In stock now: the new Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850

The new Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850 is in stock for the first time at B&H with a price tag of $99.95 (the original Nikon MB-D18 battery grip is still out of stock). Additional information:


  • Shutter release button on grip allows for easy shooting in portrait mode
  • Two command dials for controlling exposure settings
  • AF-ON button for activating autofocus without pressing the shutter release button
  • Programmable Function button allows for customizable operation
  • Control lock switch locks all buttons on the grip, prevents accidental triggering
  • 1/4"-20 threaded mount at the bottom for use with a tripod, monopod, or other compatible stands
  • Dedicated contact cover slot, holds the camera's protective rubber piece for safe storage
  • Push button for ejecting battery inside the holder
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  • Tyler

    Wish they’d make the plastic posts, metal. They always break off for me..

    • immigrant7

      Buy the mieke the posts are metal Ive got two one on a 810 and another on a 500

      • Gosh1

        The Meike on my D500 has worked fine for 1+ year BUT it does NOT take the ENEL18

  • Toy let

    won’t pay 100.00 for a resins copy of a magnesium alloy grip, I’d rather pay the 300.00

    • The problem is that Nikon’s grip has been out of stock since announcement. The camera too (at least in the US). It’s February – this is getting ridiculous.

      • Amir

        Still available in Canada!

        • I know, it’s only in the US.

        • T.I.M

          Bravo les Canadiens !

      • Yan Shepetovskiy

        I ordered Nikon grip from Adorama last week, got it in 3 days

      • Toy let

        It’s an awesome camera the worth the wait

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Agree on your 100% thinking – excellent camera.

          • Wesley

            Because that’s what’s being debated, whether the D850 is a good camera or not…

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Agree little stock in the UK and paying £140 along with MH-26a charger vs Nikon £350 x 2 where I can use that free money to save, take family on holiday, valentine’s meals, days out I’m going for the latter unfortunately. Have to say the Nikon D850 rocks and is a good investment in the long run and even if my Oem grip and battery charger breaks I can buy another down the line bypassing Nikon’s coffers….

        • Roger S

          I think you mean non-oem grip and battery charger. Oem = original equipment manufacturer, in this case Nikon. The other alternatives are non-oem. Oem or non-oem, I think people should buy what works for them, as you suggest.

          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            Thanks Roger get a bit dyslexic sometimes and miss some words from what I write

      • Ricardo Aguilar

        Peter, I ordered the Nikon MB-D18 through Adorama on 1/9/18 and got it on 1/17/18 even though it said it was out of stock.

        • Thanks for the update

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Yep out of stock in the UK Jessops, Park Cameras and also the D5 mains charger MH-26a (£350) is still out of stock in the UK and can’t find it in stock since the D850 was announced last year.

        Hope it is not a similar story with their other accessory the Nikon ES-2 Film Digitising Kit.

        Would these shortfalls not be as bad if they didn’t do their recent cost cuttings and shoot down some of their recent factories ? Does this send the wrong message out to the customer / possibly erode confidence with their past, current and future products.

        Have they got enough capacity to not repeat any of the same failings with the Nikon-2 ? and will they outline their plans / decision to invest / kill their past or perceived past products, e.g., Nikon Coolpix A, Nikon 1, etc ?.

        Example that we have had to shoot factory X as we had to cancel DL, DF ?, Nikon 1, cut down on entry products, etc as we’ve potentially misread the market place, there isn’t enough of strong market / sales with DF and possible we took one or more wrong decisions in the past

        Must say when Nikon gets it right they get it right 100%+ especially with D500, D850 and over time I will add the Nikon products like Grip, charger, Digi unit to be used with my D850.

        I understand why people vote an don’t take any offence if punters vote with their feet / wallets and buy alternatives,,,, as long as they are aware of any pitfalls and don’t moan if Grip zz fries / damages their camera if they inadvertently use it in say a heavy rain shower, etc.

    • Toy let

      I found 3 different sellers that have them in stock. Don’t put shitty Chinese knock-off on you 3200.00 camera, it voids the warranty if it shorts out your camera.

      • fanboy fagz

        dont be ripped off by nikons parts when you can get excellent aftermarket parts that work

        $165 for aftermarket set vs
        $1000 for nikons set.


