Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens kit for $1,599.99

The price of refurbished Nikon D600 + 24-85mm lens kit dropped again to $1,599.99 on eBay (free shipping via Roberts Camera, limited quantity available). A new Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens alone costs $600.

Adorama is selling the refurbished D600 body for $1,589 and the kit for $1,859.

New D600 camera body currently sells for around $1,800 on Amazon.

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  • Spy Black

    Can’t shake that damned 24-85mm…

    • Aldo

      just feed it to the wolves…

    • robert

      I might keep it as a backup to my 28-70 AFS lens.
      first I want to see the price come down a bit.

      • AM

        I keep it always in my bag as a backup.
        If somebody doesn’t like it, they can always donate it to their local community college, technical institute, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or whatever, and write it off their taxes at full retail price.

  • Spy Black

    Typo’s up there…

  • Steven Hyatt

    How low do you think the D600 can realistically go?

    • robert

      I dont know but i have a feeling that adorama will better roberts by $100. Im waiting. Dont like roberts soooo much. They got a big push by nikonians. This is just early deals but as we get closer to the announce date we will see deals a bit better than currently. I would wait.

    • Jonathan Lin

      I’m waiting for it to get down to 1200-1300 for the kit. Then I’ll pull the trigger.

      • robert

        dont think it will go that low. for a refurbed w/lens..? no, they will sell out at $1400-1500. im hoping im wrong

        • Jonathan Lin

          Yea, we’ll see. D600 have such a bad rep now.. Is the oil problem that wide spread and large of an issue. Even I’m changing my mind and just going for the 1999 d800 refurb.

          • robert

            Bad rep or not people will buy when the price will come down. as it is, its a great deal but are waiting to scoop them up before the d610. So if it drops to 1450-1500 u better be quick with the mouse button. Like i said above im getting a 3 year diamond warranty so its still a great deal.

            Jonathan everyone has a price. If i told u $1000 w/lens but it has the oil/dust issue, u would buy it!
            Everyone has a price. Some are stubborn and say if its not free im not buying but theres tons of others who will buy for 1500, including me. And then youl be stuck buying a nonrefurbed for $1600 with no lens.

            Me? Im set. Im realistic and just waiting a little more. $100 more less wont be a big deal. At $1600 its a great deal. But 1500? Shit! Im raping nikon

            But if u snooze youll lose 😉

        • Thom Hogan

          Agree. If Nikon has a 30% GPM, the implied cost to them is something like US$1500, and that’s BEFORE any cost to refurbish or any discount they offer Roberts. And I don’t think Nikon has a 30% GPM on this product on what they get from subsidiaries. This appears to be a “lose money” deal for Nikon.

          But to answer the Steven Hyatt and Jonathan Lin, the current price of the D7100 with the 18-105mm kit lens is US$1450. So the problem for Nikon would be that if they put refurbished D600 kits below that they probably wouldn’t sell many D7100s. Remember, the D7100 and D600 are essentially the same camera except for AF and image sensor. Also, there’s the issue of pissing off other dealers, too, which Nikon is getting dangerously close to. If you’re a dealer that has D7100’s in stock and someone else is selling D600’s at a lower price, don’t you think you’d be a little mad? ;~)

  • Rick Johnson

    What are the chances they’ve “resolved” the black spotting in the refurbished model? With a 6 month warranty, that may not give some users enough time to find out before having to pay to get the sensor cleaned.

  • ys

    I bought a refurbished D600 from Adorama a few months ago. Now at 6000 frames later, I see no spot problem with my copy. YMMV

    • Eric Calabos

      Good to hear, but your experience has zero effect on Internet madness about that issue

    • SinnerPHOTOGUY

      After talking with Nikon about this issue, it seems that the first two or three batches(20,000 per batch) had the problem and any batches since the major problem was fixed prior to going to the stores again.

      I’m sure glad the the rest of the guinea pigs ironed out all of the problems so I didn’t have to!

      • saywhatuwill

        I had mentioned on the piranha camera forum that I would never be the first to buy a brand new camera until after a few months when the manufacturer used their “specifications to change without notice.” I was fed to the wolves. What happened? The D800 had a few problems not long after it came out and the D600 also. I might pick up a D800 now, especially knowing everything was ironed out. Pays to wait.

  • Marc

    Is it really a “Deal” since the issue continues to be unresolved?

