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Nikon D750 camera, SB-500 flash now in stock

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The Nikon D750 is currently in stock at: B&H Amazon Adorama (with free overnight shipping) BestBuy Jessops (UK) The Nikon SB-500 is also currently in stock at B&H. Nikon D750 unboxing video from lumenatic.com and Nikon UK:

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Nikon D750, Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 and SB-500 Speedlight to start shipping this week

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Update: Nikon D750 now in stock at Amazon. The Nikon D750 camera (see updated pre-order options) is scheduled to start shipping tomorrow (September 23). The new Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED lens and SB-500 Speedlight will both start shipping on September 25. The Nikon D750 manual is already available online (in French). Few additional D750 sample […]

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Nikon SB-300 vs. SB-500 vs. SB-700 vs. SB-910 Speedlight flash specs comparison

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I also created a specifications comparison sheet for the currently available Nikon Speedlight flashes (except the close-up flash system) based on the information provided by Nikon USA – click here to see it.

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Nikon D750, MB-D16, SB-500, 20mm f/1.8 and MC 52mm available for pre-order

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Nikon D750 camera B&H (also available as a kit with 24-120mm lens) Adorama (also available as a kit with 24-120mm lens) Amazon (also available as a kit with 24-120mm lens) BestBuy (also available as a kit with 24-120mm lens) OneCall WEX (UK) Jessops (UK) – special deals available Amazon UK Amazon France Amazon Germany Nikon MB-D16 battery grip B&H Adorama Amazon Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED […]

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Official press release: Nikon D750 camera, SB-500 Speedlight, Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED lens

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Here is the press release for the latest Nikon products (the detailed D750 specifications can be found here, pre-order options are listed here):

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Nikon Speedlight SB-500 flash announced

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The Nikon Speedlight SB-500 flash is now officially announced (price: $249.95, pre-order options). Additional information:

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First pictures of the Nikon D750, SB500 and 20mm f/1.8G

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Update: all rumored Nikon products are now officially announced. Those are the First pictures of the Nikon D750 camera, SB500 Speedlight flash and 20mm f/1.8G FX lens taken from an online store. Yesterday I already reported the prices of the Nikon D750 in Germany. I now also have the EU prices of the SB500 flash (GN 24 with additional […]

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