New Megadap ETZ11 Sony E to Nikon Z adapter to be announced next week

The Chinese company Megadap already has the MTZ11 Leica M to Nikon Z adapter. Next week (on or around August 23rd) Megadap will announce a new ETZ11 Sony E to Nikon Z adapter.

More videos of the Megadap ETZ11 Sony E to Nikon Z adapter can be found on Weibo: here, here, and here.

Here are the translated details for the upcoming adapter:

QILab has been using Tiangong’s TZE01 automatic adapter ring to adapt to sony lenses. Recently, Megadap released a new ETZ11 automatic adapter ring. Just for the new ring, it translated the automatic manual switching function and bought another one. ETZ11, just for comparison.

The advantages of the new ring megadap:
1. The button for disassembling and installing the e-mount lens is more advanced. It used to be a small pick .
2. The Tiangong adapter ring does not support the aperture ring on the lens and the manual autofocus switch. This time megadap supports it. The main reason I bought the new ring is for the manual autofocus switch.Although it can be switched on the body, the Nikon mirrorless camera will find the focus again after turning off the screen and turning it on again. If you can’t turn off the manual focus on the lens, shooting stars at night is very terrible. Then there is Nikon turning off and then turning on the opportunity to select the last focus point. If there is a hand to switch automatically, there is no need to refocus.
3. The workmanship is very good. Some lenses in the previous Tiangong ring still feel a little shaky, and it feels very bad. When you move the lens during the artificial star point test, you will see a slight change in the corner star point. I like the frosted texture of the new ring very much, although there is no difference in weight, it is all brass.
4. The previous ring will be embedded with an irrelevant configuration file on the 14GM, which causes the 14mm focal length to shrink and the vignetting is not corrected. The distortion correction of the embedded configuration file will also cause the superimposed star track to have moiré patterns. , The new ring has no embedded configuration file.
5. Megadap supports apsc machines such as z50 zfc. Before Tiangonghuan could not be used because the circuit board was stuck.
6. It is said that the old ring lacks circuit protection, hot-swappable Sanyang lenses may burn the circuit, and the new one has added protection.
7. The old ring and manual E cannot release the shutter verbally, but the new one can.

1. Tested with artificial star points last night. The transfer image quality is also excellent. Even if the transfer is large aperture and wide-angle, the image quality is very good, and there is basically no problem of optical axis distortion or inaccurate back intercept.
2. After several rounds of firmware update of the old ring TZE01, the focus of the photos is basically no big problem, and the focus of the new ring is almost the same, but if it is a fast moving object in a shallow depth of field, I think it is still not competent, not a shallow depth of field , Such as shooting landscapes, there is no problem. However, video focus also depends on the lens, and some lenses perform very well in video focus.
3. Currently, only phase focus is supported, but contrast focus is not supported. It is not good to focus with a small spot, and the focus is not as good as the original factory in low light.

1. Compared with the old ring, in order to save a little space of the circuit board, zfc and z50 can be put into it. Some circuit boards are sealed with waterproof glue. Although it does not affect the strength of use, it is a little unreliable.
2. The firmware upgrade of the new ring clamps the contacts through the shelf, but the contacts are on the edges, and they keep sliding down when I clamp them. The old ring is a lens cover plus contacts, which is relatively stable.
3. Some lens bugs still need to be improved, after all, the new ring has just come out.

The above are only personal subjective feelings. The camera body is z7, and the lens has been transferred to my own sony 135GM, 14GM; sigma 35 1.2. And borrow friends 100400GM, 85GM, 24GM, 1635GM. The main purpose of my transfer is for the ultimate picture quality. Whoever has a good lens can use whoever’s lens, so it is hard to talk about the lens that has not been tested. (Li Zhaoqi)

Megadap adapters are sold at: Adorama | B&H | Amazon | eBay | PhotoRumors (free worldwide shipping)

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