Nikon HD-SLR cameras video features compared (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300)

Here is a HD-SLR cameras video features comparison from Nikon (D750 vs. D4s, D810, D610, D7100, D5300, D3300):

All new Nikon products are now available for pre-order.

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  • David

    It’s troubling seeing no mention of focus peaking on here, this is one of the most critical features for video. I have an external monitor but it would be great to not need it so often. With the flip screen and aperture control in live view, the D750 is really looking good… by the time I can afford one hopefully the next model will add it.

    • Aron

      I am so sick of people like you waiting for the next best thing. You keep waiting for the next iteration to have this and that, just buy what you need to get your job done now. I’m amazed you produce any content at all with this attitude of “holding out for the next version that will be better for me”!

  • Jacob

    Now that I watched all the promo videos, i AM IMPRESSED !

    • stormwatch

      D750 Promo videos…impressed with what? Tons of noise in the darker areas?

      • Jocob

        Actually the versatility of the design…

      • Jocob

        Why do people judge the video quality of a camera by crappy youTube compression – NO they don’t stream you the best video available…

        • stormwatch

          There is a simple explanation for this, if the overly compressed and limited video as on the youtube shows such a mess in the dark areas, raw is much worser.

  • stormwatch

    D750 Video mode ISO starting from 200….WTF?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please, tell me this is wrong….

    • saywhatuwill

      No wonder they called it a D750. The D700 had a low ISO of 200 too.

      • stormwatch

        I do not care for crappy D700, it is not 2008. anymore…ISO 32 should be of a normal option nowadays.

        • Pricky

          Yeah right, who TF else offers ISO 32 as normal option ???

          • stormwatch

            I just said it would be super than in 2014. it was a normal option.

        • Marc W.

          Then I suggest you buy a D810 or some Canon to get lower ISO.

          • stormwatch

            canon?!??!?! Never! D810 is the way to go!

            • Marc W.

              Let me know when you order it.

        • saywhatuwill

          So much anger. Might want to cut down on the things that stress you out.

      • Marc W.

        But at least the D700 has a 1/8000s max speed.

  • Stelios E.

    Nikon you suck! Beside the missing focus peaking in ALL bodies, you offer on chip phase detection AF in the Nikon1 system, your rivals have it even in a DSLR, and you cannot ??? Of course all this nice feature videos of action shots are being shot with wide angle lenses with what, F16-F22, so no need of focus pulling??? How stupid do you think we are? I think you are collaborating with the other companies behind closed doors, so you all can maximize your profits of us stupid consumers . . !! Again, Nikon, you suck BIG TIME !!

    • David Peterson

      I wouldn’t go so far as to use your words… but yeah, bit pity about the lack of focus peaking :-/

      • Stelios E.

        I am sorry for my “heavy” words. It is for to show my, i think the word is, indignation. Nikon could easily get market share back, by implementing a few easy features. Instead, they go a small step at a time, which is the old way of making profits. Yes, people will run and buy new cams like the 750, but looking at the big picture, they are loosing money, because the profit is in mass production. And 2000 euro and up cameras, will no more be sold in big numbers. I like to see, how many D4s, D 810’s are sold in comparison to the D3xxx-D5xxx series . . !!

    • stormwatch

      Focus peaking is not a problem when using a dedicated big HDMI LCD screen which is a must have in video production. Problem with Nikon is that from model to model they’re missing great chance to make all rounder photo/video machine. Base ISO of 200 for video on this one is a joke of all jokes, also I do not understand their view of video for professionals, because all machines lack some important pro features. As a video pro I personally do not need focus peaking, it is the toy for the new boys in town…what I need is an high quality B/W high res EVF or nice LCD display which will turn B/W in video mode for manual focusing (but then we of course need the real time Histogram).

      • Stelios E.

        Not every one needs the same “toys”, that is correct. For the event work i do, a separate screen is a no no, but focus peaking is a very good tool. I used it with my EX-3 a lot before i sold it because it was to bulky for what i do. I need a compact cam and a DSLR is ideal for our work. I tried out the Canon with the on chip PD-AF, and that touch AF function is all the money for our kind of work. But i have too much invested in Nikon glass, but if they continue like this . . .

  • mrBadger

    does D750 have sRAW format ??

  • Pragmatic_NYC

    Could I be the only one who thinks the video capabilities should be a secondary consideration to the still capabilities?

    Nikon REALLY needed a camera that could perform at least as well as a D3s in low light. They REALLY needed to try and keep up with the low light capability of the Sony A7S.

    Obviously we don’t know much about how it’ll perform, but they’re certainly not touting it’s low-light ability, and considering the fact that no camera since the D3s has matched the D3s, it’s clearly not a priority for Nikon.

    If I wanted a great video camera, I’d buy a….

    ….wait for it…

    …video camera.

    • Stelios E.

