Tamron has a teaser for a new lens

Tamron is going to announce a new lens and they already have new a teaser. What kind of lens do you think this is?

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  • PerF

    35mm 1.4 Sony FE

  • I’m going with… a 120mm f/1.8

    • Aurelie

      it has a zoom ring silly

  • Zeckson

    Very likely this is a FE. How I know? Just look at the orange stripe used. It represent Sony mount color. Simple as that. 🙂 Don’t think it is another macro lens. Tamron already has a Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 VC USD lens.

  • Joe Koytch

    Agree, does look like a coffee mug and lid to me. I’ll wait till they officially announce.

  • artdecade

    No indication of scale, so I think Tamron have entered the space race with a very heavy rocket to beat Elon Musk’s effort.

  • decentrist

    It’s a slow cooker, and it’s hollow. You mount it to your latest Sony body, set it to video mode, and you get beef stew after running through 28 batteries…

  • Aurelie

    you people with all the prime guesses are blind or something

    it has a zoom ring

  • BVS

    At least Tamron still loves us.

  • EnPassant

    Looks like a cup for hot beverage. Perfect for my tea!

  • Shutterbug

    My guess is a fast 135mm, hopefully with VC.

  • dave

    It has 2 rings, so should be a zoom. A 24-105 f4 VC is welcomed.

  • chrisgull

    Two rings, so it’s a zoom.
    Not very large diameter so not wide aperture.
    rear-most ring far from mount, so it’s a mirrorless.
    => Kit zoom for Sony FE?

  • Legnar Ekim

    Who cares……not a fan of Tamron.

    • decentrist

      Legnar, did you say something?

  • MonkeySpanner

    Has everyone given up on fast standard zooms for dx?

  • DontouchmyFern

    85 1.4 duh!

  • wonderdude

    It’s either an E-mount 18-200 or 18-300 for crop bodies. Possibly 18-400, but it doesn’t look large enough.

  • FrogTog

    24-70 2.8 for the new, larger Nikon mirrorless mount?

  • Mistral75
    • They did not use the same lens in the teaser.

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