        • Toy let

          You’re not getting ripped off, your getting quality, that’s quality that has resale value when you upgrade. If the Nikon grip breaks and your camera falls. Nikon will pay for your camera. My insurance won’t cover a plastic aftermarket grip and if I told them I used one they wouldn’t cover my camera.

          By your logic you still have to buy the battery and charger anyway but you’re going to put them in a plastic non weather sealed non magnesium alloy static creating piece of plastic.

          Oh wait you’re probably too cheap to buy a d850 in the first place nevermind.

          • fanboy fagz

            show us you ordered grip and a picture of the grip and your camera toylet paper.
            id like to see how rich you are, vs us broke people who buy 3rd party grips.
            put your name “toylet paper” on a piece of paper so we know its you.

            • Toy let

              It’s pathetic how much it’s important for you to be right… Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

            • fanboy fagz

              are you 12 toylet paper? show me yours ill show you mine crap.

            • Just Me

              If you can’t afford it, ask your parents to increase your allowance. 🙂

          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            Bit underhand yep afforded the D850 and can afford the Grip, MH-26a charger but for 1) both items are still not in stock / short supply 2) a premium price potentially charged by Nikon ? – are those too really worth £700, again getting no concreate technical answers from anyone on are there any real technical differences between MB-D17 & D18 (D500 & D850) 3) how much does it really take ot R&D, manufacture products like theses vs return / net profit, etc, etc, etc, etc.

            Yep can all afford the D850, grip and MH-26a battery charger if we really want to do so but the customer who’s always right will vote with their feet and wallet and buy what they viewed as value and use any difference of the money for more important things in life like family days out, valentine’s meals, holidays, etc.

            Have to say it is not Only Nikon who possibly charge a bit too much for items but almost all manufacturers, e.g., Canon, Bmw, etc seems like you’re paying for a name sometimes.

            Again customer will always vote with their feet and potentially the suppliers and manufacturers + their employees will suffer if there’s a down turn in economy; interesting to see how long this jittery stock markets lasts and whether it is just short term or a long recession creeping in…

          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            If the Nikon grip breaks and camera breaks then the camera / house insurance will pay for it along if you used a vello grip and camera. Again careful with defamation of character and also the product in question.

            Yep I do use Nikon extensively but I am not a Nikon loyalist in anyway and if they do anything I don’t agree on I’d point this out and if they make an item that is deemed not worth the asking price then I often skip the purchase and use the money saved for other equipment or save it – customer is always right in my book and they will vote with their feet and wallets unfortunately to the possibly decrement of the supplying company in question.- Not just limited to Nikon, Canon, etc but other suppliers and services.

            Are there any techno nerds out there would can point out the good / bad differences between the two especially at the electronics / hardware level ?

            It may not have the necessary weather sealing but it is up to the punter what he uses and if he fries the D850 and insurance doesn’t cover it then he would have learnt his/her lesson the hard way.

            Also some insurers will void an insurance claim if a piece of equipment is damaged in their T&C’s wording, e.g., act of god / act of negligence, e.g., it is proven or suspected that you’re used equipment when you shouldn’t have, outside in the rain, etc, etc, etc, etc.


            • Toy let

              The point is not about loyalty to a brand but instead to Quality. If you buy a knock-off rebranded stolen design from a notoriously sub par company like Vello, your insurance will not cover the damage it causes. Furthermore to disseminate the misinformation that it will is ignorant and dangerous.

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              Good call…. I’m not 100% certain of company Vello and can’t / will not comment on the company or their product..

              If punter Z buys a non-oem grip and fry by accident / by design punter Z D850 then he/she will learnt the hard way if insurance Company W doesn’t pay out.

              In the end it is up to the punters to decide on who they decide to buy from whether it is from Nikon or not and whether they can wait for it or willing to pay the price that Nikon charges for it.

              On one side you can appreciate that if Nikon has not got stock of the two main accessories the MB-D18 grip and the D5 mains charger MH-25a then the punters will likely go for an alternative or say ^^%%^%^ it I delay my purchase or %%$%$%$ I do without.

