More details on the Nikon D90

Thom Hogan spills the beans about the upcoming D90 (from dpreview):
- Until I get a second source for all of the specifics, I'll just say that the D80 replacement is indeed to be named the D90, as I have that from multiple reliable sources.
- Fixed 3" color LCD. 
- There WILL be a new DX lens announced with the D90.
The other bomb Thom dropped was about VR and live view:
"In the consumer market, sensor cleaning and ubiquitous VR (via the sensor) and live view all got established by competitors well before Nikon did it. That's going to shift a bit with the D90, I think."
Update: Based on Thom's comment I assumed that the D90 will have a build in VR and I was probably wrong. Nikon explains the advantage of having a VR in the lens here and there is no reason to add VR to the camera body.
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  • Satish

    He also said while talking about P6000 that one another camera(in which you will not expect) will also have built in GPS. I seems D90 is coming to the battle fully armed…Is it not?

  • NNatic

    Now let’s hope that Thom is correct with everything he has said and it is announced sooner than photokina.I am too impatient to wait.

  • DAC

    If nikon or canon release camera body equipped with VR base on the body, what happen to the VR lens? no more value. Of course got different between VR on body and the VR on lens.. but both share the same effect.

  • rcoward

    Either you will be able to selectively switch off the in-body VR system to allow the lens VR to work fully as designed OR, if not switchable, it would effectively make the VR lenses SUPER-VR! Two levels of VR in one camera setup. The thing is which one takes priority? Will they get confused and start jittering out of sync and produce more vibration than they cancel…!

    Also, can someone correct me but aren’t the in-body VR systems designed to only cancel out lateral motion whilst the lens VR systems have a vertical cancellation as well. ie. 3D as opposed to a 2D VR…? If that was the case then I think I’d rather get my VR done in the lens than the body.

  • DAC

    camera VR + lens VR work together will not be a superVR.. but a superwobble… wobble than without VR… So I don’t think nikon or canon will add VR into their camera body… Maybe yes for entry-level dslr like nikon d40 or canon 450D..

  • Ghargh

    As DAC said, “double-VR” is the same case as with tripods. Why would Nikon make ameteur lenses with VR if they want to make a camera with in-body VR? Also I heard that in-lens VR is better than in-body.

  • Loa


    Once again (sadly), Thom’s words are taken out of context. He never said that the D90 would have in-body VR.

    He said that Nikon competitors have had the edge in implementing new technologies (like in body VR and live view). An he now says that this is going to change.

    He’s not saying that Nikon will copy in-body VR! He’s saying that Nikon will break new grounds with the D90. He doesn’t say what, precisely, that innovation(s) will be.

    I’m not saying that in-body VR is not going to happen, but that’s just not what Thom said.


    P.S. To the admin: you pride yourself in trying to be like, but I’ve never seen such over-hyping and misquoting and willful twisting of information on

    This is a young site, and if you want it to be active for a long time, be careful of what and how you publish things.

  • eyrieowl

    yes, i would agree. it’s forseeable that the d90 will incorporate some of the features (almost certainly liveview, maybe sensor cleaning), but the import of his statement is that nikon will *not* just be following other manufacturers (ie, adding sensor shift), but going where other competitors have not yet gone.

  • webster

    Of the rumors, what I’d like to see on the D90:
    3″ 460,000 pix LCD
    In body VR
    Sensor cleaning
    12 MP sensor from D300

    Again, of the rumors, what I’d like to NOT see on the D90:
    Articulated LCD
    Video recording

    Indifferent about:
    In body focusing motor (actually, I’d probably take a smaller/lighter unit without this if it were an option – and yes, I know I’m probably in the extreme minority on this one).

  • RobJ

    I agree, I don’t think Thom was implying that the D90 would have sensor-based VR, just that it would have some new innovations.

    My personal opinion is that I think it’s very, very unlikely the D90 will have sensor based VR. Two reasons: 1) this would put a superior feature into the D90 that the D300 wouldn’t have, hurting D300 sales. (unless a D300x with VR is down the road). 2) It would also negate the value of Nikon’s newly released VR lenses, notably on the consumer end the 18-55mm and the 16-85mm, likely kit lenses for the D90. I doubt the two systems would be able to work together– more likely, you would have to chose one or the other– so why would anyone buy the more expensive 16-85mm when they could get the 18-70mm for half the price and still have VR stabilization via the camera? And why would Nikon bother releasing those lenses, if sensor-based VR was coming down the road? It could be that Nikon has decided to radically shift focus, realizing that their losing market share to Sony with their sensor based system, but I doubt it.

  • eyrieowl

    thom did mention a dx lens coming…i’m guessing the d90 kit is something like an 18-135 VR, rather than the 16-85 or 18-55. which would also point to not having in camera vr.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    I agree totally out of context. It seems to me with all the talk of GPS it could be that the camera will have a built in GPS receiver which is not out of realm of possibility since we now have GPS systems under a hundred buck for tagging jpeg files.
    Nikon would be silly to incorporate a redundant and inferior VR system into the body, not Nikon’s style. VR in the lens is the way to go if for nothing else than the edge it gives the lens’ focusing system (having the steadier image to focus on).

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks for the feedback – I definitely take it seriously. Let’s don’t forget that has been around for over 8 years. Regarding Thom’s comment: this is my own interpretation. I always post the original text, so the readers can draw their own conclusion. I think this is fair.

    I still would like to hear how you would interpret his comment about the VR and the D90.
    Again, thanks for the feedback – I will try to be neutral in my future comments.
  • Blog Admin

    Ok, got it. I am just curious what could this “thing” be?

  • Blog Admin

    OK, to be fear I changed the post. Thanks to everyone that emailed me about my interpretation of Thom’s words. I will be more careful in the future. I promise.

  • eyrieowl

    unfortunately i don’t have the same friends thom does…so i can’t be certain. but….it’s got to be something the competitors aren’t doing, at least at that price level. i doubt they’d introduce something ground-breaking at this level instead of at the pro grade. so…something more feature oriented than photo oriented. that gives us…gps? wifi? in-camera hdr? i could continue speculating, but that’s not really useful. i think the important point is that a high degree of skepticism should be reserved for any rumors of any capture oriented tech that we haven’t seen in the dx00 or dx models already; and that the competitive edge nikon is bringing to the d90 is, instead, features which its competition will have to play catch-up to match.

  • Indiscrezioni su Nikon D90

    Innanzitutto l’immagine che vedete è solo un falso senza nessuna pretesa.
    Da quanto emerso ultimamente, anche da parte di Thom Hogan, sembra che la D90, erede della D80, avrà qualche caratteristica interessante. Sembra che Nikon stia cercan…

  • axl

    May be in body VR is ok with live view.

  • Anonymous

    Simple..Its HD Video Recording…surprising? yes..

  • webster

    I agree, I think it will have video recording, likely HD. I’d rather have my purchasing dollars going towards static IQ, user interface, better battery etc. instead of things like GPS/Wifi/Video recording etc…
    In a DSLR I look for a camera, not a swiss army knife. I can see packing this stuff into a consumer P&S/Superzoom etc. but it just doesn’t need to be on a DSLR, even an entry level (which the D90 is not).

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