Nikon 1 AW1 with lens for $409, Nikkor 14-24mm for $1,497, KeyMission for $189 and other refurbished Nikon deals

BuyDig has a Nikon Refurb Week event with some good offers on refurbished Nikon gear:

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  • bobgrant


  • Fly Moon

    It seems nobody is buying KeyMission cameras!!

    • br0xibear

      Or Go Pros…
      “GoPro exits drones and cuts staff by a fifth as sales fall”
      Seems like the action cam fad is over.

      • Stuart Crowther

        Or my D750, 399 views, 23 watchers, guess everyone blew there wad at Xmas.

        • Balazs Bezeczky

          I might be interested in that. Where are you based?

      • SteveWithAnS

        Action cams still have a place, but phones shoot video that is probably higher in quality and use a more useful angle of view than the ultrawide gopro settings. I have a gopro hero5 and IMHO the photo quality is absolutely disgusting compared to the S8 or my previous phone the S5. Who knows what hero 6 photo quality looks like…

        I see a lot of tourists in Chicago shooting video on their phones using gimbal stabilizers. Gopro video looks better from a gimbal too, but everyone already has a phone. Phones are a lot more water resistant than they used to be too.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Agree on that and feature rich, plus you don’t need to spend an arm and leg on mobiles now. Can pick up a refurb Moto G5 32mb for £150 / $150 which does most things on the can. I am quite surprise how good the photo quality on the mobiles have progressed now – excellent in good lighting bit poor in less than good lighting thou.

      • Nikkor300f4VR

        Whaaat? The GoPro “record-your-life” Hero lifestyle will be outdated now?! Noowaay.. Nothing to record?

  • Jim Huang

    I hope we have camera deals like this in New Zealand. XP

    • Time to take a trip to the US 🙂

      • Jim Huang

        But funny enough, US prices are normally higher than NZ. Take D610 at B&H for example, it is 1500 USD and here in NZ is about 1300 USD. Even cheaper if it is a parallel imported item (1200 USD).

        However, we don’t get crazy deals like free battery grip, free lenses…etc. We mostly get something like 5-10% off + $30 cash back. Not very exciting when you try to buy something that costs 2K USD.

    • David Peterson

      Jim, I am a kiwi too like you. I order from B&H all the time, but then use NZ Post’s reshipper YouShop to get gear to NZ! 😉 I have three parcels from YouShop coming over that way right now.

      • Jim Huang

        Hey Dave, where abouts are you? I’m in Chch 🙂

        We used YouShop quite regularly as well, but there is always an issue about GST. There was a D750 deal on B&H a few months ago that gives you a tons of stuff + battery grip, which was really tempting.

        However, when I called B&H and amazon about exports to overseas(send the item to NZ), they say they will always notified youshop (or services alike) the correct value of the item. It pretty much means it’s not a good idea anymore once you added GST+other fees, plus you’ve got the issue with warranty.

  • Yes, they did. Of course they can continue to produce them in another place if they decide to (I don’t think it will happen).

  • David Peterson

    Yup, action camera market is having the floor drop out of it!

    No wonder the GoPro company is nearly going broke.

  • El Aura

    Given how good Nikon was in judging the market (both in overall volumes and what consumers actually want) and how unappealing the Nikon 1 system has become, I’d actually be surprised if Nikon were not sitting on a good deal of surplus gear.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      True probably sell the Nikon 1 stuff at hugh loss / write off to the company – shame as Nikon 1 is a good system and the Nikon 1 AW seems like a handy camera with waterproof and shockproof, etc. One mistake at time of launching Nikon 1 was not being brave with strategy company wide – Bring out a coolpix Mirrorless range – check Nikon 1, Nikon DL ( mark 1) – RX10 / RX100 equivalents, Slim down Nikon Coolpix line to 4 or less best selling models, e.g., P900, etc, introduce Snapbridge, Nikon 2 Mirrorless equivalent to Canon EF-M, Nikon Keymission

      For Nikon 2 start with an entry level MX model (D3xxx) starting with DX and then upcycling / widening the range as system grows, For rest either improve the range, e.g., Nikon DL 24-85 MK 2 or if it is a failure, e.g., Keymission, etc amend or scrap the range.

      There’s a few more mistakes that Nikon have made but can’t be ^&&^&^&^ to go into them

  • bgbs

    Why isn’t Nikon 1 so expensive still?

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Good Q, punters are selling these on Ebay but they’re don’t seem to be shifting. Although the only good model on the market Nikon 1 AW is possibly worth hovering up especially if you want a light camera setup that you want to take hiking, in cold environments and underwater – provided that you use water seeled lens / houses, etc.

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