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Amazon changes the Nikon D800 shipment estimation to as early as March 20th, 2012

I received an update from Amazon and now my D800 shipping date has changed to March 20, 2012 (I ordered mine few seconds after they started accepting pre-orders):


We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# ***). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

"Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)"
Previous estimated arrival date: January 04, 2013 - January 08, 2013
New estimated arrival date: March 23, 2012 - March 27, 2012

Obviously the previous shipping estimate for January 2013 was a mistake.

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  • http://friskypics.com faisal

    yep. i got it too. my shipping date: March 20 2012! The balance of the universe has been restored.


    • Ben H

      My D800E has a “new estimated arrival date” of March 18, 2012! Rejoice!

      • Uphillslide

        Me too Brotha!

    • Mock Kenwell

      You mean it was just an error?! Shocking news.

  • Navneet

    Yeah, march 23-27 here. Ordered 24 hours after announcement.

  • http://finishedvision.com Marie Asbury

    I received the same email this morning. Late March couldn’t be further away! Either way, much better than 2013. So glad that was a glitch.

  • http://tylerevert.com Tyler Evert

    Does anyone know if NPS orders go earlier?

  • Tony

    Makes sense as they try to do their ‘receive on day of release’ thing. Here’s hoping Warehouse Express do the same!!!

  • juicebox81


  • http://www.jpgmag.com/people/markwjr Mark

    Got the same email, with a date of 23-27 like most. Super stoked! Still kinda wish it were the 18th, but compared to January 2013, this is a blessing. 😉


  • Brian Davis

    What. About. The. D4?

  • d800
    • mikils

      hope this won’t be the final italian price! Nital is reaaal going to cheese me up

    • Emanuele

      this is a gray market store!

      • Emanuele


  • David

    Great! I’m also showing an estimated delivery of March 20th on Amazon.

    Now what about the pair of CoolPix S30 I orderd for the kids a couple weeks earlier? Still no estimated delivery date.

  • Nokin

    Speaking of Amazon, where are all those D800 books rumored about for years?

  • http://www.split.hr/Default.aspx Željko Kerum

    When will we see a Nikon D800 body with a D4 sensor?

    • http://dystopianvistas.blogspot.com Hugo First

      thom hogan had a worthwhile guesstimate about that on his site the other day… what it boils down to is, not anytime soon. nikon’s already got an ambitious schedule for 2012 (which you’ve hopefully read about here). don’t hold your breath, because most likely it’ll be next year at the earliest!

    • AlexSSE

      When marketing will be fired

    • Moe Jacknally

      the admin will post a vid on how he “removes” the d4 sensor with a screwdriver


      and “inserts” it on a d800 body with a hammer and nail.

      he’s still looking for volunteers who are going to provide the d4 and the d800.

      sadly i’m getting a d800e so I can’t provide my camera for this experiment :-(

      • Isnogud

        Moe, you’re priceless :)

    • bobby

      In 1 year 3months 21days

    • LeGO

      Rather than the D4 sensor in a D800 body, I expect that Nikon will release a 3rd FX which will utilize a new Sony 24mp video-enabled FF sensor on a D800 body. This sensor will be at least one-stop better than the D800 but will still not be within D4 territory. This will allow Nikon to differentiate this offering from the D4.

      Why would Nikon do this? Canon releasing the 5D Mk III (22mp, 61-point AF, one stop better in the highr ISO than the D800) by Feb-March makes such a 3rd model necessary and inevitable.

      The earlier Canon releases the 5D Mk III, the more Nikon will feel the pressure to release this model. Unfortunately, Nikon’s pipeline is full with the mentioned 3 new DX still to be released this year. So the earliest we will see this will likely be early next year.

      I cannot wait for that long and thus ordered a D4.

      • John

        Totally Agree with LeGO on this! We might as well start the rumors now so Nikon will get a clue and actually deliver this

        New Nikon Full-frame camera based on the new Sony 24mp sensor.
        Nikon D750
        24 Mp full Frame
        ISO 12,800 native, Hi2 to 50,000
        61-point AF
        1080p video
        Price point – $2600. Available Fall 2012, Winter 2013.

        Especially after who wants tons of pixels buys the D800, they will introduce this and have a second blip of orders on the D750!! What a plan!

      • Mock Kenwell

        A well-thought theory but there is one flaw in your argument. The 5D Mk II was a marketing coup (though not necessarily a technical
        marvel) in that it created a whole new segment–affordable FF with video. It has run amok unchallenged for almost 3 years. The Mark III won’t match that success because the segment’s already been created. So why would Nikon be so pre-emptive now when all they had to do to compete was release a D700s then? The horse already left the stable. They clearly are not feeling that pressure for some unexplained reason.

      • Isnogud

        ” This sensor will be at least one-stop better than the D800″

  • Doug

    Lol, so it wasn’t a mistake they really expected the camera to be shipped in 2013, well thats what i call playing on the safe side.

  • Doug

    BTW, all of you Tom Hogan fans (Ball lickers), he is being help hostage in Chile with a couple of D7000, well i do hope that they are ok, and also Tom. ;p

  • 120-300 OS for Nikon

    Congrets you all well i have towait a little bit more i bought an 300 F2:8 VR2 in december so body has to wait.
    Money pig has to fill again and want to visit first my Family in Holland
    So children first than camera body.

    • 120-300 OS for Nikon

      does enyone has an good photo of the D800 with batpack rearside ?

      • Robin

        Holy randomness batman!

  • souvik

    What about the E, I ordered it from Adorama and they haven’t posted any shipment date for either one of the D800s

  • PoorPhotographer

    I didn’t preorder, but will it be there when its March 20th?? or will it just be out of stock…

    • Isnogud

      You#re to late to the party 😉

  • Thumpr

    Yep, got my Amazon D800 delivery update as well. Now estimated delivery is March 23-28, 2012. Whew!

