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D3 Buffer Memory Expansion Service

We reported that as a rumor two weeks ago – today is official: Update: US link

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Nikon P6000 and more

I guess some people are still afraid to post to this blog. If they don’t come to us, we will get to them: “I decided to post this here instead of emailing Nikon Rumors so I can keep my anonymity and my job. I work at a high-end camera store and Friday of last week […]

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Nikon D800 with the 24 Megapixels Sony sensor! Plus new Nikon D3 with anti-dust!

Update: see comments for translation. Thanks to the translators. Thom Hogan could be correct after all – he predicted the D900 but no one believed him (including us). See also here and here of Nikon D800 fakes. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. In Chasseurs d’Images n° 306 – Août – Septembre 2008 The D800 with the […]

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Nikon D3 price drop again

Remember how the Nikon D300 (D3 as well) dropped in price before the D700 was announced? Well, here is some food for thought: Nikon D3 @ Adorama: $4699.95 (wow!) Nikon D3 @ Amazon: $4719.93

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Not really a rumor

A reader sent me this link for some additional downloads for D3, D300 and D700: I don’t think this was publicly announced – similar to the buffer size increase (I could be wrong of course). Do I have to say thank you Germany again (or maybe Austria or Switzerland)?

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I would like to send a special THANK YOU to all of our readers in Germany. I received many “quality” rumors from this part of the world. Remember the D700 magazine leak (you can refresh your memory here and here)? What is more interesting – we never received a “busted rumor” from Deutschland – all […]

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Nikon D90 – without a build-in AF motor?

We received several emails with rumors stating that the upcoming D90 will be released without a build in AF motor. Those rumors are mainly form Nikon stores owners (one from London Camera Exchange), which generally hurts their credibility. The fact that those rumors are spreading is scary, because such move from Nikon will not be well […]

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NikonRumors : Page2

We are starting a new section/blog: NikonRumors : Page2 for the “not so important” stuff.  We will keep “good” rumors on the main page, the rest will go to Page2 (yes, correct – just like Enjoy!

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