Amazon US now shipping Nikon D850 cameras ordered on October 7th

A quick update on the Nikon D850 shipping situation in the US: Amazon is now shipping pre-orders placed on October 7th. B&H is still fulfilling pre-orders placed at the end of August. Adorama just shipped a camera ordered on September 5th. On eBay the D850 prices are still around $4,000. Wex Photo in the UK currently has an open box Nikon D850 camera.

Nikon D850 pre-order links: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | BestBuy | Cameta Camera | Focus Camera | eBay | WEX | Jessops

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  • AlphaStatuz

    Rather wishing I’d ordered through them on Sept 30th rather than B&H. -_-

    • Ben Johnson

      Next time place multiple orders on day one. When one is filled, cancel others.

      • AlphaStatuz

        I didn’t even order until Sept 30. I wasn’t really watching the forums or paying attention to just how badly backordered the body was.

      • PhilK

        And people wonder why companies like Nikon have a hard time forecasting demand.

        Well, if 89% of the pre-orders are “phantom” duplicates intended to be cancelled…

  • Hans J

    WHERE IS MY D850!!! I ordered in on Oct 26th!!!

    • Where is my battery grip!!! It’s only an 7 FPS body without the battery grip, especially since Nikon can’t even make a battery grip. Pathetic.

    • NEO Stephens

      They sent yours to me. 🙂

  • Noajorspanos

    Local dealers have been delivering cameras within the same week. I got mine today that I ordered 11/16/17. B&H is the last place to get a high demand camera.

    • AlphaStatuz

      That’s highly subjective to where you are. I live in SF – our local dealers have lists that are absurdly long and they still haven’t finished pre order fulfillment.

      • David Friedlander-Holm

        Fireside? Samys? I’m on at fireside but ordered 8 October from Amazon so I expect to get that one 🙂

        • AlphaStatuz

          When I spoke to Samys about… 2 weeks ago, they told me their waiting list was still 128.

    • Ty Allison

      What dealer?

    • Courier.6

      i hope thats the case with me i ordered mine today

  • surgeon67

    I got tired of waiting on my backorder. I called a “local” store two states away on November 10. they called Friday to tell me that they were getting some today. This am they charged my card, and I have a tracking number for delivery Wednesday. I don’t have a “local” store near me (unless you count Best Buy), so had to order from out of state anyway. Wish I’d thought to do that weeks ago.

    • Thom Hogan

      That’s the way to deal with getting a Nikon body when orders exceed demand. Because of the way NikonUSA prioritizes things, local Authorized Pro dealers in smaller markets tend to get a small, but constant flow of bodies.

      Worst place: the big outlets (Adorama, Amazon, B&H, etc.)
      Second worst places: big cities with big populations and strong demand (LA, SF, NY, Chicago, etc.)

      Best places: dealers in smaller cities outside the big metro areas

      But…you also need to find a dealer that honors obligations. Not sure how you figure that out. What you don’t want is to order with someone, have them get one or two boxes, and then decide their local customer is more important, even though they showed up later.

      • surgeon67

        Yes, these guys have been great so far. They’ve earned a spot on my speed dial (assuming the camera arrives tomorrow in good shape and all). Adorama has given me good service, and I’ll still order some things from them from time to time, but I want to support this “local” store when I can too.

        And BTW, Thom, you’ve been a great source of info for me lately on your website. Thanks

      • Photobug

        Good advice Thom. That is why I bought my last two from Roberts Camera in Indianapolis. They got them and shipped before the big outlets in NYC.

        • Ty Allison

          I called them, none is stock.

          • Thom Hogan

            Even here you’re dealing with a “big store.” Roberts will get about as many units as Jack’s Camera Shop up the road but they have bigger, more national presence and customer base. Guess who will get you the camera faster?

      • D900

        When D800 came out I didn’t know until a week after the announcement. I placed my order with J&R and waited for 3 months with no avail. Then I called a local camera store and the owner said he would be getting some soon. He then said: ” How much are you willing to pay for it”? I hung up the phone right away and said to myself: This is the local store you want to support?

        • peter w

          You didn’t suggest 2800 dollar? The owner could have wanted to meet your lower price. 😉

        • Thom Hogan

          And that dealer will be out of business if they keep doing that. There are plenty of legitimate dealers out there which will do the right thing. You just have to find them. And then support them when they do.

          • PhilK


            Retailers have been “wink wink, nudge nudge” on pricing, even when suppliers try to dictate pricing to them, since retail has existed. And most of such dealers survived, many even prospered.

            So nowadays instead of lowering the price, dealers will play other games, like bundling in a boatload of accessories or extra warranties, etc. Lots of “big name” resellers do this. Another one is not displaying the price unless you “add the item to your cart”. All of these tactics are specifically designed to workaround supplier dictums about MAP.