      Been there, done that, sold it. (Sony EX-3). Bought the D5100, then the D5200. IQ? VERY similar !!! Low light capability? Classes better !!! For a fraction of the cost. No need for superexpensive wide angle lenses which still are not that wide, no need to carry that heavy thing around. One bag with all the needed stuff for both, still and video. Batteries, chargers, lenses, memory cards. All the same. I can go to a shooting and do both at the same time. One man, one camera, still and moving pictures together. We are complaining about technology that is already there, available from others, and from Nikon too. Nikon is giving away market shares, by not implementing one-two simple things in there cams. I am 100% shure its about politics, not capability !!!

      • Pragmatic_NYC

        To get the best out of DSLR video, you have to record to an external device anyway. So get a Ninja Blade. It has focus peaking.

        Or you could get a Sony A7S for the same price as the D750 and use a $100 adapter and use all your Nikon glass.

        Amazing video. Focus peaking. Best camera in low light ever tested.

        • Stelios E.

          Yes, that is correct. But i am already (and my clients too) very happy with the quality, after a bit of tweaking (trial and err) the settings. And the Ninja costs as much as a D5xxx body! The Sony approach? I’m thinking about this seriously. (I’ve tried the tablet-USB-DSLR Dashboard too, not really happy.) But my complain to Nikon is this, with a simple addition of features, i will give them my money, and not to Sony-Ninja, Metabones. I am with them for around 30 years, my kids will be potential future customers (two out of four have a Nikon1, the other two are still to young), and many friends and clients too, because they see, what i am doing with Nikon gear. Nikon IS loosing money here big time, especially when others do stuff, Nikon could be doing, but is not doing.

          • Stelios E.

            The Ninja is like TWO D5xxx bodies i just saw, or a half D750 !!!!

          • Pragmatic_NYC

            So you’re not already recording to an external device? Because a Ninja Blade is about $1K. Not exactly gonna break the bank, especially if you have paying clients.

            • Stelios E.

              No i am not. Why should i? As i told you, me and my wedding clients are more then happy with the IQ. In winter time, when there are no ceremonies here, i go and shoot at night clubs. I shoot a lot of stills, and produce a 5-10 minutes video clip of the event night. This is all done handheld, i’ve developed a unique “stabilisation technique” for that. This is done with only a D5xxx plus a Speedlight and my ‘secret’ Samsung Video light. There is no space in crowded clubs to be with more then this equipment in my hand around dancing and cheering people. If i could have focus peaking, i’d be the happiest camper !!

    • They say quite a bit about low-light capability of the new CMOS sensor, like noting that at -3EV (at 12k ISO), you’re at the level where the human eye begins to see details emerging from the dark. Any better and it’d be a night-vision scope.

      • Pragmatic_NYC

        Hey Malcolm! Who are “they” and where do they say it? I haven’t seen a thing about the camera’s low light performance.

        • “They” is Nikon, on their site, the news page on the 750 and the 750 from the DSLR line-up page. The AF module goes to -3 EV (compared to the D600/610 -1 EV) and High ISO performance significantly better (Base upper at 12K ISO vs 6.4K in D6xx) due to new CMOS sensor.

  • disappointed

    Really unimpressed and I for one really hoped for improvement in video. D810 touted zebra as something advanced when in reality its basic requirement in video! Also false advertising since none of the full frame bodies actually uses whole frame in video so there is no benefit of full frame :/ and don’t get me started with 24 mbps as “high” bitrate …

  • Chris Bilodeau

    This is definitely a camera aimed more at videographers. The D610 will hang with this camera every step of the way, and only fall short in the AF area. But, I use my D610 as backup at weddings and it focuses fantastic in all light and the clumped AF points are a non-issue. The new D750 is essentially some new guts in a D6xx body with atilt-screen inferior to the 5xxx series it seems. This would be a fantastic release if the D6xx did not exist.

    • Stelios E.

      Aimed at videographers, but incomplete, as a videographer, my work would be much much easier with focus peaking. Not to mention on chip phase detection plus touch screen AF !!

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    First to the Admin – Peter. Great job in getting all the main Blog. Outstanding.

    I have been digging and there is no specs on the new battery grip. So we don’t know if the FPS is increased when used on the D750. Did see the U1 & U2 control…love that feature. Too bad we don’t have the AF button but you can always reassign like earlier DSLR’s.

    • KsOfW

      The absence of any mentioning of added FPS with grip is not a good sign. Nikon would likely be promoting this feature heavily to sell the grip if that were the case.
      And agreed on Peter’s track record of speed and accuracy of his reports.

  • Dixpix

    The flip screen and wireless functions are what I’ve been waiting for since digital camera where introduced. I don’t know why the pitch, for the flip screen, is to the video shooters. I shot with a Hasselblad for 25 years, using both the 90 degree and waist level viewfinder. When digital came along, I was forced into using, what I considered to be a consumer product, with eye level viewfinder, My beloved waist level viewfinder was gone. Finally, Nikon has added this feature. Hopefully it will appear on the flagship model some day. If you want to shoot video – buy a video camera.

  • neonspark

    kind of wished they had included the 800/800e. after all aren’t they about selling to potential upgraders who may want to know how their gear stacks up. half the stuff they talk about I have no idea if I have and don’t know, or if I don’t have and want!

  • M

    i think i found a petty mistake here: The D5300 Does have an in-camera interval timer

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