              One of the questions needing to be asked do their prediction / economic models need to be improve to take account of the possible demand ?

              Was it a smart move as an example to shoot down factory y in China and could we get the same shortfalls or lack of available stock of say Nikon 2, Nikon 2 grip, battery charger when Nikon announces and introduces the Nikon 2 system, placing the punters in a similar dilema…?

              Personally I happy with my base D850 100%+ and will buy the Nikon stuff / accessories as I go on, especially looking forward to the ES-2 Digi kit add on coming in March 2018

        • Well that’s your choice. If you think Nikon accessories are expensive and not worth it, then by all means, get yourself a cheaper third party product.

          But in my case, like @Toy@toy_let:disqus said, I won’t entrust my camera to a cheap battery grip. Also, I would still prefer Nikon’s so I can use the 9FPS.

          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            True but in the meantime punters can vote with their feet and buy oem, Nikon products or do without. Also it is not down to who’s got the biggest wad or not and who’s got more debt / place their purchases more an more on credit but people’s priorities in life, trying to get hold of a Nikon item in stock and how they view the $$/££ Nikon charges for items and whether it is value for money or they could use the difference for other things in life, e.g., bills, days out, holidays, etc.

            One route to take could be to buy an eom grip and oem battery charger and buy the real deals at a later date.

    • decentrist


    • fanboy fagz

      you go ahead and pay for nikons. btw, its $400, NOT $300 and for the to get 9fps, the parts youll need are $1000.

      id rather go with aftermarket and get the whole kit for $165. use that extra cash for a nice vacation.

      • Toy let

        I see you got the point of “toy let”, it’s because I have to deal with Sony Fanboys shits like you. You just troll forums and message boards probably don’t own a camera and if you do it’s likely a second hand a6000 or some bullshit.

        Don’t be made that you’re too fucking broke. I’m sorry you’re angry that your stock photography venture isn’t taking off. Your photos are just too noisy with that little tin box.

        Someday when you sell photos or get paid jobs you’ll be able to afford these cameras and pay for them on the first job. Oh wait that requires work nevermind…

        • fanboy fagz

          cool story toylet paper
          I use nikon d3/d3s/d4 cameras .

          • Toy let

            Prove it, post a picture with you name “FAG” on a piece of paper showing your cameras… FFS

            • fanboy fagz

              bitch I give the orders, not toylet papers.

            • Toy let

              You got nothing but big mouth,

      • Toy let

        Also $400 isn’t even lunch money, ya broke basterd.

        • fanboy fagz

          toylet paper, im not broke. far from it. big difference by not buying something thats a ripoff when you get an excellent alternative for 1/4 price. putting so much money in something that isnt worth investing in.
          but a sucker is born every 10 seconds who gets ripped off. shall I send you the link for the nikon grip ? capitalism loves people like you.

    • Tom Gee

      That’s because you can afford it if your money was tight like most humans. Then it would be a different story .You should change your name to Mr Scattercash LOL
      Tom G Scotland

      • Toy let

        Good gear makes you good money, besides I make 60-80% back when I upgrade and I charge an equipment fee when bidding a jobs. The second thing they teach in photography school is how to market, secure investments and bid. No other contact businesses uses sub par tools.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Trust me other business do use sub par tools and services and nothing unfortunately is certain in life.

          Again with currency and stock markets some speculator will be making money off the jittery market to the expense from others, e.g., businesses losing a contract and having to lay off some employees, outsourcing staff to cheaper market place, etc, etc, etc, etc.

          This then has a knock on to the economy – more people unemployed, income support / allowances rising to support unemployed, less spending money = less ££/$$ you have to buy these luxury goods / services, e.g., house extension, hiring out a photography and will do a) without b) doing it themselves c) going for a cheaper rival, etc.

          • Toy let

            Mostly irrelevant when your name is your brand, only you can decide what you’re going to do. You can’t insure substandard parts, tools so if they’re stolen or lost you’re out everything. Also it does nothing to help you bid a job when you show them your equipment list and it is full of unlicensed rebranded knock-offs and your competition is using peer-reviewed quality equipment. Plus if you’re going to skimp on the tools you’ll probably skimp on the job.. So you do you and I’ll do me..

