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Nikon D5500 vs. D5300 specifications comparison

Next is a specifications comparison between the new Nikon D5500 and the old D5300:

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Nikon HD-SLR cameras video features compared (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300)


Here is a HD-SLR cameras video features comparison from Nikon (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300):

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Nikon D3300 vs. Nikon D5300


In addition to Kai’s video, here is a quick Nikon D3300 vs. D5300 specifications comparison based on the information published on Nikon’s website:

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YouTube videos: Nikon Df video reviews, D5300 skydiving


Just few interesting (and funny) videos to get us trough Hump Dayyyy: Funny Nikon Df:

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Adobe released Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 with Nikon AW1, P7800, Df, D610 and D5300 support

Adobe Lightroom 5

Adobe released new versions of Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 with support for the latest Nikon cameras and lenses. Download links: Lightroom 5.3: Mac | Windows. Camera Raw 8.3: Mac | Windows New Nikon cameras support:

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Nikon D5300 trivia: the body is made out of a new carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics and you can now change the aperture in live view


Nikon D5300: new carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics body Nikon listed on their website that the new D5300 ($796.95) is made out of a “newly developed monocoque structure with carbon fiber reinforced plastic material”, similar to the material used in Formula 1 race cars and in the new Boeing Dreamliner 787. The new material is called Sereebo carbon […]

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Sigma will release firmware update to fix AF issues with the Nikon D5300


Sigma reported AF issues when using their lenses with the Nikon D5300 camera. A new firmware update to address those problems will be released tomorrow. If your Sigma lens is not compatible with the USB dock, you will have to contact your nearest Sigma service center in order to get the update.

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