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The latest Nikon patents

Nikon filed a patent in Japan for 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens designed for a camera with 1″ sensor (Nikon 1)/ The FX equivalent of this lens will be 190-810mm. The lens design consists of 20 elements in 13 groups including 6 ED elements. Another patent describes a new type of adapter what will add image stabilization (VR) […]

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Nikon patents for illuminated F-mount, duplicated electronic mount contacts and hybrid viewfinder

Nikon filed patent application 2013-57757 that will make changing camera lenses in the dark easier by illuminating the mount/lens. The implemented LED light source in the camera will transmit light to the mount and lens via an optical path located above the optical elements.

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Nikon’s patent for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF)

The latest Nikon patent from Japan is for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF) – something similar was filed few years ago. The patent describes an OVF/EVF switch as well as the ability to display zoomed-in or zoomed-out live view from the scene in the OVF:

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The latest Nikon patents

Time for another update on the latest patent application filed by Nikon: Patent application 20110273577 is for artificial blur enhancement – in other words simulating bokeh without using a fast lens: The blur detecting section detects degree of blur of an image of the second region of the image of the photographic image data. The blur enhancement section performs […]

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Nikon files patents for hybrid viewfinder

Few weeks ago I reported on a Nikon patent about a light meter built into the prism. Nikon has filed a series of related patents. One of them is 7876373 which describes a camera with a hybrid viewfinder: “One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a means capable of confirming the state of field and the […]

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Nikon patents update (half-mirror, flash with built-in bounce system)

Time for another Nikon patents update. The first patent 2011-28177 is for a Nikon’s own “half mirror” with a mirror-up function: This technology is similar to Sony’s translucent mirror. Here is a quick comparison between both technologies:

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