Large shipment of Nikon D850 cameras hitting US stores this week

I was told that a large shipment of Nikon D850 cameras is hitting US stores this week. Based on input from readers, Amazon is currently shipping D850 pre-orders placed at the end of September.

The Nikon D850 Amazon listing now says "Temporarily out of stock" instead of the previous "Shipping in 2-4 months". It seems that the current waiting time at Amazon is around 30 days.

The latest updates from the Nikon D850 Facebook group are that B&H is still fulfilling D850 pre-orders placed in late August (the last shipped pre-order I saw was placed on August 25th at 10pm). The B&H product listing doesn't provide an estimated time of shipping.

Check D850 availability: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | Cameta | Focus Camera | eBay | WEX | Jessops

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  • Great news.
    I hope the flange distance and sensor mountings are within spec and aligned! For Nikon’s sake…

    • Nemmondom Meg

      Can it be the reason that i get blurry images from everything further than 20 meters, on all of my Nikons?

      • bonem

        Curious. I get this sometimes too.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Sorry for being a villager, can you expand on this and whether it effects one or more lenses that are being mounted on the D850 >?, is it just certain prime or zoom lenses ?..

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks Matt.

        • Eric Calabros

          The third link reports No Problem.
          The second link, links to the first link.

          • I put all three so one could see the commentary, opinions, and experiences others are reporting. As mentioned above, I hope a very small percentage at most.

            • Eric Calabros

              You sure want us to see all the commentary? One of them says “Lloyd is a Zeiss fanboy…he has had multiple articles visiting Zeiss headquarters” 🙂

            • Comments like the highly respected
              Marianne Oelund.

            • Eric Calabros

              One who said he shouldn’t call it universal issue, and need to understand AF.

            • Andrew

              Zeiss? 🙂

            • IronHeadSlim

              Yeah, it looks too much like a Lloyd problem than a Nikon problem so far…

            • IronHeadSlim

              After looking through it I think it is 0%.

            • Thom Hogan

              Uh, no. Clearly there have been D800, D800E, D810, and now D850 bodies coming out of the factory that have an improperly shimmed mount by a small margin. You have to be pretty exacting in your testing to be able to discover that, but a small number of cameras are indeed misaligned.

              Where Lloyd goes off the rails is in his description of how that might impact autofocus. Marianne’s comments are dead on there.

            • IronHeadSlim

              Yes, I was attempting to use hyperbole to make the point that Lloyd was kind of into FUD territory.


          • Andrew

            It’s called recursive programming vis-a-vis LISP. The function calls itself 😉 In everyday language, it is called tautology as in saying the same thing twice in different ways.

        • Carsten

          In a comment to an earlier post someone mentioned a different issue supposedly reported by Iliah Borg. Does anybody know about this and can share a link?

    • Ric of The LBC

      One person a months ago.

      • Most likely more than one, but my guess is a very small percentage. Many cameras can potentially have this issue. The D800E did. With higher MP, lenses with more acuity, and lens designs with hard infinity stops, it makes for a potential issue regardless of brand given the tight manufacturing tolerances and calibrations needed to put cameras within a certain spec.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks for sharing this information Matt. People possibly need to return their cameras if there are QC issues. One good question is when Nikon 2 Mirrorless is introduce what is Nikon’s plan for the F Mount (DLSR) ?, are they going to invest in more new F mount lenses or updating some of the older lenses and ones that could need updating for these new super hi-res cameras.

          Rumor that The Nikon 200-400 F4 Afs being updated some time and will others be updated and improved ? – eg Nikon 24-120 Afs F4 VR, Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D IF-ED, etc.

    • Robert Isha

      I think you have a great point. I noticed that with my Zeiss 135mm f2 apo. I can’t get that green dot to be stable. Not even on tripod. On my d810 I never had that problem. Looks like we are getting bad first shipment. And mine also have a garbage battery life barely 500 shots.

      • Thom Hogan

        Not necessarily. One thing that hasn’t been reported yet is that Nikon changed the precision of the “green dot” in the D850 from the D810. It’s now highly sensitive and less susceptible to turning on across a wider focus area. Moreover, the change in size/shape of the focus sensors plays here, too: they are small, and it is entirely possible to put one on an area of low/no contrast, particularly the non-cross sensors.

