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This is why you should not buy your camera at Target

Thanks Aldo!

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How Nikon got its name


In case you didn’t know: Via Buzzfeed

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Who wants a Nikon lens speaker?

You can already have your coffee in one of the many Nikon lens mugs. Now you can also listen to music from this new Nikon lens speaker. This “musical” Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm lens can play tunes from a cell phone or computer line-in connection and supports also Micro SD/TF memory card. It has a built-in battery that […]

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Nikon cameras at WestLicht Photographica Auction

Sorry, I forgot to include this material in my weekly links post: During the exclusive Westilicht auction that took place on December 4th, two Nikon cameras made it to the top 3 most expensive cameras sold – a Nikon F3 NASA from 1986 and a Nikon S2-E both sold for 168,000EUR (around 225,000 USD). The first and second […]

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What is “Nikon Q750”?

An internal message was distributed to all Best Buy stores indicating that the delivery dates for three different products is to be determined. One of those product was labeled as “Nikon Q750”: “The delivery date is to be determined for the: Nikon S8100 Canon 60D Nikon Q750” I am 100% positive that this message is […]

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Nikkors on a train

Next time you take a train in Switzerland and go through a tunnel, you can rest assured that the inside walls are in perfect shape thanks to…. five fisheye Nikkor lenses: This piece of fascinating technology is the front of the diagnostic vehicle for rail infrastructure of the Swiss Federal Railways, which was part of the Innotrans – the […]

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Nikon advertisement fail?

Robbie Williams was part of the “I am Nikon” campaign: Very nice ad, the only problem is that Robbie Williams may have used a… Canon or a Pentax camera (maybe this model) in the original video. Watch it here: and the overlay of both cameras after the break:

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