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              Again careful with your assertions which bits of Brand x are substandard parts and what’s in person y’s bag – defamation of character and brand is big business with growth of this market and media lawyers cropping in.

              Again does it matter what’s in person’s z bag or what he shoots as long as he gets the job done and the client is happy ?.

              If he/she frys his D850 and the insurer doesn’t pay he/she has learn the pitfalls in an expensive way.

              Again for the tech nerds out there which part inside / outside of the Vello grip an example is substandard ? Are there any hard facts / figures that back up person g who says that over use of xx hours that this grip will fry a D850 / D500 (MB-D17)?.

              Again why is the Vello grip as an example an unlicensed / rebranded knock off compared to the original ?.

              How does it differ than Nikon / which electronic components are different than the original and what are the quantifiable consequences of using a different grip than the original ?

              They seem to sell lot of grips for different cameras, Son Axxx, Canon 5D, 6D, etc, customer support and offer 1 year warranty for their products ? – so on paper seems good and like most things punters will buy or buy from a competitor in what they deemed appropriate for their needs.

  • Aldo

    Will this grip enable 9fps?

    • TheInfinityPoint

      It should, with the uber-expensive EN-EL18a/b battery. I had a 3rd party grip for my D700 a while back and it shot at 8 FPS when I used the D3 battery with it.

      • animalsbybarry

        Here are 2 economical alternatives
        Both the Wasabi an Watson batteries were taken apart and tested by Lensrentals and found to have the same circuitry as the Nikon ( they did not test longevity)

        The Wasabi EN-EL18 is 2800 mah, slightly more than the 2600 mah of the Nikon, and I bought mine for $45 each as well as a more economical Wasabi dual charger
        The Watson EE-EL18A is a full 3350 mah which is significantly more than the Nikon and sells at B&H for $99

        • Vinnypimages

          I don’t doubt this but I have been unable to find it on Lensrentals, do you have a link?

          • Gosh1

            on amazon

        • TheInfinityPoint

          Agreed. Longevity does matter to me since I sometimes use my cameras in 0 C conditions, and I’ve found Nikon batteries to hold up pretty well in those conditions. I used some 3rd party batteries long time ago in the cold and noticed their performance drastically reduced, but I have no idea how current 3rd party batteries perform in cold weather.

      • Shutterbug

        The Watson and Wasabi batteries both work for 9fps, no need to buy the Nikon ones. You just need the 10.8v. Same for the charger – $50 instead of $350. The cost of 9FPS even if you get 9fps isn’t anywhere near what it was originally made out to be.

    • animalsbybarry

      The faster frame rate (acording to the Nikon rep I spoke with) is dependent on the higher 20.8 volts of the EN-EL18 battery, therefore this grip should provide the same frame rate a sensor the Nikon version

      Also note that the 7 AA battery pack at 10.0 volts will provide a faster frame rate than the EN-EL15 battery at 7.0 volts, but not as fast as with the EN-EL18 battery at 10.8 volts

      • pedantic_brit

        I am not a big fan of grips but would definitely be interested if I can get a frame rate boost with one of these and eight eneloops. If this works in practice please post the details.

        • Shutterbug

          You can’t do it with AA’s, just the EN-EL18’s (and quality copies) which is lighter anyway.

          • pedantic_brit

            Thanks – that was what I had assumed,

      • Me

        No. The AA battery pack gives 7 fps.

      • Shutterbug

        It’s 10.8v not 20.8v just FYI.

    • fanboy fagz

      yes, but youll need the bl-5 cover and a en-el18 A/B battery.

      if you go with an aftermarket kit like dtse grip, dtse bl5, wasabi battery and a charger, youre looking at $165 total vs nikons $1000 setup. thats just crazy. I never buy nikon grips or batteries or chargers anymore. ive been using aftermarket for years now

  • animalsbybarry

    Thehe advantake to a third party grip (like this Mclopus) is that it works like the Nikon but is inexpensive enough that I can paint it without worrying about resale value

  • Gosh1

    There’s been ongoing to & fro on DPr on cost cutting to get 9fps on the D850. animalsbybarry is right on the money that the Wasabi and Watson clones of the ENEL18 are reliable (btw BandH sell Watson)