    I ordered mine about 8:30am Eastern time (US) on the 7th.

  • http://www.viewfromthetopfloor.com Jorge Moro

    ordered mine at 9:32AM EST on 2/7
    Just got my revised email this morning ETA is between March 26, and March 30th.
    My D700 And 300 will have a big brother to look up to!

  • Jesse

    My D800E (not D800) estimated delivery date from Amazon.com

    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Previous estimated arrival date: January 08, 2013 – January 11, 2013
    New estimated arrival date: March 18, 2012

    I pre-ordered within 24 hours (not few seconds) of Amazon opening its preorder for D800/D800E. It’s looking like D800E’s actual release is going to ahead of Nikon’s mid-April timeframe.

    • pegdrgr

      I bet this is an other mistake. Whom ever loaded the new delivery date probably assumed that the D800E is the same as the D800. With fewer orders for the D800E you are probably at the head of the queue.

  • Brock Kentwell

    Two things: (1) Amazon is idiotic for letting this happen and (2) Thom Hogan had some interesting comments on the whole “should I buy the D800 or D800E ?” question on his Google+ feed.

  • http://www.teagueashburnphotography.com sfteague

    Same here. I ordered a D800E within the first few hours, and my order date has updated from Jan 2, 2013, to March 18, 2012. I agree with Brian though, I think Amazon may be lumping the 800E together with the 800’s. We’ll probably find out soon that the E’s ship a few weeks later. But hey, I hope Amazon is right!

    • IAN

      The e-mail I got was sort of perplexing…


      We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 06, 2012 (Order# xxxx).

      “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

      We will make every effort to get the delayed item(s) to you as soon as possible. If there are other items in your order, they’ll be shipped according to the delivery estimates listed in the order details in Your Account (www.amazon.com/youraccount) at no additional cost.

      For more information about this order please visit:

      Yesterday it said March 21 on my order page, now just parrots the above message.

      I ordered mine on the sixth seconds after ordering went live.

  • xunsinn

    maybe Amazon got some of this stuff “directly from the truck” 😉

  • Rob

    Strange…I got the following this morning…

    We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 06, 2012 (Order# 002-5641789-xxxxxxx).

    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

    We will make every effort to get the delayed item(s) to you as soon as possible. ”

    I ordered shortly after it became available and well before it was posted here that Amazon had opened up pre-orders.

  • http://www.photoartbybobcarroll.phanfare.com Bob Carroll

    This what I got today:

    We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 07, 2012 (Order# xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

    We will make every effort to get the delayed item(s) to you as soon as possible. If there are other items in your order, they’ll be shipped according to the delivery estimates listed in the order details in Your Account (www.amazon.com/youraccount) at no additional cost.

    For more information about this order please visit:


    If your shipment arrives too late, you may either refuse delivery or return it to us for a refund. For returns instructions, please visit our Returns Center at:


    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

    If you have more questions about this order, you can e-mail, phone, or chat with Customer Service using the following link:



    Customer Service Department
    Check your order and more: http://www.amazon.com/your-account

    Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

    • Mike

      I’m getting the same thing too. I am starting to think Amazon took more orders than it could possibly fill and so all these “errors” are really intentional since they are basically stalling.

  • Mitchell Camps

    I ordered my D800(none E) from B&H literally seconds after it was up for order. When I go and check on my account it says it was ordered the 7th, I’m guessing because I am in California it says the 7th. But, really I ordered it the 6th and there was no error in payment. It says “Backordered” as order status. Really hope I didn’t get screwed here. Can anyone else tell me what their B&H Order Form says?

    Thank you,

    • pegdrgr

      I ordered my D800E from them as soon as it was posted here that you could pre-order from them. Since it was just after 9pm pacific time it was after midnight B&H time and thus the 7th, which is what my order date is. I ordered a D800 from Amazon a bit later and it has a order date of the 6th.

      • Mitchell Camps

        What does your B&H Order Form say?

        • pegdrgr

          Order Date:
          Order Type:
          Order Status: Backordered

          • ken

            Dont worry about it mine says the same, ordered as soon as it was available, was refreshing and one refresh not avail, next refresh avail. – one thing to note though what is your part #…i think i got in so early they didnt have time to even assign it a part number yet….

            Nikon D-800 DIGITAL SLR BODY ONLY – NID800

            NID800 was the part number for my order, but now it has a proper stock part number..so i think we are good :)

  • Kang

    My D800 order shows delivery estimate of March 21st with 1-day shipping. Ordered within seconds of page going live. Now for some new lenses…

  • Pete

    Many D800 promotional pictures issued by Nikon appear to show it with the 24-120/4 mounted. Does that mean one can expect this lens to work well with the sensor?

    • Isnogud

      The 24-120/4.0 is a piece that I would not mount to my D800!

  • Nemmka

    Nuts,sell your kids do not wait

  • fortuna of tuna

    there are several reviewers who say the D800 officially goes on sale in north america on or about march 12th. so you might get your D800s a few days earlier than the 20th/21st depending on your shipping speed and place in line.

    the initial estimate (1/2/2013) was completely wrong, so why couldn’t the second estimate (2/20/2012) also be less-than-exactly-accurate? i wouldn’t be surprised.


  • http://www.derikgutowski.com Derik Gutowski

    Yea yea yea, all this full frame attention, when are we getting a D300s Replacement?

    • Isnogud

      Pah, who needs a D300s successor if he can have a D800 for only a little more…

  • Thomas

    No e-mail from Amazon Germany yet about the D800 :(

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