Amazon estimates the Nikon D800 delivery date for January 2013 *UPDATED*

Amazon sent out an email to everyone who has a Nikon D800/E pre-order with an estimated arrival dates of January 2013. This is obviously an error in their system, probably caused by the large number of pre-orders in a short period of time. I expect the Nikon D800 to start shipping in the second half of March and the D800E in the first half of April 2012.

Update: B&H lists the D800 shipment date as March 22nd, 2012:

This is the full email sent from Amazon:


We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on February 06, 2012 (Order# ***):
"Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)"
Estimated arrival date: January 04, 2013 - January 08, 2013

We hope to see you again soon!

Customer Service Department

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  • neekone

    I got the email. Oof! At first I thought my card had been charged, and I wasn’t ready for that. Haha, then I saw 2013, and I bout bought a Canon.

  • Ha! i also got the email. I knew it had to be a “glitch” in their system somewhere.
    thank goodness…

  • EMaDeLoC

    Almost a heart attack…

  • FF

    My amazon order says delivery estimate March 22, 2012

    • Chandra

      FF – When did you pre-order? Mine still stays Jan 3, 2013

      • FF

        Feb 6….sometime between 9 and 9:30 PST. I don’t have the email handy.

  • JG

    mine still says 2013… bizarre.

  • Ray

    My order page showed the same thing. Called them and they said it was an error. My open orders page now states that it will be delivered on Mar. 22nd (estimated).

  • CKboiUSA

    Wow! I hope there wont be more delay for Nikon D4 release in March 15,2012.

  • Chandra

    They told me that it was an error too. But, my open orders page still shows Jan 2013.

  • Ralph

    Amazon should stick to selling books.

  • Nikhil

    changed my shipping method and amazon now says

    mar 21st for me

    for both my d800 and d800e

    • Chandra

      Did you change it online or over the phone? I changed mine to overnight and it moved it by a day from Jan 3rd to Jan 2nd…GRRRRRRR

      • Anh

        Online, it showed up instantly to Mar 21-23rd 2012.

        • Chandra

          Thanks for your reply. When did you pre-order? It just doesn’t want to change from January for me.

  • Cedric The Cat

    Changed the shipping method (online, “change shipping speed” button) to “two days” (from “free 5-7”), delivery estimate is now March 22, 2012 (from January 2013).
    This does sound like a glitch. Or shenanigans…

    • Tracht

      Is the delay is due to extra slow free shipping?

  • mikeydeezey

    Well, I’ve gotten the same Jan ’13 ship date. I emailed them twice today and just got this response…


    I’m sorry for the problem with this order.

    I have checked and can confirm that unfortunately your new estimated delivery date for this order is between January 8, 2013 – January 11, 2013.

    I understand that you have placed this order as soon as the item came online, however there were thousands of orders placed at the same time.

    As per the information I found we haven’t received any inventory for this item and would be only receiving it later at the end of this year from the Manufacturer.

    However, as soon as we receive the inventory, we will ship this item to you.”

    Not sure how this will play out, but come on. I should have placed a few pre-orders. Now I’ll be on the long side of the list at B&H.

  • elton

    As per the information I found we haven’t received any inventory for this item and would be only receiving it later at the end of this year from the Manufacturer.

    Clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Jack

    Nikon USA states:

    We do not anticipate there being any delays in the delivery of the D800. NPS membership always offers members earlier shipment of cameras when they are released. This does not affect the delivery date for dealers.

  • Tom

    I wrote them Amazon an email and got this response:


    I’ve checked the availability of “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)” and found that it is listed as “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” I can confirm your order is on time for delivery by the estimated delivery date in Your Account, January 4, 2013 – January 8, 2013 . We’ll send you an e-mail to let you know when the order’s shipped.

    I want to make sure your order gets to you faster once we have stock. To help make up for the delay, I’ve upgraded the shipping method to One-Day shipping at no extra charge. The new estimate for delivery is March 21, 2012.

    Please note: This item is in high demand and supplies from the manufacturer are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and if the item is not currently in stock, we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional quantities in a timely manner. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.

    I didn’t get the $20 Amazon credit 🙁

  • Yagion

    If you go to YOUR ODERS page, change your SHIPPING SPEED to either 3-5 days or 2 days, your Deliver Estimate will change to March 23, 2012 – March 27, 2012

    • David

      Bummer…that did not work for me…now showing January 2nd. I place my order at 4:30 AM eastern time on February 7th.

