Can you get 9 fps with the new Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850? (*UPDATED*)

A reader who purchased the new Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850 sent me an email to inform me that he could not get 9 fps burst rate even with the bigger battery. With the Vello grip on the D850 7 fps is the best you can do.

Update - a reader sent me this picture of his Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850 doing 9fps:

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  • Fly Moon

    For me it was obvious. If it did, Vello would’ve bragged about it in the feature list!

  • Darren Paul Cassar

    no shit sherlock

  • Polarkreis

    Moral of the story: You no pay $$$ from source, you no get click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click!

  • Andrew Rosen

    I get 9 fps with the Mcoplus grip ($62.99) + DSLRKIT BL-5 ($11.90) + Kastar EN-EL18 battery + charger ($85.99). Works like a charm and very inexpensive

    • animalsbybarry
      • Is the battery still usable?
        The interface should be the same as Nikon’s.
        I personally do not trust Wasabi products, had problems in the past.

      • Miklos

        Can’t decide if that’s army recce equipment or it belongs to a stalker…

    • FYI… there is no such thing as Mcoplus brand or model.
      Mcoplus is just a vendor name on Amazon.
      Your D850 3rd party grip is made by Meike [famous brand of 3rd party photo parts], please see pics on their Amazon page.
      I’ve been using various Meike parts for over 6 years, no defects yet.
      My $29 D810 grip is made by Meike [Neewer also manufactures this identical part under their brand name]:
      Works like a charm for ~ 3 years.

      For over 2 years I am using successfully this 3rd party grip [made by DSTE] with my D810, very cheap, $38.99 each [I got 2 of them]. Has its own A/C charger.
      I also bought a cheap portable light pocket-size car-starter brick + adapter to charge in the field.
      The DSTE EN-EL18A battery does not need to be pulled out of the grip in order to be charged, because the charger plugs directly into the battery [as all should], while the battery powers the camera. ;-/
      DSTE battery performance is on par with the Nikon brand grip + battery [same fps], as measured by my electronics engineer friend.
      I’m expecting DSTE to release a new model for the D850, hopefully soon.
      I’ve been also using a DSTE grip with my old D7100, which works flawlessly for over 4 years.


      • animalsbybarry

        Does the EN-EL18 battery work on the D810 with the battery grip ?

  • Spock

    I knew it. Just stay with proprietary components.

  • C Lee Hamilton

    The only shortcut to D850 9FPS nirvana are sketchy EN-EL18 clones, but I bet HQ would like that option revoked. For your safety my friends!

    • zipduck

      Those things are garbage, anyway. I have two that are dead.. didn’t even last a few months.

    • I’ve owned both OEM and off brand EN-EL4 and EN-EL18 batteries. So far I’ve had two of each, and three failures: one Nikon, one Wasabi, and one DSTE have all failed.

      In addition, a perfectly good EN-EL15 doesn’t work at all in my D500.

      The cells are all made in the same factories. The differences are in the case (that is indiscernible IMO) and some circuitry that sticks with the battery to track condition/age and charge. I really see no difference in actual use.

      I’ve had one OEM and one off brand battery get VERY hot on the charger, such that I was concerned about a fire. The charger appears to have cut them off and stopped actual damage from happening.

      In short: the OEM batteries don’t perform better or seem any safer in my experience. The only thing they do is drain your wallet faster.

  • Proto

    How many got that magic shot because of 9 FPS that they could not with 7 FPS? : )

    • CyGone


    • Fly Moon

      I am sure 2FPS matter to some photographers. Maybe not for you but still important to others so you can’t just imply that it doesn’t matter.

      • RC Jenkins

        Agreed. I notice a significant difference when shooting sports at 8 FPS vs. 6.5 FPS. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s almost 25% faster.

        When entire actions (like a kick) span only seconds, with the point of impact spanning a split second, this can be the difference between getting the shot & not.

        • Matt Baclar

          You are just as likely to miss the exact moment you are looking for, but have more choices right around that moment. An old photography mentor once gave me this lesson. Assume you are shooting sports with the exposure at 1/250 sec. Your super fast camera does 10 fps (easier to do math) so in 1 second you take 10 images, taking up a total of 10/250 of a second, or 1/25 of a second. so you missed 24/25 of that second. Practice and experience in that sport are more important than exactly how many you can take in a second. 🙂

          • Tony Donaldson

            Though I agree that single shots are more accurate with an experienced photographer, e.g. I shoot most of my work using Hypersync/HSS and rely on a large lighting package that only allows one shot to capture the action at its peak, there are times when I’m shooting ambient and having the choice for more frames is preferred. It’s rare for me, but nice to have it there. Longer battery life is a big plus.