    The Mclopus gives 9fps on a D850 according to posters on DPr and so does the DSTE (cheaper).
    There’s also the Expro and they do a cheaper BL5

    The Hahnel battery should also be reliable but have not seen reports

    This DSTE ENEL18a has potential with DC charger et al, but no longer in stock. Critically, it is not clear if it gives 9fps but hypothetical question


    many will have seen this video

    • Gosh1

      The barrier still blocking affordable 9 fps on the D850 is the charger. I refuse to pay $370 + shipping for the Nikon MH26. It is not stated if it is enabled for universal power input i.e BOTH 100-240v AC and DC 12v (?)

      The DSTE charger gets mixed reviews on amazon (most poor) and in any case it’s no longer available in UK. but the Wasabi charger is but takes over 2 weeks shipping from N America

      BandH should bundle the Vello grip, BL-5 with EN-EL8 clone and Wasabi charger (if they judge the latter reliable)

      • Shutterbug

        There is no barrier except maybe a little shipping time. Several quality third party chargers are available for $40-70 that are carbon copies of the Nikon MH26. It is cheap to get 9fps. $100 grip, $70 battery, $50 charger, and a few bucks for BL-5 cover.

        • Gosh1


  • T.I.M

    The MB-D18 is a high quality product but cost almost $400 !
    So, to make me feel less guilty spending $400 for a battery box, here is what I use my MB-18 for:
    – door stop
    – physical exercise weight
    – rolling pin
    – ice breaker
    – shoe holder
    It’s also a great tool to beat up kids (rubber padding don’t leave marks)

  • bobgrant

    There’s this ongoing fantasy that “you get what you pay for” applies to these 3rd party grips. I have both OEM and 3rd party. In the case of the 3rd party versions, you DO get what you pay for. They generally last forever and are sturdy professional products that have a fair price. In the case of the Nikon version, you get abused. Nikon delivers a grip that is NOT superior. In fact, my MCoplus grip is lighter and my friend has the DSTE with a remote! I sent my OEM grip back. And again I’d like to mention that the only grip failure I experienced was with my D800 OEM Nikon grip (dead shutter button after 2 years) but my Pixel grip is still like new. My D850 Mcoplus grip cost 65 dollars and I also ordered the DSTE for the handy remote. 400 bucks for a battery holder with a few buttons? C’mon. I had both versions on my D850 and while I can afford what I want, I’m not stupid enough to THROW money away.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      True on that score – money is very precious now and taught by my grandma that person/ a fool is soon parted from his/her/their money. Can use that difference of money ££/$$ on other important things in life like Valentine’s day gift, day / weekend away, holiday or save it away.

      N.B Lol / Must sell my stocks I have in the US and UK interests – jittery markets at the moment!.

  • Shutterbug

    Funny that the only thing anyone wants to know about it (9fps capable) isn’t in the manufacturer description!

    We all know the battery is what gets you to 9FPS, but not all grips are working with it still.

  • Roger S

    As I read it, this Photography Life post describes opening up Watson and Wasabi batteries and finding that they have essentially the same circuitry as each other but does not compare them to the circuitry in a Nikon battery and does not describe opening up a Nikon battery. So I’m not sure that the post shows that these batteries have the same circuitry as the Nikon.

  • Shutterbug

    Can you order from Amazon USA? Total cost is around $180 USD for everything you need for 9fps. Even if you had to wait a couple weeks that doesn’t seem too bad.

    • Gosh1

      For key items fes – the Wasabi charger. Making a plan

  • Vinnypimages

    Thank you. That link appears to refer to a strip down of a Watson and a Wasabi EN-EL15 battery. It found that they were the same as one another, not that they were the same as the Nikon. It did not strip down the En-EL18b. It did point out that the EN-EL15 Nikon was heavier also that over time, because the third party batteries did not perform as well, that the OEM were better value.

  • d2xman

    appears to be a rebadged MCOPLUS at a 50% markup! shape, design, contour, dents on inner surface of the grip are exactly the same as MCOPLUS.

  • Mark

    I’m now wondering if should go with Vello or DSTE…

    The higher frame rate is not a must for me, just want the most solid grip with buttons that work.

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