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Nikon advertisement fail?

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Robbie Williams was part of the “I am Nikon” campaign: Very nice ad, the only problem is that Robbie Williams may have used a… Canon or a Pentax camera (maybe this model) in the original video. Watch it here: and the overlay of both cameras after the break:

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Nikon D4x (design concept)

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Industrial Designer Marc Levinson created a Nikon D4x concept (click on image for larger view): See more Nikon concepts here. More pictures after the break:

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Every Canon shooter’s dream…

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It was a busy week. The weekend is almost here… time to have some fun – this is the new Nikon EOS-1  (even the strap is yellow): Thanks to Ron Chenoy for sending me this photo.

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Nikon D3 “redesigned”

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After the white Nikon D3 we now have those: Flickr via Crunchgear

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Real Nikon fan

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No rumors today, just a Nikon tattoo… NIKON TATTOO, originally uploaded by John Leach Photography.

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Beware: stolen Nikon equipment serial numbers (UK)

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“Tens of thousands of pounds worth of top-of-the-range Nikon cameras have been stolen from a UK camera dealer” (source). Here is a list of the stolen serial numbers: D3x 5011228 D3x 5011232 D3x 5011229 D3x 5011223 D3 2082564 D3 2086984 D3 2082270 D3 2080220 14-24mm 264476 14-24mm 263414 14-24mm 261634 14-24mm 263409 If you are in the […]

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Limited Edition, White Nikon – will we ever see one?

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Here is a good way for Nikon to start making some extra money – start selling all white, limited edition Nikon cameras for 40% price premium.  Pentax did it few months ago and Leica is charging almost double for its limited edition all-white Leica M8. And when there, why stop with white – I am […]

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