            MAP (and before that, “fair trade” pricing) was made illegal for a number of years in the US anyway – I have no idea why it re-appeared in recent years. (I suppose some companies with lots of lobbyists and a big legal budget won some court cases)

            (And I’m not speaking from a pure advocate’s POV – there are times when some control over the market is useful – eg high-end audio brands which can easily get destroyed by lowball know-nothing box-pusher retailers getting hold of product – I’m just saying that retail has been full of “unauthorized” discounters as long as retail sale of brand-name merchandise has existed.)

      • Mike

        True. I ordered a D850 3rd week of September from a local mom ‘n’ pop store. I was their only pre-order for the D850. Got it 2 weeks after that.

  • bobgrant

    I’m ready to add an order from Best Buy now as well. Sucks because B&H meant no tax. Amazon and Best Buy mean a hefty tax charge.

    • ZoetMB

      In most if not all states, you still have to pay the tax, but with your taxes at the end of the year.

      • PhilK

        Been true for years. As has the fact that probably 99% of people never pay it at the end of the year, either.

        Which is why states are now pushing to collect it up-front. The shift from brick/mortal retail to online sales has had a massive negative impact on state tax revenues over the last 10+ years. And people wonder why their roads are crumbling and schools not teaching..

        If B&H isn’t collecting taxes for other states yet, they will before long. Amazon was the 800-lb gorilla (and now collecting tax for most states), it will reach those other retailers soon enough.

  • These prices are insane? Maybe i should flip my AU model D850 and just buy another one later

  • I bought the D850 to use for sports and surfing at 9 FPS. Have the body, don’t have the battery grip. Basically it’s just a 7 FPS body since Nikon can’t deliver on the battery grip. How hard is it to make a battery grip?

  • Aaron

    I would have love to been able to get my hands on one. Decided that I can wait so I bought a 500 and some new glass. My 810 is still rocking just fine

  • Aldo

    Picked up a d750 body for 600 bucks from someone upgrading to the d850 who recently received it. Thank you nikon.

    • AlphaStatuz

      That person is insane. I sold mine to KEH for $990

      • Aldo

        Yeah some people just dont care…. petty change to them.

  • GMck

    Last Thursday I walked into a small camera store in Toronto just to kill some time before a meeting and low and behold, a d850 in the box on the counter. Someone that was supposed to pick it up called to cancel 5 min before I walked in. Whipped out my card and walked out with it 10 min later. Right place at the right time.

    • Allan

      Did you also buy a lottery ticket on that day? 🙂

      • Gmck

        I didn’t think of it! Damn.

        • Tieu Ngao

          You’re too excited about the new camera you forgot everything else. Did you find the way home?

  • akkual

    Nikon is really pushing me towards GFX, as it seems like I’d be getting D850 sometime on next summer as I did not pre-order. No, seriously. But undoubtedly this is now hindered by the new sensor manufacturer who most likely cannot keep up with the demand. I am 100% sure Nikon has the manufacturing capability of all the other things in those bodies, but not the sensor. Also, there is some serious demand issues going on with DDR4, so if D850 has one that might also hinder the production.

    • Semaphore

      The sensor’s still made by Sony.

      • Just Me

        I didn’t think we knew that for certain.

    • TurtleCat

      Very different kinds of cameras, though. I’d rent a GFX first before buying it. And if the rumor is true that there will be an updated version next year you’ll probably regret buying into the GFX late.

  • Tony

    In the UK, I received my D850 ordered on 13th September, from Jessops, on 18th November. Given that Jessops have received some criticism for not having any idea on future stock availability (which is really the fault of Nikon and not the retailer), I think that I should mention that I have found the staff in my local branch (Kingston) to be extremely helpful.

  • GearHeavy

    I ordered on Aug 31st and still waiting.

  • Nikos

    I received mine from Best Buy last Saturday, November 18th. I ordered it Oct 2nd.

  • J.W. Ramp

    Waiting on my MB-D18 grip from Amazon since Oct 5. Anybody else got any good leads on somebody that has them in stock?

    • Gmck

      I was told by Vistek in Toronto that they will not have until late January. Not sure about US stock. No sign of third-party grips on the horizon either.

  • br0xibear

    The open box D850 at WEX is sold now.

    • Thanks for the heads up!

  • BeakerCasual

    I was able to snag a D850 way back in September at a local camera shop..
    SO GLAD I did! The D850 is just amazing, I love it. And who knows when they will ever be in stock.

  • bobgrant

    According to B&H and Adorama, Nikon will NOT provide ANY info on shipping to them and they certainly have made efforts to get that info. Nikon continues to treat loyal customers like unwanted poor cousins. If you think that Nikon will sell more cameras, you’re mistaken. Lots of people will give up, pass or buy something else. I will likely cancel one order now and keep a D810 as a second body. I had originally planned on having two D850 bodies.

