Major German photo website issues an “online obituary” for the Nikon 1 mirrorless system

Even without an official statement from Nikon, the German website announced the death of the Nikon 1 system in an "online obituary":

We always check which cameras are still available and which are obviously "End of Life" as it is called "EoL". This time it hit the Nikon 1 AW1 and the Nikon 1 V3. Also from 1 J5, only the existing stock is sold. What appears to be a longer time is now obvious: The Nikon 1 system is running out. There is no official cancellation for the Nikon-1 system from Nikon so far. This would not be customary either. It is rare that cameras or camera systems are officially discontinued by manufacturers. (Google transaltion)

A quick check with the official list of discontinued cameras shows us that the Nikon 1 J1, J2, J3, J4, S1, S2, V1, V2 and V3 mirrorless cameras are all listed as discontinued. The only models not officially discontinued are the J5 and AW1 - those are also the only two models currently listed in stock at B&H (the V3 is a "special order").

Nikon recently confirmed that they are working on a new mirrorless camera (this this and this post), but it is still not clear if they will continue with the CX mount.

Update: Nikon's official statement was not a surprise "Nikon continues to produce and sell the Nikon 1 line. We cannot comment on future product or speculation."

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  • ZoetMB

    B&H still has everything they had a few months ago and prices have not yet been lowered. In fact, some prices were lower in the past. They’ve got the J5 with 10-30 ($497), 10-30 and 30-110 ($747) and with 10-100 ($1047). They’ve got the V3 with 10-30, grip and EVF ($1197), but it has to be special ordered. And they’ve got the AW1 with 11-27 ($797) and with the 11-27mm and 10mm f2.8 ($997). The S2 ,J4, J3 and all the earlier models are long gone.

    There’s lots of ways to analyze this, but one is that if they still have stock, these cameras don’t sell very well. I always felt it was a mistake to make these with such a small sensor at relatively high prices. Certainly a larger sensor would have reduced the zoom range, but it also would have provided greater differentiation from smartphone cameras.

    • Captain Megaton

      But less differentiation with competing MFT models.

      Regardless though, the J5 double lens kit sells for just over $400 US in Japan today. That’s the true competing price of the system in a market where they are still a going concern. It hasn’t sold above $600 here since release.

      $747 for the DLK is “for idiots only” price, much like the V3 pricing was outside of Japan. Nikon clearly has no interest in moving non-Japanese stock of N1 products, content to make N1 domestic only in all but name.

  • A-Sign

    Without knowing what the new mirrorless strategy at Nikon will look like it is still uncertain to me how much success the company will have for the future.

    • Captain Megaton

      That thunder you think you hear is just Sony’s indigestion.

      It made a bunch of expensive computer-cameras that fanboys love but ordinary people don’t buy and their market share is tanking as a result.

      • A-Sign

        The problem with the perception of consumers here is that they don’t see such innovations from Canon or Nikon. They only see slow minimal incremental improvements on each iteration of a new body. For example i would welcome IBIS, Pixel-Shift, Focus Peaking. Quad-Pixel AF in LiveView on a Nikon DSLR, too. Or consumers wish to have a very small mirrorless camera (like Olympus or FUJI) using APS-C or Full Frame sensors. It’s about choice but Nikon was afraid to cannibalize the DSLR sales. It’s not that way – consumers want to have both.

  • I find it frustrating that when they finally got the sensor they needed with the Sony bsi unit in the J5, the damage was done.

  • Captain Megaton

    As the OMD-EM10ii and GX7ii are only just a little more expensive than the J5 its easy to see why both of those models sell much better.

    I think we can safely call time on the N1 experiment.

  • Justanotheropinion

    It’s a shame to see a system with some solid features on the outs (speaking as a former Samsung NX500 owner), but the group of people willing to swap lenses AND work with a 1″ sensor just isn’t big enough. The general camera market correction isn’t really helping things either. Hopefully Nikon’s next system has got the mass market appeal AND solid features to get traction in the market. Of course, most of it will boil down to Nikon’s ability to market the new system more effectively than they have in the past.

  • whisky

    note to nikon: standardize on your battery sizes, and your next mirrorless system might see greater success. it was insane to offer a different battery size for almost every camera in the N1 system. we told you, but you didn’t care. 🙁

  • edmitc

    The V3 was discontinued in April. This is old news. The J5 and AW1 are still for sale at the vendors I checked.

    A German publisher seized upon an old news item to declare the Nikon 1 dead but has no confirmation of that assertion. Several web sites jumped in saying its confirmed since a German publisher said so….right.

    Multiple Nikon executives, since last fall, have said the Nikon 1 line is not dead. Nikon told DPReview, in response to the German report that “Nikon continues to produce and sell the Nikon 1 line.” Nikon filed patents for some new Nikon 1 lenses earlier this year.

    That said, Nikon had terrible financial results and announced a reorganization as a result. Potentially anything is possible including the Nikon 1 is dead or not dead. But the German publisher has not confirmed anything at all but regurgitated old news into yet another “The Nikon 1” is dead story.

  • I received this email from a reader:

    I work for *** and I too was a bit curious about the Nikon 1 status, so I checked our info concerning the spare parts availability. The most recent version of this file is dated May 2017, and surprise, surprise, practically every Nikon 1 body and lens already has a spare parts termination date (2022/23 or thereabouts for most items). Yes, even the fabulous 32mm f1.2! Exceptions: the J5 body and 10mm f2.8 lens, in black if I remember correctly.

    What does this mean? Well, you can be sure all those items are discontinued! Current items never show a termination date in this list.

  • animalsbybarry

    Nikon sent this statement to DP Review

    “Update: Nikon has responded to our request for comment, saying “Nikon continues to produce and sell the Nikon 1 line. We cannot comment on future product or speculation.””

  • Paulino Perez

    Ya mi celuar zte max 2 da mejores video y mejor imagen que la nikon 1 ,2,3 y otras

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