Here is a video of a Nikon D60 DSLR camera being microwaved

This is what happens when you microwave a Nikon D60 DSLR camera with an 18-135mm lens attached:

Via PetaPixel

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  • Ralf

    First (I hope!)

    But does it blend, too?

    • 24×36

      LOL, you beat me to it!

    • Art

      I’m actually friends with Tom Dickson who stars in the Will it Blend? commercials and who owns Blendtec. Great guy.

      • Ralf

        To me he’s the original of this category of videos and everything else is just copies. Tom doesn’t know me but say hi from me anyway 🙂

  • karayuschij


  • Rich Poinvil

    I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to microwave my D810.

  • Bob Thane

    Looks like a Sony after 20 minutes of video recording. 😉

    (I kid of course.)

  • James Hojnicki


  • Luboš

    I liked the D60. it was good camera and I enjoyed. 🙂

    • Michael Smith

      D60 was my first camera and I actually just upgraded to a D850, so there’s a bit of adjustment.
      I love my D60! I don’t ever want to get rid of her…

      • Allan

        No cameras in between? Now I know why Nikon is in trouble. 🙂

        • Mike

          It’s ok, I’ve more than made up for Michael’s slow adoption rate of new technology. 🙂

    • Eric Calabros

      I remember the day a friend of mine tested it for the first time and he was excited about the quality.

  • Shutterbug

    Something quiet predictable. Most superfluous video on this blog, I suppose.
    Sorry, Peter.

    • Ok, feedback noted.

      • kino13

        I have to agree, this is totally useless and unnecessary.

        I remember the french video where they were punishing a d3, that, although painful was educational on its own way, but this serves no purpose.

        • Jason Joyce

          Good grief, lets have some fun around here.

  • Allan

    I think that guy forgot to take his pills.

  • BPhoto

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Stephen Roberts

    Dumbest thing I’ve seen on the internet today.

    • Just today? 😉

      • Eledeuh

        There’s just a lot of competition. 🙂

  • PeterT

    Sorry, Peter. I don‘t think you are in need to post such crap. Even in slow rumors times…

    • Piooof

      Same opinion. I think important to leave such morons in the obscurity they rightly deserve.

    • Ok, thanks for the feedback.

    • David Peterson

      I liked the content though

  • I think “Fireman Patrick” was lucky there wasn’t actually a fire. You know, in that mains-powered appliance. That he was going to turn the hose on.

    At least one candidate for a Darwin Award there.

  • br0xibear

    If you have photographic equipment you don’t need anymore, instead of microwaving it, consider donating it. There are various organizations worldwide that can be found through a Google search.

  • Brubabs

    Don’t worry. I’m sure that Nikon Repair can fix it.

    • Zoltan Szepesi

      actually i would ask them to get it fixed

  • PhilK

    The obsession with attention-seeking that social media brings out in people is the catalyst of all sorts of stupid antics, some of which end up killing or nearly killing the attention-seeker. (literally)

    Some idiot in the UK the other day had his head inserted through the bottom of a microwave oven (so he could get attention online) – and he started to suffocate. Had to call the police/fire department to remove it before he killed himself. 😐

  • Allen Douglas

    That’s likely going to impact the camera’s light metering. Maybe not, though.

  • Philbert

    “Will I dream Dr. Chandra?”

    • Billy Ray Wood

      Of course. All living things dream; no one knows why. Perhaps you will dream of HAL, as I often do.

  • whisky

    so .. thanks for sharing this foolish and dangerous idea. hopefully nobody will get sued for attempting this at home. =:-/

  • Ps

    Just… WHY???

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      agree too why- the D60 was an ace camera and if he didn’t want his camera he could have given it to charity.

      • Jasper Bunschoten

        Or you know, recycle it. There is enough waste as there is. No need to turn something which can be recycled perfectly into an unrecyclable blob of plastic and metal.

  • Photoman

    And the point is???

  • BG

    Thumbs down.

  • Wayne Barsky

    What a great idea. Much better than sharing this unwanted camera with some kid with a passion for photography but no money. Or donating it to a non-profit for their use. Or giving it to a school so a teacher can explain photography. Way to go.

    • Eloise

      You’re right… at least if you’re going to do something like this use a Canon… that way you save some kid from having to use a Canon 🙂

      Meant in fun… I’ve owned Canon (and Minolta and Olympus for that matter) as well as Nikon through my photographic life – both film and digital.

  • Coffee

    Why? Also, don’t breath the fumes…. so you ruined a camera, a lens, and a microwave…. Why again?