        • Thanks for the info. Waiting eagerly for your review.

      • Vinnypimages

        I thought you returned your D850?

    • TheInfinityPoint

      I’ve had issues related to that before. My D610 fell over and damaged the exterior casing so I sent it into Nikon service to get it fixed. When it came back the lenses were so front focused I couldn’t even focus at infinity by AF. Sent it back with some other lenses for unrelated fixes, then when everything came back the front focus was fixed a little bit, and all of the lenses I sent in were back focused because some idiot at the service center adjusted the lenses to my D610 (I have other bodies too). Anyway point is, it was a major pain to get them to fix it the way I wanted.

      • BG

        Sounds like a typical Nikon service experience.

    • Matt Comerford

      No issues with my 2 week old D850. After a few hours with a tripod and lens focus test sheet, none of my lenses require any focus adjustments vs 4 of them requiring significant back focus adjustments with my D800E.

  • Another Fiji Catastrophe

    Is there problem in flange distance ??

    • MB

      Not if the cock is longer than the distance 🙂

    • hje

      The cameras I worked with didn’t have any issues (or I did not notice any until today). So I’m curious where this rumor comes from. [ I used 6 different D850 in the last weeks ]

      • surgeon67

        Best I can tell, one guy had a problem with a single zeiss lens (and not with Nikon lenses), and has been shouting from the rooftops (current digital equivalent on the internet I guess). I haven’t been able to find anything else on the subject. Best I can tell so far it’s someone looking for a problem-any problem- he can complain about.

      • D900

        It’s just his way of diverting readers’ attention to his “mirrorless crusade”. 🙂

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Good point – could be a disher to cause a bit of mayhem with possible false info to get more punters to go for the Sony mirrorless equivalents…

        • Thom Hogan

          I don’t think Lloyd has a “mirrorless crusade.” He mostly shoots with a D850 (previously D810). He does, however, have an “autofocus precision crusade.”

          • Didn’t he reported similar issue before with a Sony camera? I just remember he was not happy with his Sony camera for some reason. I don’t think anyone else has ever reported the same issues that he “discovers”.

          • D900

            I wasn’t talking about Lloyd. The crusader I was talking about is Matt Anderson.

            • Andrew

              Matt does have a tendency to look for negative comments and act as if he has discovered some major problem or something important. I am not sure why he does it; I once took issue with him on that. In responding to someone else who took issue with him on such conduct, he did say that he is a bit lazy and would essentially take things at face value. Maybe it is a personality flaw or wants to have something major to contribute.

            • I agree – I have seen this play out several times in the past.

  • surgeon67

    Well, once Amazon catches up, that’ll dry up the $6000 market on ebay, and maybe enough orders will cancel from BH/Adorama that this will normalize soon.

  • Dianxun Hou

    my d850 ordered from a local dealer on Oct 23 is also shipped today.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Hopefully there is a diversion of some of the cameras to the UK and European waters along with the MB-D18 grips and ES-2 Adapter set.

  • Aldo

    Congratz to those finally getting their d850.

  • surgeon67

    Just had a thought…if Amazon is shipping end of September orders, then it’s quite likely that some of those NPS “shortcuts” in line at the big NY stores are actually getting theirs later than “normal” people through amazon and local dealers. The “express lane” may have a longer line than everyone else.

    • Yes, as far as I know Amazon doesn’t do NPS.

  • Any issues anyone so far with bodies? I had received my from Bestbuy Canada and sadly had to return it the next day. The camera did not work at all. I charged battery to make sure it is not the battery, even tried battery from my D810 body in it, and nothing. The D850 I received was simply electronically dead :(. Did not start, no viewfinder or LCD life at all… Full refund received without problem yet still no camera for me so far… Cheers.

    • AlphaStatuz

      That’s a bummer. Fortunately, I don’t think the extensive wait times will last much longer (other that at B&H).

      • Miguel Santos

        Why do you say B&H will still experience long wait times?

        • TurtleCat

          That’s where a lot of people tend to do their pre-orders. Probably by a disproportionate amount.

    • Connor

      Had mine since day one haven’t run into any major issues or bugs yet.

      • Michiel953

        Same here. Collected it Sep 7.

    • Eric Calabros

      No viewfinder life at all? Are you sure you got a DSLR?

