Nikon SB-300 vs. SB-500 vs. SB-700 vs. SB-910 Speedlight flash specs comparison

I also created a specifications comparison sheet for the currently available Nikon Speedlight flashes (except the close-up flash system) based on the information provided by Nikon USA - click here to see it.

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  • Doesn’t do Manual, so even as a remote, the SB500 would be worthless to me.

    • Spy Black

      It doesn’t have a manual mode?

      • saywhatuwill


    • Merv S

      Might be like the SB-400, manual flash output is controlled from within the camera. On my D5100, it is in custom setting e1 I think.

    • Neopulse

      Although it seems to have a very basic manual mode. But wondering, if the new Cactus V6 can override that basic function it has. It has the ability to even make a flash go 1/10 stops even though it isn’t made to function that way and even out the output between each flash. It seems to override it in fact. I say this because I remember seeing in videos relating to the trigger.

      • D600 Owner

        The picture shows a light for M near the TTL and CMD lights. So I think it is manual if you control it from the camera.

        • Neopulse

          Yeah, but it’s limited to 3 levels, 1/3 power overall. Now B&H description is saying that it has a GN of 79 -.- probably at full zoom.

          • mark

            most likely it will retain the power level settings as with the built in flash, from full to 1/128 (8 levels)

            the 3 level adjustment is for the LED.

    • akkual

      If you need it as manual for strobist/remote stuff, buy yongnuo iTTL triggers (+commander, although it still has some minor bugs). They’re great. Of course SB-700 is even better, so buy it, unless you need the LEDs as modelling lamp (which is a very nice idea btw. I would like to have LEDs for modelling and video on flashguns.. should be IN the head though, not ON).

  • Doesn’t do Manual, so even as a remote, the SB500 would be worthless to me.

  • JeffT

    really a shame that Nikon killed the sb-400. Thank God I own two of them. It’s perfect when all you need is a quick and dirty bounce flash. I always have one with me when I travel or take photos casually. The flashes that Nikon replaced it with, including the Sb-300, are clunky in comparison. I never use anything other than my sb-400 unless I’m actually on a job, in which case the Sb-700 is pretty much all I need.

  • Anton PupkIn

    Stupid product – it took the worst of both systems.
    It is (almost) as big and expensive as SB-700,
    and has very basic controls and no zoom as SB-400.
    It seems Nikon has found another “genius” marketologist.

    • samul

      Stupid to compare price of a newly announced product to a one that has been on the market for years. Of course they’ll squeeze extra euro from the early adopters. sb-700 was announced at over €300. Next year sb-500 can likely be bought for around €220.

      • Anton PupkIn

        Sure. But lack of AF-Light is no go for me anyway.

        • Abg Rongak Waknan

          I would not call it stupid product; it’s just their target buyer/user is different. If it doesn’t have the function(s) that you need, it as simple as it’s not suitable for you…

  • David Green

    For one who only uses his 7 year old SB 600 on a casual basis , and wants an upgrade , is it REALLY worth paying the extra $200 for a SB 910 over the SB 700 ? ( apart from the extra range /guide number , there seems nothing else to entice me ).
    lenses being used – Sigma 10-20 f3.5 / Nikon 18-135 / Sigma 70-210 f2.8

    • Patrick O’Connor

      AF light without flash can be really useful at times. Extra power isn’t just for the times when you need it; it also means more consecutive flashes at lower power. Slightly higher head can decrease instances of red eye. PC Sync Cable connector. That’s all I can think of off-hand.

  • noticing i have a visceral love for my sb 910’s .. love them!

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