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Nikon Mirrorless EVIL camera

New Nikon camera registered in Indonesia

A new Nikon camera was registered today at the Indonesian Communications Agency (the camera will be produced in Thailand). My guess is that this is for a new Nikon 1 mirrorless camera (Nikon 1 J6 probably) that will be announced in early 2017. Update: the N1610 will most likely be a DSLR camera since it will be […]

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Dpreview interview with Nikon: “we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”

Today Dpreview published their interview with Nikon at Photokina and as the editor mentioned in the comments, Nikon’s answer on the future of the DSLR (and few other questions) appears to be “we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”. Here are few other quotes that just confirm this statement:

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What to expect next from Nikon?

Most of the rumored Nikon products I reported in the past few months are already officially announced. Here is what’s left:

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More new Nikon lens patents designed for 1″ sensor

  Nikon has two more patents designed for a camera with 1″ sensor: 1-10mm f/2.8-4 VR (28-280mm equivalent) 9-110mm f/2.8-5.6 VR (24-300mm equivalent) After Nikon confirmed on several occasions that their Nikon 1 mirrorless line is not dead (reported first  by dpreview), it is safe to assume that a new Nikon 1 J6 mirrorless camera with 4k video […]

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Nikon 1 is still alive, larger sensor mirrorless solution is being considered

In addition to what I already reported in my post yesterday, there are now two more interviews published online where Nikon clearly say that their Nikon 1 product line is still alive and a large sensor mirrorless solution is being considered:

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Nikon at Photokina 2016: J5 doing great, remote-controlled robot cameras, DL models missing

      Some interesting coverage of Nikon @ Photokina 2016:

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