  • Desmond Downs

    Interesting video, I also enjoy destroying things. And for all those people saying it should have been donated to starving kids in Africa or something the things I destroy are faulty and not worth repairing – besides not being anyobody’s busines what people do with items that belong to them. How many movies show good cars being destroyed?

    • Wayne Barsky

      No Desmond, no one is saying the camera should have been donated to a starving child in Africa. Those kids need water and food and a safe place to live, not a luxury item like a camera. But it’s good to know that people like you care about them. So, go destroy some of your gear, have a good time, and happy holidays.

    • Jebagi Erol Paker

      But Desmond, you contributed to the pollution and wasted precious power, to produce which more carbon emitted. You are a supporter of Trump I presume?

    • Jebagi Erol Paker

      but definitly less harmfull than burning someone’s house

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Not here to.

  • mhammon

    Not really a surprise; Thom’s been writing for years that Nikon was melting down. 🙂

    • Thom Hogan

      I’m headed to Tokyo right now to see if I can disassemble the microwave that someone erected around Nikon HQ…

      • Who someone? The ones inside that HQ?

  • Jean-François Alexandre

    The human stupidity is really unlimited!

  • Marc P.

    Why fucking idiots doing this? Clickbait Alarm! I am currently still using my D60 – and it’s CCD Sensor does give me much better colors than my D90 & D7000.

  • Cynog

    Well, that was something I didn’t need to know.

  • unimo36090

    if the person who did that is doing it for fun..but not for science..then what a waste.

  • And why would anyone be so incredibly stupid and do just that?

  • That reminds me to keep a better watch on my roast duck tomorrow. Merry christmas to everyone and may that be the only microwave ruined during holidays!

  • John-Paul Bichard

    This is kinda depressing.
    Is this how we are defined: destroy because we can, waste because it’s funny? We have become spoilt brats in an age when we are consuming more than our ecosystems can support.
    Repair, reuse, share… move beyond the moronic ‘It’s mine and I will do what I want with it…’

  • sgredsch

    oh boy kids in africa are starving and you microwave nikon cameras :[

  • David MacLeman

    Hmm I guess NikonRumours isn’t worth visiting anymore if it’s this desperate for clicks.

    • Are you going to stop visiting PetaPixel too? Just curious.

  • ZoetMB

    What a freaking waste of resources. Imagine if the people who spend the time to make these idiotic videos used their efforts to do something positive for people instead. Instead we see someone wasting energy, time and presumably some money to destroy a camera as well as possibly unleashing some bad chemicals into the environment.

    And while they didn’t say whether it was a working camera or not, if it was a still-working camera, why not donate it to some kid who couldn’t otherwise afford a camera.

    Some years ago when I was returning from the NYC PhotoPlus show, I happened to see a young person on the subway with a 35mm film camera. I asked them if they were at the show, but they were completely unaware. So we spoke about shooting film and that was back in the days when Kodak still gave out free film at the show. So I gave this kid the film I had picked up (I already had plenty in my fridge) and he was so freaking happy! Imagine giving someone a working camera.

    My personal opinion is that I’d rather not see such videos on this site. It provides no useful information about Nikon or photography whatsoever.

    • Michiel953

      Wholly agree.

    • A. F.O.

      Agree. Never see these kind of videos.
      More then 7000 000 000 humans on the planet; I’m afraid there should be a couple of million like these guys.
      Peter: no thanks.

  • sickheadache

    It sure looks like a Canon Sensor.

  • jstevez

    I always wanted to do that to the old AF 80-400VR, I really hated that lens.

  • koenshaku

    quality circuit board…

  • CERO

    but.. why?

  • Tom

    Sell it on eBay as a beta tested D760

  • SpecialMan

    I weep….

  • Tony Beach

    Reading many of these replies I can’t help but think of the scorn Jimmy Hendrix would have faced here. Is it really so horrible that someone did that? Oh the humanity; oh right, that actually involved 36 deaths whereas this is just a camera and lens no one should care about.

  • Jonno

    Calm down, it’s not a fùcking cat.

  • gf

    Maybe the best thing you can do with a Nikon camera,,,,
    I want mine medium rare please….
    Just making fun, merry Christmas!

  • Jason Joyce

    Good grief! What is with all the negative comments?

    Let Peter have some fun around here.

  • thundrrd

    that is my camera on drugs.

  • barnettgs


  • John Dobson


    Just wilful destruction

  • MacManX

    Utterly pointless. ’nuff said.

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