      • Yagion

        It worked for me and some other folks here.
        We should all threaten Amazon that we would cancel our orders if they won’t straighten this out

    • Changing the shipping speed on my Order Detail screen worked for me too. I should have done that anyways. I just signed up for Prime, and so 1-day shipping has become $3.99.

      March 21, 2012 is the new date. Yes!

      Thanks for the tip!

  • jeffspot

    Went and updated my shipping preference to 1 day, and got the updated delivery date of March 21st:


  • juicebox81

    W00T! Got it changed to March 21st by swapping shipping methods from 1 day to 2 day back to 1 day.

    Even though I knew it was a glitch… it is a lot more satisfying thinking that its coming in Mar than an unknown date!

  • Tom

    Just checked my account and it says March 21st. I hope this is the actual date and not just another Amazon “placeholder” date.

  • Ro

    Sure enough…I’d gone with the free Super Saver as I live about 10 miles from the Amazon fulfillment center in the Phoenix area and stuff from there usually ends up being overnight (though no guarantees that this would come from that facility).
    Changed it last night to Overnight and got bumped to a December 31, 2012 date.

    Just changed it to 2 day and am now showing March 22.

    Now…do they send out an alert when th charge will be hitting so I can make sure to transfer into this account?

  • broxibear

    Nikon D800 – Live Overview Demo – Broadcast Video Exhibition UK…

    • Doug


  • Jonathan

    Fixed on mine too. Reset shipping to free 2 day shipping for being a prime member. March 22nd.

  • Timmy

    Okay so I did the change shipping method and now it says my D800E will be shipped March 21st. I thought the D800E wasn’t going to be available until Early-Mid April??? Don’t tell me this is another placeholder bullcrap.

  • Chandra

    I seem to be one of those who can’t get it to change to a March date at all. I have tried changing shipping speed multiple times, but it just moves up and down by a day in January 2013.

    • David

      Did not work for me either. I ordered mine early morning on February 7th.

      • Chandra

        I ordered mine at 9:36 PM PST on Feb 6th and it just wouldn’t change from the January date no matter what I try with the shipping speed

        • David

          I tried again this morning and the date finally switched. Hooray!

          • Chandra

            For me too. I found out from someone that worked at Amazon that there was a data glitch that they had to fix and the shipping option change validates that updates if there is a change. I was also asked to wait overnight and try this morning and it worked for me.

  • none

    Admin, why would you waste time with a post like this when you _know_ it has got to be an error???

    • none sucks

      people who preordered are exchanging information on how to remedy the situation. Since you’re too poor to afford a D800, gtfo

  • I wish I had some extra cash kicking around to get on the list for this.

  • collinsr50

    I simply went into my Orders on Amazon and confirmed my shipping option, and it reset the shipping date to March 22, 2012, on both the D800 and the D800e that I had ordered. It set both of them to the same shipping date of March 22, 2012.

  • Thanks collinsr, I did the same thing and sure enough, it changed to March22.


  • Doug

    Lol Expeed 3 is Dual Core

  • Jason

    Out of curiosity, when you place a pre-order they do an authorization on your card… does that auth fall off at the usual time (depending on card type, bank, etc), or does it stay on there until the item ships at which time the auth would turn into the real charge?

    And, is the auth for the actual price of the item, or is it something lower?

  • Also went and changed mine to the free (Prime member) 2 day shipping. Now showing March 22nd for delivery. Here’s hoping that one sticks.

  • photo-Jack

    Lets do a rough math
    given there are 50 countries with the capability to pay for a demand
    say, there are 5 press agencies (average) in each country equipping 10 staff members with the cam = 2500
    + 5000 pros (average) in each country = 250,000
    + 10,000 semi pros / wealthy amateurs (average) in each country = 500,000
    sums up to 752,500 D800 which equals the production capacity of 2 years and a month

    Well, this figures are good for Nikon but horrible for those who wait. However it doesn’t explain, why also the first orders should be delayed by 1 year.
    Is there another flood or tsunami we don’t know of yet? Or did Canon buy off all the wafers for the sensor production in order to get their cams making the race?

  • Anthony

    Does anyone here have an idea how many units retailers like B+H and Adorama may receive (in their initial shipment)? I placed my pre-order for a D800 through B+H early Tuesday morning (February 7th). I really hope that the D800 doesn’t run into production delays, and I can manage to snag one early. I have two large jobs scheduled for mid-April that the D800 would be a great help on. I’ve been holding out on upgrading to full-frame from a D200 for what seems like an eternity. The wait is killing me!

  • Dormant

    B&H now have an expected date for the D800E – April 12.

  • Jeff

    Way to go Amazon, what a bunch of amateurs.

