D3 Buffer Memory Expansion Service

We reported that as a rumor two weeks ago - today is official:
Update: US link
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  • anon.

    I wonder if the upgrade is/will be standard for the newer productions of D3, or if this will be kept as a paid service for all D3 ‘s. According to the previous rumor r “the memory buffer was increased for the current D3 model without making too much noise”in German Nikon Brochure, instead of being an extra option offered with an extra cost to d3 owner at that time. I wonder what the situation is, is it coming standard on the new production line of D3?

  • It seems great but it’s really expensive! Can’t believe it. It should be free when you see the D3’s price. : (

  • Adam

    I don’t think that $500 is a lot for such an upgrade, and to be honest I don’t think either that the price of D3 is expensive. Ok, $5k is a lot of money, but You get an awesome body for that – and still cheaper than Canon 🙂

  • anon.

    definitely 500 isn’t bad at all for keeping camera updated. But I wonder if this will be standard with D3’s new production line or even in a very soon-to-come D3s? (re: Chausser d’Images hints of updated D3 this Sept/Oct.)

  • Blog Admin

    I think this will be standard in the D3x (or whatever name they choose) and Nikon is trying to make a quick buck in the last moment.

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