The current Nikon instant rebates are ending tomorrow

The current Nikon instant rebates program is set to expire tomorrow (September 28, 2013 at 11:59 PM EDT). Since B&H is currently closed, you can place your order now and they will ship it on September 29, 2013. Your card will not be charged until your order is shipped. In order to qualify for the instant savings on 30 different Nikkor lenses, you still have to purchase one of the nine current Nikon DSLR cameras. The rebates are stackable which means that you can buy multiple lenses with one body and still qualify for the savings.

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    Now this rebate is coming to a end…it sure would be great if they start a new (lens-only) rebate like they did “earlier” this year….Having to buy a camera body with the lens..(even if it is a d3100) is a pain…Lens only rebates prob “move” a lot more than with camera..Why don’t they do it more often?? Are they “losing” that much money??

    • decisivemoment

      They’re not going to do lens-only until the fourth quarter (which for them is January-March), and even then, it might not happen. I long for the days when a) you could boost your rebate by buying multiple lenses and accessories together, without a body and b) you could get a reasonable idea of what was coming in terms of rebates by looking at the dollar-yen exchange rate. The current Nikon policies are unexplainable and unpredictable.

      • RBR

        I would only disagree with you in a small degree. Nikon’s policies are predictable…predictably bad. 😉

    • saywhatuwill

      I didn’t really want to buy that 85mm f/1.4G at the time I did earlier this year but the $300 off rebate really sucked me in. If they have another one of those irresistible lens rebates I’d probably spring for another lens I don’t really want to buy at that time.

    • RBR

      Sales are off thirty some odd percent for NIkon (and others as well) and yet, in a down economy, they persist in grossly overpricing their products and cling to the rather odd model of rebates on lenses when you buy a body. Surveys indicate that the average number of lenses per body owned is less than two. What a atrocious marketing strategy.

      The fact is that Nikon set the current US market pricing when the Yen was 78 to the dollar. Presently, the Yen has been hovering around 100 to the dollar and yet there has been no adjustment to the pricing structure. All I am able to conclude is that the company is rolling the dice to see if they can continue selling their wares at the now over priced price points they have chosen. Not only that, but they should be encouraging the purchase of more lenses to existing customers who don’t want another body.

      What Nikon has lost is their way. They are floundering like a rudderless ship because of terrible marketing choices. Even in Japan, where changes in corporate leadership are rare, someone needs to wake up and get people with better judgement in place before the company becomes irrelevant to the majority of the market.

      • Global

        One problem is that they are training their customers “not to buy”. By having continuous rebates tied to bodies/lenses, Nikon is teaching its customer that “the value of the lens/camera is lower than what you can buy it for now” so customers continuously wait for a lens only rebate program INSTEAD of just buying had they otherwise felt the price to be stable. You have to figure that at least 50% DONT WANT and wont be suckered into a new body/lens combo when they are shopping for Only a body or Only a lens and anyway its not like the lenses Nikon selects are interesting, many people own those ones. So of course they are 30% down in sales if their customers are continuously waiting for that body or lens to be on sale — at the price nikon is teaching as fair through rebates, instead of buying at retail.

        The problem for Nikon is that their customers dont all shop at the same time. So when that body or lens finally is on sale by itself, many buyers are simply out of the market or miss the sale or have already stopped desiring it having made due with their current gear or even worse for nikon.., have spent their money on other electronics instead.

        Not to mention that Sigma and Tamron etc often offer lens only programs and already have better prices. So people looking for a deal, def. 30% or more of customers, can easily justify taking a risk on a competitor product, for half the cost or more. With 100% return guarantees from retailers, those lost nikon sales become lost nikon customers, as 30% of customers come to realize “on average third party lenses arent arent AS good as nikon… but i can definitely live with them.” And Sigma and tamron arent waiting around either. They are continuously improving, while nikon lenses just get more and more expensive.

  • D600 Owner

    any ideas as to the new rebates? Assuming nothing special, more of the same.

  • skaarj

    Next Rebate after D610 release….. Buy any Nikkor lens and get the D600 free.

    • Spy Black

      No, buy any Nikon lens and get a 24-84mm free…

      • AM

        Is that a new lens? Is it going to be announced together with the D610?

        • Spy Black

          Yes, it has all the spots removed from the sensor…

          • AM

            I didn’t know the lenses come now with sensors. It must be a new technology.

            • Spy Black

              Pay attention, will ya?

  • decisivemoment

    Are they continuing a wide range of lenses on rebate next month, or was this an end-of-the-quarter special?

  • lobsterhat

    They have done this before, just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas, the slow months are over.

  • Teo

    Or you can always purchase from Amazon and have it in two days (if you have Prime).

  • Batsy

    “The more you buy the more you save” LOL!

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