    • I have. Plenty of times. Think of it mathematically. For every second I shoot, I get 2 more FPS. In two minutes of shooting, that’s an extra 120 shots. In that 120 shots, there is bound to be a better wing position, head position, or pose. (Can you tell I do wildlife?)

      Also, it’s not so much that you can’t get good stuff at slower frame rates, it’s that you have more choices per burst. You may have several frames side by side and maybe all are good, but there’s one that’s just a touch better than the rest.

      • peter w

        I hate culling through only 10 almost identical photos. Alas, you are so right about this.

        • Yeah, I hear you there. It gets tedious, but I do like having the selection 🙂

    • Lou Rivera


    • d2xman

      apparently you are not a bif/wildlife shooter

    • Gosh1

      Steve Perry is absolutely correct. Why is the D500 designed to shoot at 10fps and the pro D4, D5 higher? Logical answer…surely
      To capture the moment.
      Sport, Wildlife obviously – the action sequences in events that get the eyes wide open/closed and gab the Gesture (to use Jay Maisel’s term)
      This should be blindingly obvious to those who have DSLR experience

    • Abiatha Swelter

      In ye olde days, photographers had to keep their eyes open and rely on their own sense of timing. Nobody does that any more. It’s just spray ‘n pray. But look at it this way, at least, if you don’t need this, you’re not paying for it.

      • Stop it. In the old days cars only got 10 mpg, everybody smoked cigarettes and TVs were tube black and white, and your prints would spit out the front of your camera and start fading almost as quickly as they were printed or you subjected yourself to cancer causing chemicals in a darkroom. Its called progress. It doesn’t make anybody any less of a photographer. You still need timing and sometimes a little luck to make a good shot!

    • sickheadache

      In DX Mode on a FX Camera.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Lol >28% increase in speed from 7 is nothing now.

  • mikerofoto

    why they just haven’t made the D850 with en-el18 battery or just allow 9fps from en-el15b battery

    • Not enough power.

    • James Titanium-Chef

      Then it would be the D5

      • mikerofoto

        you mean a D5s or D6 🙂

    • gt

      of all the “whys” to ask Nikon, this is probably the least important one

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      The real answer is that not everyone needs or wants to pay for 9 fps out of box. I’ve never needed to use my cameras in Ch mode.

      The option is nice, but keep the price down for those that need it.

      • mikerofoto

        I hear you, I like the idea of the grip, I don’t like the extra weight or I would had get the D5, 7fps is still 2 fps above the D810

  • animalsbybarry

    In order to get 9 FPS even with the Nikon grip it is necessary to turn the camera off before installing the grip/battery
    I would also imagine the EN-EL15 battery would have to be removed from the camera
    Perhaps those steps might make it work ????

    In any event I have the Mcoplus grip and the reviews I have read say it works….I am not yet able to try it on the camera

    • marymig

      No the EN-EL5 does not need to be removed, at least not with the Nikon grip.

      • animalsbybarry

        I would suspect that having batteries of 2 differrent voltages installed at the same time would confuse the camera and possibly not allow the electronics to recognize that the voltage is 10.8 volts

        • Ben Brayev

          you can choose in the menu which battery to use first..

        • Jeremy Allen

          With the D700, I sometimes have the small battery in the camera and a large battery in the grip. It uses the grip battery at up to 8 fps until it dies, then reverts to the small battery at the slower frame rate. I can’t imagine it’s different with the later bodies.

        • marymig

          Works fine…even says so in the instructions.

    • Andreas Vesper

      The mcoplus gives you 9 fps with an EN-EL18 and an EN-EL15a in the camera

  • Toy let

    Trollz be like, still better than the Nikon Magnesium alloy model that gives you 9 frames per second and a stable mount screw 😛

  • Bob Ward

    I get 9fps on DSTE MB-D18 when using EN-EL18A.

    • luc_fr

      same here: DSTE MB-D18, DSTE BL-5 Battery cover, and Kastar EN-EL18. Around $130. And you get a remote!