    • It is a deal based on the current D600 prices.

      • ImperiousImages

        Do we have any info that would allow a buyer to be “confident” in the assumption that new refurbished body’s have been fixed like Robert suggest?

        • No, unless Nikon releases the serial numbers of cameras with defective shutter.

    • robert

      Havent read a comment by any person who bought the recent refurbed sale by adorama have an issue…
      I think the issue has been resolved. But thats just my opinion. I feel confident enough to buy. But i want another $100-150 price drop…

      • Global

        But you have no idea “when” these ones were refurbished or what the solution was in this version of the refurbishing. Several refurbs have reported continued oil issues.

        • robert

          maybe..but I have yet to read a comment by a person buying from the 2 different adorama sale (at $1600 w/lens) that said he had oil spots. its not that there might be, its just that I havent read a comment yet. maybe yes, maybe no.

          still, bottom line for me, I feel confident in buying a refurbed..(At the right price of course)

          but I plan on buying the mack diamond warranty where basically I can throw it off a building and they will fix/replace it so I dont care. basically buying it as I the shutter will need replacement down the line. this is going to be for weddings.

          • Joe

            I bought the refurb from Adorama during the last sale (at $1600 w/lens). The camera arrived with 46 activations and a couple of spots. After 1000 activations, I had to clean the sensor due to the numerous spots. I had to repeat cleaning after another 1000 activations. At the 4000 activation mark, I sent the camera to Nikon for repair because the spot issue continued.

            • robert

              you are the first I have seen. sorry for u. otoh I dont believe everything I read. after all, it is the internet. anyone can be anyone.

              I am confident to buy a d600. im waiting for another $100 price drop. dont like robertas so waiting for adorama to offer.

            • Joe

              Robert: Links to three test images showing the spots after 1174, 2472, and 4307 activations can be found at the following links:

              I bought the D600 from Adorama in August knowing that there was a chance the refurb I received might have the spot issue. The camera I received has the problem, so my gamble didn’t pay off as cleanly as I had hoped. I could have sent it back to Adorama for a full refund or to Nikon for service. I decided to send it to Nikon because I viewed the purchase as a bargain, and to me sending the camera to Nikon is only a minor annoyance. Adorama should be applauded for being so up front about the nature of these refurbs on this forum.

            • Joe
    • bob2

      It was resolved. Nikon had a batch of bad shutters and corrected the problem during production.

      As reported by others, Nikon was replacing shutter assemblies on Nikon D600 cameras that were coming in for the oily shutter problem/cleaning. ALL manufacturers have some problems–in all industries and fields.

      AFAIC, this has now become troll bait material for those with an axe to grind. Move on–go to the Leica fora and whine because Leica just confirmed a flare issue with their $7,000 50mm “normal” lens–and will repair it free of charge. Let the whining and moaning begin!!!!

  • Conguero

    This whole D600 thing must be a true nightmare for Nikon in every regard. I can’t imagine that it did fulfill the revenue Nikon was expecting as they launched it or even came close to it. Even much worse is the bad publicity and potential loss of angry customers who choose to change brand only because of the D600 (I’d love to see a poll about that 😉 ).

    And now every single new thing Nikon will introduce in the next year or so, and let it be a damn filter, is going to be analyzed with a microscope by the reviewers :-D. So better they do the D610 launch right because another fiasco like this and Google will soon buy Nikon just for the fun of it 🙂

    • Andrew

      …but the other companies have their problems. Nikon has been great for their many other camera releases. I am now confident that the quality control department at Nikon is going to be under the microscope from senior management. So for me, Nikon is still the #1 camera brand.

      • One More Thought

        Other companies did not have the QC problem that Nikon did with the D600. Canon didn’t have it with their 6D or any other camera.

        I love Nikon…but sadly I do think they suffered a lot due to the oil/dust issue. They created what should have been a home run of a hit with the D600. I’m sure they obvlously sold some units, but not like it could have been. Without the shutter issue, the D600 would have been a runaway hit.

        Nikon will have to recover from this…but they surely can…they just need to make sure the D610 has amazing QC…plus it would help if it had a few other headline features…like EXPEED 4, 51 pt AF, etc.

        • Groosome

          This could be another opportunity to include working aperture adjustment in Live View… I hope they take it!

