discounts will probably happen till Oct/Nov for the Christmas holidays. The separation will probably be about $700-$800 once it settles down…

  • eyrieowl

    those are hardly equal comparisons. best buy isn’t known for bargain basement prices, unlike those stores. the d300 body only at best buy is currently $1799.

  • RobJ

    Assuming that date is accurate, I’m impressed with how well Nikon’s kept the details of this camera a secret. We still don’t know:

    1) What kind of sensor it uses?
    2) Whether it will have a dust reduction system?
    3) What are the specs for the video recording? (not that I care)

    Also, only one leaked photo so far, and it was a close up shot that didn’t reveal everything.

  • Sportymonk

    Does anybody have any info on what the body will cost?

    Or if there will be a diffferent kit lens? (18-55 VR) Does Nikon offer different kit lenses at the same time or do they change the kit?

  • Craig

    It would be more appropriate to quote prices from more reputable sellers…

  • Deep

    Only a 1 year warranty on parts? Is that customary?

  • Paul

    Everybody is assuming it will be the D300 sensor and reduction, the real mystery is the specs on the video recording.

  • Anonymous

    I’m buying the D90 over the D300 on physical size alone… so there is more than dollars involved deciding between the two.

  • RobJ

    Until someone specifically says it’s the D300 sensor, I wouldn’t assume anything. Yes, it probably will be, but I find it curious that none of the rumors have specifically stated that. Even Thom Hogan left that info out, merely stating that it would be 12mp.

  • Paul

    You will also know that Thom has mentioned that Nikon is re-using parts to keep cost down, so a 12mp sensor is only on the D300/D700 and I doubt they will do a full frame sensor right now.

  • Anonymous

    Take it up with it’s the 3 listed on the d300 review prices.

  • Jonathan

    now that we know the pricing of the D90, we need pricing for some of the rumored prime lenses!

  • RobJ

    That’s precisely why I find it odd that he didn’t specifically say that the D90 is using the D300 sensor. It’s not like he would have been giving away any huge secret.

  • Jimmy

    I still wonder if there will also be a body only option or VRII 16-85mm kit.

    But I guess that I could get a prime or two to complement the VR 18-105mm and it would do the trick 😉

  • Morne

    this price included vat aleady . Right?

  • Blog Admin

    In the US the tax is not included in the price. Usually there are no taxes if you buy online.

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