  • Photoman

    You get what you pay for. Just sayin.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    possibly ok to get a cheaper grip until one can get mitts on a Nikon one along with the Mh-2xx En-el18b charger

  • Aldo

    Where are the Russians when you need them…

    • steve johnston

      i have tested nikon and after market grip and the difference is the battery use and 18b and 9fps on both use an aftermarket 18 and 7fps. It makes sense really

      • d2xman

        that’s incorrect. I get 9fps with aftermarket grip (McOplus) and aftermarket batteries (Wasabi EN-EL 18)

        • steve johnston

          ok cool there is another battery that works. some dont even with genuine grip

      • Me

        Steve – you are wrong. My EN-El18 and EN-EL18a both give me 9 fps in my Mcoplus and DSTE grips

        • d2xman

          What firmware is in your d850?

    • turboBB73

      EDIT: NM, I see it’s pending… Thx!

      • Your post was not deleted, it contained a link and had to be approved.

        • mansell

          Peter, why don’t you write a list with different grip manufactor and battery to get 9fps? Tnks

          • There is no way for me to test them all – I will test the Meike once I get the big battery.

            • mansell

              just take the personal witnesses in this and other thread.

  • Amir

    Vello loves me,Vello loves me not!

    • Roger S


  • animalsbybarry

    In the previous post I suggested several possible things that the reader could have been doing wrong to not get 9fps

    Apparently some setting or procedure or setup was not correct and that is why it did not work….so if the person that could not do it rechecks everything then it will probably work

    • Maybe it depends also on RAW/JPG, size, bit setting, etc.

  • Andreas Vesper

    Out of three third party grips, I ordered only one worked correctly and reached 9 fps. It‘s labeled mcoplus and another copy from a different vendor that looked absolutely the same, provided me randomly with 7 or 9 fps. A third one worked only randomly

    • d2xman

      What firmware do you have on your d850?

  • CERO

    So it works or not? or its random based on the batteries used?

    • I think it is also based also on the camera’s setting.

      • peter w

        shutter speed f.i.

        possibly also file type

  • This grip shows only the status of the battery in the grip, but not of the one in the Body at the same time?
    It’s the same with the third Party grip and my D500. It sucks!

  • I guess one would have to set the camera to use the EN-EL18 battery in the grip first or the D850 won’t be able to get 9fps?

  • HoneyBadger

    good way to fûck up your d850 and void your warranty. Worth it!

    • peter w

      Sigma Tamron Tokina lenses and Metz etc flashes work fine with Nikon and Canon and Sony without ever somebody pointing the finger to the warranty, how come?

      • HoneyBadger

        If a 3rd party flash fries the circuitry in your Nikon, then no, you have no warranty claim.

        • peter w

          If an older Nikon flash fries your circuitry, there is no warranty eigther.

          Well, better safe than sorry: so check the reviews, or go the safe/expensive way. Whatever you choose.

  • PhilK

    I’m so shocked that these parasite-brand power grips and batteries sometimes don’t work as expected or as promised.

    Just be glad it didn’t destroy your camera in the process. 😀

    • HoneyBadger

      Always cracks me up how people spend 3k on a camera and then put cheap azz accessories on it.

      • animalsbybarry

        $400 for Nikon grip
        $150 each for 2 EN-EL batteries ($300)
        $40 each for 2 battery doors ($80)
        $90 for charger

        That’s almost $1000 for original Nikon grip that is required to turn a 7fps $3300 Camera into an identical $4300 9fps Camera…. outrageous !!!!!!!….and the camera should do 9 fps right out of the box but it does not !!!!!

        My 3rd party equipment was less than $250 for the exact same $1000 Nikon accessories

        • Miklos

          If you can’t afford to kit out your D850 with OEM stuff, then you shouldn’t be running around with a $3000 camera in the first place.

        • HoneyBadger

          If you can’t afford to kit out your D850 with OEM stuff, then you shouldn’t be running around with a $3000 camera in the first place. The same as lower class people who buy used Mercs and then can’t afford the maintenance.

          • animalsbybarry

            I do not need to waste $1000 on useless overpriced accessories that should not be necessary in the first place

            Especially not to prove to someone like you that I am not “ lower class and can’t afford it”!!!!

            Nor will I reward Nikon for requiring me to buy it just to get fps

          • bobgrant

            LOL…Did you literally just say “lower class people??” Shame on you. I’m currently driving a new Mercedes and Hellcat and now looking at the AMG GTR, which is just under 200K. What do YOU drive? Just because I can afford something, doesn’t mean I want to be RIPPED OFF. 3rd party grips for my D700, D800, D810 and now D850 bodies have always been perfect. But my OEM version for a D810 body crapped out on a job. The vertical grip is a SIMPLE device and Nikon GOUGES on it. One of the reasons why I can afford a AMG GTR is because I know what the value of things are. I guess that puts me in the “smart” class.

