Nikon P6000 and more

I guess some people are still afraid to post to this blog. If they don't come to us, we will get to them:
"I decided to post this here instead of emailing Nikon Rumors so I can keep my anonymity and my job. I work at a high-end camera store and Friday of last week our Nikon rep came into our store and gave us a bit of information about a brand new Nikon P&S camera. The P6000 is coming and it will have RAW and higher resolution. However, he said that Nikon is coming out with a high-end P&S camera above the P6000 that will use the 10mp APS sensor from the D60 and be geared toward pros and serious enthusiasts. This is a DEFINITE FACT, no B.S. We could not get anymore info out of him as far as body design, or lens focal length. We'll just have to wait and see. He did say that he is pretty sure it will be announced at or before Photokina."
There are also credible reports about at least three new Nikon dSLRs before year end and one will have a clip in sensor. This all in addition to the P6000 information. It may appear that Nikon is preparing to do battle once again with Canon to regain it's former supremacy. A good old throw down and mud wrestling match. Not only that but it is clear that within a year almost all dSLRs will have a live view feature which would be useful underwater. I think I will hold off on investing in an Aquatica housing for that alone."
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  • Lee

    Sounds much like a reiteration of previous rumors.
    A clip in sensor? I find that very improbable, and not improving the rumor’s credibility.

    It would be really cool though if they could make a somewhat compact compact APS-sensor compact camera. I don’t think the D60 sensor handles Live-view though, so that sensor is probably not likely to make it.

  • richard p

    Yeah the whole modular unit thing sounds like something from a medium format-based system. I can’t really see it working on a dslr like this unless there is some form of standardisation amongst manufacturers. the practicalities of a ‘clip in’ sensor just aren’t apparent i dont think.

  • Bryce

    A clip in sensor? Yeah right. If that’s off by hairs of a MM the focus will be wrong, if it’s not in totally flat you’ll have issues in corner focus. A full cartridge system i may be able to see but just a clip in sensor… just doesn’t seem possible. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong on this one though.

  • Theo

    Medium format backs seem to work somehow 😉

  • Crabby Guy

    When the sensor changes–even if its size remains the same–the camera’s software changes and, in turn, so does the camera’s electronics hardware. Also, feature changes come quickly. The existing model of eventually selling the camera or giving it away, hand-me-down style, will remain for a very long time in this class.

  • Ghargh

    Maybe Nikon is going to start a new line of cameras in the medium format market? 😉

  • HH Bear

    Maybe the APS sensor P&S will replace the D40. The D40 is probably driving their margins down so they kill it. This makes the D60 at $150 more the new entry level camera.

    They create the APS sensor P&S which can be sold for over $500. High end P&S shooters will buy this. Low end DSLR shooters will cough up more money. In the end Nikon is very happy.

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