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Nikon Pure Photography video #2

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Nikon released video #2 of their Pure Photography campaign for the upcoming DF camera:

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The name will be “Nikon DF”

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The new retro FX DSLR camera will be called Nikon DF. The interesting part is that DF will stand for “Digital Fusion”. I also have two new bits of information:

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More on Nikon’s “Pure Photography” campaign

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There is another image with a better view of the retro-styled Nikon DSLR camera: It appears that there will be a total of 6 teaser videos for the new camera (see the first video here): Nikon Imaging already has a dedicated spot for the new camera on their website – the link goes to a new […]

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First Nikon retro camera teaser: “it’s in my hands again”

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New set of specifications and US price for the retro-styled Nikon FX DSLR camera (D4H?)

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Update: this set of specifications is fake. The name of the camera will be Nikon DF. I feel pretty comfortable with the information I have published so far on the rumored Nikon full frame retro-styled camera. Today I received another list of specifications from a new source (take them with a grain of salt) that slightly differ […]

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Nikon’s retro full frame camera coming in two weeks

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The new Nikon full frame retro-styled camera will most likely be available in two colors – all black and silver/black (a.k.a. as Panda version). I can now also confirm that the official announcement will be in two weeks (first week of November). I am surprised that Nikon will not be presenting the camera at the […]

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The upcoming Nikon retro full frame camera will not have video, possible announcement on November 6th

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A quick update: the upcoming retro-designed full frame Nikon camera will not have any video recording capabilities. Here are the updated rumored specifications: Nikon FM2 like design 16.2MP 36×23,9 full frame sensor (same as in the D4?) SD memory card 2016-pixel RGB image sensor 9-cell framing grid display 3D color matrix metering II Native ISO […]

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