            • TheInfinityPoint

              Don’t sweat it, if s/he does buy genuine Nikon grips/accessories then at least s/he’s helping Nikon stay afloat. Nikon gets a HUGE profit margin from selling them.

        • PhilK

          I agree that $1000 is a little on the high side for that combination of accessories, but let’s not pretend that your $250 knock-off is identical, because it plainly is not.

          Whether or not it’s acceptable to you is a separate matter. If you don’t mind that the manufacturer doesn’t certify the product to pass electronic compatibility and safety regulations, if you don’t mind that it voids the warranty on your $3000 camera, etc… then do whatever makes you happy.

          Me, I will not be using such things.

      • bobgrant

        I’m always shocked how easily people are scammed. 400 bucks for a battery holder? I have two 3rd party grips for the D850 and they are perfect and I get 9 FPS. The Pixel grip for my D800 outlasted the OEM version and I’ve never had an issue with any 3rd party grip. I can literally afford what I want, but I don’t like being cheated and the Nikon grip is outright theft.

  • Good choice on the D850 😉

  • Neopulse

    You know what, I am surprised people haven’t named this camera the “true successor of the D700” yet given the FPS burst rate that increases with the battery grip.

  • I’ve never bought a 3rd party grip before, always Nikon, but the prices
    for their grips are sky rocketing. Any suggestions on what the best 3rd
    party grip out there is? I don’t really need the 9 frames per second as I
    do mostly landscape and macro photos. I need the ease of handling in
    the vertical position.

  • Shutterbug

    You get 9FPS with both the Vello and Mcoplus grips, this is fairly well documented.

    The key is the battery, you need to be using either a Nikon EN-EL18 or a quality third party EN-EL18 battery like Watson or Wasabi with a 10.8V specification.

    I suspect some people are buying these grips and using their EN-EL15’s or AA’s and thinking they should be getting 9fps – it doesn’t work like that.

    • It used to be that AAs would give top frame rates as well, since the overall voltage is usually higher (8×1.5v) than the brick battery–is this not the case anymore?

      • Me

        Absolutely not. ONLY the EN-EL18 or a or b version of that battery give you 9 fps

  • I had a Meike for my D700. It only lasted a year, but worked fun up
    until then. I replaced it with the OEM nikon grip, which also failed
    eventually, due to the pins developing some form of corrosion. Neat
    fact: the pins from the Meike are interchangable, so I swapped them to
    fix my MB-D10. Still works!

    The Meike grips probably function
    identically, but they aren’t as durable. And warranty service, though
    technically offered by Meike was out of the question. It would have
    cost more to send it back to China than to buy a new one.

    The one for my D7100 had the metal plate where it connects to the camera warp. I was able to open it up and re-flatten the plate, but long term, it wasn’t a good solution, since I use a Rapid Strap system.

    I’m sure 9fps works just fine if you use an EN-EL18 in a knockoff grip.

  • sickheadache

    ….But with the Official Nikon Battery only achieve DX mode..right?

    • d2xman

      9fps in full frame mode

  • Robert King

    Do you think Nikon would block generic grips on the D850 firmware update?

  • here is another email from a reader:

    Message: Last week B&H got the Vello MB-D18 alternative vertical grip for the D850. I bought one.

    People are claiming that the grip does not provide 9 fps with an EN-EL18 battery. I agree with that statement, regardless of any naysayers that claim otherwise. With or without the EN-EL15 battery in my D850 the camera would only run 7 fps.

    There is another issue. Like on the body of the camera, the sub-selector “joystick” button on the grip can be pressed to give certain functions that can be chosen in the menus. One of these selectable functions is “AF ON + Mode”. I use this all the time on my D500 and D5 so that, in addition to the default mode that’s “normally selected” and triggered by the “AF ON” button, I can have a second AF mode activated by the sub-selector button. On the D5 and D500 when you press the sub-selector, the alternate mode stays selected and the AF stays on as long as the button is held down. On the Vello grip, the button only acts as “momentary”. One can see the AF indicators in the viewfinder blink to the “alternate” mode ever so briefly, then the display reverts back, and AF is not activated.

    • Gosh1

      Only 7 fps. Erratic back-button AF. how terrible

      2 deal breakers!

  • Giacomo Cosua

    I got a 3d part grip on Ebay, and a 3rd part battery + a 3rd part BL 5 and i got the 9fps 🙂

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