          P.S. this deal is over. I was tempted but still too much of a price diff between DX and FX :/

      • Conguero

        Just like you I was also confident that Nikon would never repeat the D800 QC problems with the D600 as I bought one of the first D600s after being tired of waiting for Nikon to issue clear statements about the D800 AF issue (which I initially wanted to buy).

        Now I suspect that maybe it was the senior management who caused the QC problems in the first place by cutting the QC department budget to save money after the tsunami tragedy :-(.
        If this was the case, then this was a very bad decision IMHO because the QC department is the last place where you want to save money when you have such a big name, heritage and reputation in the photography and optics world.

        • Conguero

          oh and talking about other companies. Yes, they have problems too. But look for example at how Fuji managed the situation as they introduced the first X100 and XPro1 with a firmware that was basically in alpha-stadium. The issue was even bigger than the D600/D800 QC issues, mainly because it affected (among a lot of other things) the AF and MF functionality, making taking every single picture a pain for the photographer, doesn’t matter how he/she focuses. But through open, honest and clear communication with their customers (and of course by delivering exactly the product the target customers wanted in the first place) and by working hard to resolve the issues and even add requested features, the whole matter turned into the positive side for Fuji because they made their customers happy and their customers made a huge positive publicity for the X-system, which in return did attract even more customers to the system regardless of its shortcomings.

          Leica is also doing great with the M-system IMHO. They are trying to survive without jeopardizing their quality or making current and long time customers angry. Look at the new M240. They made radical changes to the camera by changing the sensor type to CMOS and introducing LV and movie. But designed the user visible interface that even purists can easily ignore the new features and just use the new M as they used to use previous ones. In the same time the new features opens up and extends the possibilities of the system, attracting new type of users. And as you would expect, Leica’s QC and customer care and communication are just great:

          So yes. Nikon is a great company and have produced great products. But, while trying to survive the current crisis, they must take care of not to mess with their own customer base. Although I didn’t expect a Leica-style reaction to the D600 issue from Nikon, I felt that the least thing they should have done is to clarify the matter through clear communication, instead of calling their D600 customers too stupid to differentiate between normal and excessive dust/oil/whatever on sensor:

  • yosemite

    I just got the one from Adorama. Unfortunately Adorama are closed once again for a holiday so I can’t call them to talk about the price. Might have to just get the Roberts deal and ship the Adorama one back. What a waste of resources.

    • Global

      Email them — somebody usually responds at Adorama. Not always, but often.

      • yosemite

        Thanks for the suggestion. I just wrote them! I’m still well within my 30 day return window, so am optimistic they’ll be reasonable about it.

      • yosemite

        No response yet. They do take their holidays seriously!

        • Adorama and B&H are closed till Sunday – they will not respond to your email.

        • bob2

          They usually extend their returns/adjustments for the period of time they were closed. And yes, they are very serious about their holidays–if your Maker orders you to do something, you better do it or bear the consequences.

  • Eric Bowles

    This is a great deal.

    I agree with the comments that Nikon must be frustrated and disappointed with the performance of what should have been a great camera. The oil/dust issue became a lot worse because of very poor service and response. Still – the issue seems resolved and was not an issue on every camera. My D600 was an early one and its just fine.

    Pricing seems to be following the path of the V1. They are blowing out the old units and refurbs at discounted prices. That likely means the D610 will be in the $2000+ price range. That makes the D600 refurbs a great deal. If you recall, the V1 hit a really low price, then bounced back up when the refurbished models were in short supply.

    I do hope Nikon delivers the next few bodies with no hiccups. I also expect that manufacturing and service processes have been changed to better prevent and manage this type of issue. I think Nikon Service needs to truly go above and beyond. I’d raise the price slightly and offer free shipping on all warranty repairs of gear costing $1000 or more. If you are willing to pay $1000 for a camera or lens, and willing to give it up for 2-3 weeks for repair, they can cover the shipping cost.

    • Cyrille Berger

      If Nikon feels frustrated, they only have themselves to blame. Their (lack of) communication on the subject has been disastrous. They should have acknowledge the problem, recalled the defective batches, and announce they fixed it. And all of that, nine months ago. If they had done that, they would have had no problem to sell D600. They only have themselves to blame on the commercial disaster surrounding this otherwise wonderfull camera.