  • Kob12

    The regulars at FredMiranda report that they got the D850 from Roberts Camera fairly quickly (in a few days or so). Worth trying.

  • Ty Allison

    I ordered Sept. 23rd from Adorama, no luck yet. Is Nikon giving priority to Amazon and Best Buy?

    • Gmck

      I think they are just trying to do the best that they can with the deluge of orders that have come in. There are only so many that can be made per day.

      • ZoetMB

        People keep thinking that there’s a ‘deluge” of orders just because there’s backorders, but that might not really be the case. Nikon’s forecast for this fiscal (ending in March) predicts selling 500,000 fewer DSLRs than last fiscal. So if that’s the case, how great can sales of the D850 possibly be? Or, if there are lots of sales, Nikon is inherently stating that they won’t be able to deliver them before April.

        • Kob12

          Nikon has just increased their forecast by +100,000 units solely due to the D850 brisk sales.

        • PhilK

          It doesn’t help the task of demand forecasting when so many people make a ton of “phantom” pre-orders they have no intention of following-through on, but instead cancelling them all when one of the dozen other pre-orders they made gets shipped.

  • dclivejazz

    I definitely want a D850 but don’t feel I gotta have it right away. This back order situation too will pass. By this time next year the camera will be either discounted slightly or available used. Meanwhile my old cameras are fine. Sorry, I don’t mean to be holier than thou but these few months will go by before you know it. I’m glad Nikon can still rev up this much interest.

  • Brad Leibov

    Well, some good news for folks just in time for Thanksgiving. Just received B&H shipping confirmation for my D850 for my order placed 8/28/17. Looks like the backlog is starting to clear out.

    • Gondor5

      Got shipping notification also from Adorama. I ordered on 9/5. It’s going to be a good Thanksgiving!

      • thanks, I will update my post

    • Darn, I ordered the morning of 8/28 too but nothing yet (from B&H).

  • WoodyM

    for any one who ordered from Adorama. they are shipping my Nikon MB-D18 today ordered on 8/24.

  • Ravindra Paliwal

    I ordered Nikon D850 on 11/24 directly from Today received email from Nikon saying The backordered item from your order is back in stock and ready to ship. Hurray…

    • AlphaStatuz

      You ordered it the day after tomorrow?

      • PhilK

        Hehe, time-traveler in our midst. 😀

  • AlphaStatuz

    Damn… I’m envious. I had an order with them but impulsively cancelled it for some reason. LOL
    Cant catch a break.

    • Nicolas Gervic

      I told you weeks ago….didn´t listen and even told me to get a brain… remember???

      • AlphaStatuz

        LOL! Touché. I did, however, turn a 180 and take the advice of the guy who told me to order through greentoe. Received my 850 in 3.5 weeks.

  • FilippoScammacca

    I would also like to know when are they going to ship. Nikon usa website informs about availability by big retailers like amazon bestbuy… But then consulting there website it looks that this is wrong. There is a growing problem of transparency which is banked by sellers offering the camera for 1000$ and more of their official price. What a peaty: please Nikon do something!!!!!

    • Michael

      The scary part is that they are never out of stock at this inflated price. This is where preorders end up instead of shipping to the dedicated and invested Nikon owners.

  • markdstump

    Now on Oct 12th orders.

  • markdstump

    Amazon now on 12 Oct

  • Nick Sanyal

    Ordered Sept. 15 from Adorama. Still waiting, and waiting, and waiting, What’s a local store? There are 2 in all of this state, and neither has one.

    • Michael

      I cancelled Adorama order and ordered 2 weeks ago via Roberts camera. Got payment processed today and will ship free overnight.

      • Nick Sanyal

        Mine finally shipped yesterday. I’d like to think my “did you forget about me?” email to their customer service may have helped. Unfortunately it is on the slowest brown truck out of NY, headed west . . . .

  • rocky gonet

    I ordered the 850 on Sept.7th through BH. I contacted them several times to find out when I may receive my camera.They could not give me any info.On Nov.11th I walked into my local camera store Camera Mart and ordered the camea .I camcelled my B&H order the next day.I receivedmy 850 on Black Friday. I have learned my lesson buy local

    • Felipe Motta

      I totally agree, buy local! I have been following the backlist for the D850 and decided to buy in a local store (Edmonton, Canada) last week, November 22nd. I just received a call that my D850 is ready for pick up after just a week after. Couldn’t be happier!

  • Diacritical

    Just saw that Amazon no longer lists the D850 as selling from Amazon itself, just third parties. That’s got to be a bad sign for availability.

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