      • Well have you ever tried to pull your battery out of DSLR and looked through it viewfinder…? 🙂

        • Alan Wilson

          Yup, I did just that on my D850 and I can see stuff.

    • Have mine since Sept 20th (Camera Canada in London, ON). Zero issues. Super solid – I’m very happy I succumbed to my GAS. Worth upgrading (even from D810).

    • decentrist

      Odin is telling you the D810 is more than enough.

  • saywhatuwill

    I’ll buy it when it’s $2895. By then we’ll know what’s up Nikon’s sleeve with the mirrorless option and I can make a decision then.

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      Remind me! 2019

    • Kriss_De_Valnor

      When D850 costs $2895 Nikon may be out of business.

      • Aldo

        2499 gray in a couple of months.

      • saywhatuwill

        Nah, means they made a lot and the product had matured.

  • Colin

    Any word on Best Buy orders placed on October 2nd!!!

    • cannot make any sense on the way BestBuy is shipping – they either have multiple waiting list or they are just shipping randomly

    • Ben Johnson

      See above post.

  • Fly Moon

    I got mine on Sep 14 but I am happy for the people who have been waiting for a while!

  • Had to get those “100 anniversary” products out first? /sarc

  • I know, he has a guest post coming here tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  • surgeon67

    I watched that last night. Pretty thorough, and informative I thought.

  • bobgrant

    Just got this from B&H.
    “As per your October 9th order, Nikon D850 Body. Updated Ship Status:
    Backordered until 9/15/2021. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

  • I got the D850 body a month ago but it is not complete till I get the battery grip to achieve 9 FPS. Already have the battery. That’s one of the main reasons I bough the camera. Hopefully some battery grips will show up along with the bodies. If not, come on Chinese, it can’t be that difficult to knock off a grip. I prefer Nikon but it doesn’t seem like they are able to get it done.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      A silly Q will the normal EN-EL18 still be able to knock up to 9 fps ?
      Not the B version.

      • Unfortunately, my understanding is that you have to have the grip with the B version (which I already have).

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks Mike – looks like need to save up for the B battery, but as the Nikon charger MH-26 is over £350 in the UK, will a 3rd party charger still charge to maximum and provide me / camera with the 9 fps ?

        • John W

          I got grip together with body 20Sep from smaller local shop – reserved with 4 smaller shops – 2 still haven’t gotten back to me. I got 1 nikon EN-EL18b and nikon MB-D18 at same time, and also 1 PATONA with EXPRO battery charger model MH-26 via internet. PATONA works fine (EN-EL18 – 2600mAh 28.1Wh, while Nikon is 2500mAh 27Wh). Found the Nikon charger ridiculously expensive – and most likely made by same OEM company. regarding grip MB-D18, find is less tight fit dan older D700 grip. Also SubSelector ring on grip seems too deep – doesn’t sit/turn as well als body sub-selector. waiting for new MB-D18 grip to arrive at shop to compare if i got bad model. Body d850 solar has been great. Focus out of hand vs d810 seems much better/sharper at same settings !! Can do 1/100 = 1/200 out of hand while d810 needed 1/500 and even then.

      • rex360hype

        D850 manual specifically says en-el18b for 9 fps however description on b&h and adorama says en-el18a or b gets you 9 fps. I’ve tried mine with en-el18a and could tell that it’s faster, but have not done a more scientific way to prove that it’s indeed racking up 9. Of course you can always say trust the nikon manual… but thoughts anyone? Also, the grip has a minor but noticeable give when mounted on the body. I thought I just got a bad copy but Steve Perry mentioned it as well. The D810 plus grip feels more snug.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks Rex360.

    • Nikon has the grips. Just not where you want them.

    • Allen_Wentz

      With such large file sizes there are substantial benefits to restricting to 7 fps by not adding $900+ for a wiggly grip. A photog hits the buffer limit much sooner shooting at 9 fps than at 7 fps. E.g. ~5 sec for 9 fps with 12-bit lossless versus ~12 sec for 7 fps; half that for 14-bit. 7 fps is mostly quite workable, but the 2-5 sec buffer of 9 fps will be frustrating for the kinds of photography one wants fast frame rates for.

      Just my 0.02 without having personally thoroughly tested the D850.

