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Nikon D600 camera prices continue to fall

The prices of the Nikon D600 camera continue to fall (the quoted prices are valid only through those links and are not available directly on Adorama’s website): New Nikon D600 body only: $1,679.00 New Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens: $1,899.00 Nikon D600 with 24-85mm & 70-300mm lenses, Nikon bag, 32GB memory card, WU-1b wireless mobile adapter […]

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Nikon D600 sensor dust/oil survey results

With over 13,000 response, those are the results of the Nikon D600 sensor dust/oil survey I posted last week:

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Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens kit for $1,599.99

The price of refurbished Nikon D600 + 24-85mm lens kit dropped again to $1,599.99 on eBay (free shipping via Roberts Camera, limited quantity available). A new Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens alone costs $600. Adorama is selling the refurbished D600 body for $1,589 and the kit for $1,859. New D600 camera body currently sells for around $1,800 on Amazon.

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Nikon D600 sensor dust/oil survey

With the latest rumors for a new D610 camera, there have been many discussions on this blog regarding the Nikon D600 dust/oil issue. I promised to do a quick survey that will give us some basic statistics on how wide spread the problem is (thanks to Thom Hogan for suggesting the survey questions). I will publish […]

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First Nikon D600 price drop ($100)

Update: Amazon has now also reduced the price of the Nikon D600 camera. Adorama currently offers several free accessories with the purchase of a Nikon D600 body: If you remove those accessories from your cart and enter coupon code S123456789 during checkout, you will get $100 off the total price (this is on top of […]

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Refurbished Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens deal for $1,599.99 is back *UPDATED*

Several readers asked me about the refurbished D600 kit deal that sold out in few hours last week. The deal is back: eBay (via Adorama) is currently offering again the refurbished Nikon D600 kit with the Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G lens for $1,599.99 with free shipping. Update: the D600 kit is now sold out. Here is another eBay […]

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