  • Max

    My amazon order for the D800 now also says estimated delivery on March 22, 2012. Woohoo!

  • So, we have the replacement for the D3s (D4) and the replacement for the D700 (D800) so is Nikon going to stop at just 2 full frame models for this generation?

    How about a 24 Mpix full frame to replace the D3x with features and performance directly between the D800 and D4

    Admin, any insight to a third full frame model to come to round out the full frame line up???

  • BartyL

    Ted’s Cameras (Australia) have finally listed both D800 & D800E, “availability late March 2012”.

    Ted’s Prices
    D800 – $3800
    D800E – $4000
    D4 – $8000

    D800 – $3495
    D800E – $3785
    D4 – $7000

    (slight rounding on some numbers, both Authorised Nikon Resellers)

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Interesting the prices are so much higher than the US despite the Australian dollar being very similar to the USD at the moment. Must be the GST.

      • BartyL

        Combination of import duties and GST. CameraPro prices are around what I’d expect taking those things into account. AU$ has been consistently over parity with the US$ for a couple of years, and is currently at around US$1.07, but I’m not sure how this fits in given the additional taxes.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          I dunno either. Except I can get it quite a bit cheaper here in Hong Kong (where I live) than in Australia (where I come from). In HK we don’t really have all those taxes like in Australia. Sucks for you I suppose.

          Still if you come to HK you can buy things pretty cheap. It used to be about 4HKD per 1 AUD. Now it’s about 8HKD per 1 AUD.

          • BartyL

            I actually made my first “Hong Kong” purchase via an online distributor just a couple of weeks ago. Nominally an Australian-based company, but the FedEx tracking told the story.

            Picked up an SB700 for 65% of what I’d pay at the nearest bricks’n’mortar store. GST etc don’t apply to imported items under $1000 which is ‘curious’, but good in this case.

  • WTF!

    5 Weeks and 2 Days until my baby is HERE! 🙂

  • David

    Ok I contacted amazon and got the following letter now:


    I’m sorry about the incorrect delivery date that was displayed for the order#XXX-XXXX-XXX

    I’ve forwarded this our technical department and made sure this won’t happen to the future orders. I want to make sure you receive your order right away once we receive stock, so as an exception, I’ve upgraded the shipping to Standard shipping at no additional charge.

    The New estimated delivery date is now March 23, 2012 – March 27, 2012.

    We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped with your tracking number.

    So contacting them fixed the date to the proper date now

  • CE

    updated my shipping preference and delivery estimate info now indicated as March 21, 2012!!

  • Brock Kentwell

    Talked to Amazon chat for the THIRD time. New delivery date is March 23-27, 2012. I ordered a few hours after they went on sale.

  • Thanks to @collinsr50 for the tip! I changed my shipping to 1-day shipping and now its showing the shipping date as March 21 2012. Happy!


  • Gordon

    I just changed my Amazon D800E shipping option from 2nd-day air to next-day air shipping, and my new shipping date is:
    March 21, 2012!!! :-)))

  • David

    If I change my shipping method on amazon, does it change my place in line or not?

    • not sure, I would not try it

    • Bobsmith

      For what its worth, I explicitly asked that question to customer service and was assured that changing my shipping speed would NOT lose my place in line.

      Of course, I cannot be certain the rep is correct, but I figured it was a matter of balancing which potential amazon “glitch” carried more risk (the January shipping date or the potential for losing a place in line by choosing faster shipping). I decided to update the shipping speed given that (i) they already closed pre-orders, so any “lost place” would presumably be limited to the group that ordered in the pre-order window, who hopefully should all get into the first batches anyhow and (ii) amazon has been known to accidentally cancel orders when the date is too far in the future. At least now I have a March 22 delivery date listed…

  • Boytoy

    Talked with Amazon customer service an hour ago. The rep there knew nothing more than anyone can find out by logging into their account. Amazon is really going to have to make a statement soon or they’re going to lose a lot of business. Their silence is not reassuring…

  • megawedgie

    updating/changing/reconfirming your shipping method in the “change shipping method/speed” section of your order will update the shipping estimate to march if you’re in the first wave of preorders.

    it’s still march 21st at the earliest, but that’s tons better than 2013

  • Zen-Tao

    Better not to pre-order it and save money. In 2013 January It´s likely you’ll be able to pre-order one D-900 and so forth.

  • StrokesOfDigital

    Just received an e-mail from amazon updating me on the delivery time. Looks like March 21 2012…… Didn’t have to change the shipping speed……. Looks like they corrected it…..

  • Laura

    I just received the same update for late March ship date!

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