      • Eric Bowles

        I agree – it was completely avoidable in many different ways. A new component, slow response to recognize the issue, denial, poor service, slow service, etc. Price is not the issue – raise price $25 if needed and delay the product a month. Provide free shipping. Admit the issue and timeframe/serial numbers. Announce the fix. A great response would have made it a non-issue.

        • Andrew

          I agree with everything you said except poor service. They initially did not have a solution except to wipe the sensors. But when the solution became available and their service facilities were equipped, they advised customers to bring their cameras in to be fixed.

      • robert

        you are absolutely right.
        if nikon came out with a proper apology then that would give people confidence and better brand loyalty.

        they should have came out and lowered their head (im not talking about a bow) and said “we fucked up and were embarrassed, but you know we are better, and can be better. we will fix this and be better. our customers are important and well do what we need to to fix the situation. this also goes for other QC issues weve been having like lenses and the d800 SB900/910. let us show you we are the same nikon you believe in. we appreciate your brand loyalty”

        but denying/ignoring makes them seem smug and playing dumb will cause the opposite reaction “what? what are you talking about? dust/oil? well yea, thats a problem with changing lenses and those things can get in from outside”

        assholes. I used to be a hardcore nikon fan. today its just a tool. Im brand loyal only cause im locked in with so much gear. but OTOH I hate canons ergonomics and buttons on the cameras. but more than anything, I hate canons color reproduction. to waxy and too redish. dont feel like tweaking too much. nikons is much more natural for my tastes.

    • It can be difficult to rework today’s cameras. They are integrated, not modular, designs and repairability, is not a high design priority. It might have been very difficult, or even impossible, to engineer a new D600 shutter that would have been field replaceable. That said, a generous and aggressive Nikon service effort could have helped Nikon’s reputation considerably. They did drop the ball. Part of the problem is today’s short product cycles. Obviously, in the future, Nikon should perform exhaustive field tests to prevent oversights like that with the D600 oil spot issue, before the first cameras are ever shipped. Let’s see how they do with their new cameras like the AW1, D610 and D5300. That will be telling.

  • Aldo

    free oil changes for the first 3000 miles included.

    • Spy Black

      I hear the D610 will have a D600 mode that puts spots back on the images…

      • lorenzo

        Nikon couldn’t implement it in time as marketing wanted to release the D610 fast, so that feature will be available in Summer 2014 on the D620…

  • Global

    Wait to see the price of the D610 — then make a decision.

    There’s no reason to rush. Sellers are going to need to DUMP the D600 by the time Christams rolls around…….. You’ll get a much better package of gifts.

    • Andrew

      The fix was available months ago with a simple shutter replacement or by the oil naturally stopping after 2,000 shots… it then all goes away. I would not hesitate to buy a D600 if I needed one now and cannot afford the D610 which I predict will list at $2,099. Then sell the lens for $200 if you do not need it. We are so wealthy that a simple fix has turned into a months long debate. Real photographers are out there taking pictures! In other news, Nikon is offering a free service for anyone that needs help in changing their lens.

  • suckmyassholedickwad

    Nobody wants to buy that piece of shit!

  • longdongvondickinstein

    Neekon sucks they got astroglide all over the sensors lime a west hollywood mayor! Fuck you neekon rumor admid if you selete thks your a bigger fag than elton john!

    • kkk


  • lorenzo

    I don’t know about eBay deals as I don’t trust them: every time I bought something there I got the worst junk 🙁 maybe it is my luck.
    I think that a refurbished eBay D600 instead of oil might come with TAR or GLUE on the sensor…
    BTW have you heard of a gold color (not plated) iPhone 5s on eBay bought for $10,000 plus $20 for shipping? I am waiting for a real gold plated Nikon 🙂

  • flee_glee

    I got the same refurb kit from Adorama deal. It had less than 400 clicks and sensor appeared very clean. After just 10 shots spots started showing up. Nikon D610 rumours started surfacing immediately after one week, i sent it back for a refund. Here is the picture showing oil spots –

  • MilkyWay

    This is a great price. In Germany, only the camera body still costs the equivalent of $ 1,900.

  • N-Life

    Damn, if I had waited only 8 month’s later I could have gotten the same body PLUS the kit lens for the same price I paid on Adorama for just the body (refurb)… Ah but then so many lost memories confined to just a crop sensor.

  • longdickinyourasssshole


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