More details on the Nikon D90

Thom Hogan spills the beans about the upcoming D90 (from dpreview):
- Until I get a second source for all of the specifics, I'll just say that the D80 replacement is indeed to be named the D90, as I have that from multiple reliable sources.
- Fixed 3" color LCD. 
- There WILL be a new DX lens announced with the D90.
The other bomb Thom dropped was about VR and live view:
"In the consumer market, sensor cleaning and ubiquitous VR (via the sensor) and live view all got established by competitors well before Nikon did it. That's going to shift a bit with the D90, I think."
Update: Based on Thom's comment I assumed that the D90 will have a build in VR and I was probably wrong. Nikon explains the advantage of having a VR in the lens here and there is no reason to add VR to the camera body.
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