      • For surfing and football, Nikon JPGs are really quite good. I use RAW for everything else. I only intend to use the grip in those instances when I’m going for peak action. I appreciate your point for my landscape photography.

  • Laca Port

    Just got mine from Roberts Camera ordered on Oct 17… Pretty damn good compared to other stories. Obviously, still waiting for the Sony XQD cards and reader….

    • Sony cards/readers are readily available on amazon.

      • Laca Port

        As of now, Sony (440R/400W) 128GB XQD cards are still temporarily unavailable and the readers are expected to only be available on Nov 17.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Untrue. As of now B&H show 128 GB Sony G Series (that is the one to buy) in stock for shipping Mon Nov 13th.

          • Laca Port

            Indeed, those are available NOW and for $190 but just 3-4 days ago, when I have placed my order, B&H could not match the temporarily lowered $140 price on Amazon… For such a price diff and on a few cards…, I prefer to wait a few more days.

  • Ben Johnson

    FINALLY. First, call me dumb for not ordering from all 4 places back in Aug. I’ve learned my lesson. Second, Despite what these dealers claim, they are not always shipping in sequence of orders placed For example, today, 9 Nov, B&H shipped an order from 10pm 8/25 and didn’t send mine, ordered 9:13am 8/25. Many more examples are out there. Third, I now have proof the dealers know at least 3 days in advance how many they’re getting on a given day. They twice told me today “we didn’t get the number Nikon promised”, so why did an order made after mine get filled and not mine? Plus, they will lie to you: on 05 Nov I was told “I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. you can expect your order to shipped with the next shipment.” Well, that was today and I didn’t get one from B&H. I’ve been lied to twice by B&H and misled countless times.

    Here’s how my experience went down:

    B&H – order 9:13am 25 Aug, not filled in their 09 Nov shipment for some odd reason because they filled ones from the evening of 8/25, cancelled later on 09 Nov. I’ve fired B&H for life.

    Amazon – ordered 33 days later on Sep 28, filled and shipped 09 Nov

    Best Buy – Ordered Oct 3rd, haven’t decided what to do with that one. “Expected to ship by Sat, Nov 18.” is what it currently says.

    Focus Camera – ordered Oct 12, cancelled 07 Nov.

    Best to all on their D850 orders.

    • Yes, I think at that point Amazon is the fastest way to get the D850.

    • The solution is to get it from local store.

  • surgeon67

    Any Adorama orders filled recently? I know they get a lot of NPS, but everyone seems to be discussing BH, not them. Last I heard they had shipped orders from as late as 8/29 last week.

  • decentrist

    Gentlemen, kickstart the economy,now!

    • surgeon67

      if not the economy, I’d settle for just the assembly line for the 850…

  • I have had my D850 for six weeks. Now where is my MB-D18?

    • Patience. There are people who haven’t even got D850.
      Disclosure: I have got my 850 and can get MB-D18 anytime I want but am not buying it as it is not needed.

  • James R Mercer

    Unsurprising – this is the prime season for Christmas shopping. 🙂

  • Allan

    I need help.

    I can’t think of something witty to say about Barry’s use of emojis.


    • Ric of The LBC

      something in there smells like shit

  • Update: Adorama is now shipping orders placed on August 30th.

    • Gondor5

      I am never able to get a response from them. Thanks for update.

    • nsbancroft

      Crap! I order first week of October. At this rate I won’t get mine until January.

      • AlphaStatuz

        You should seriously just place an order now through Roberts or Procam or Samys or any random dealers from Nikon’s official list (or even Amazon). You’ll get it sooner than you will from Adorama or B&H, I wager.

        • bobgrant

          No Tax if you’re out-of-state with B&H but Amazon hits you with tax.

          • That’s why the wait time at Amazon is shorter 🙂

      • bobgrant

        I ordered two bodies last month. No way B&H ships before 2018. I’m calling them on Monday to see what they have to say. I have good gear in the meantime.

    • surgeon67

      Yeah, I won’t likely get one through them til January at this pace. I don’t have a local camera store anywhere near me (unless you count BB-which has its own long list). I called a “local” store in another state that WASN’T New York to get on their list. Seems promising and sounds like it might be faster than Amazon, we’ll see. Adorama has given me great customer service in the past, but this wait is a bit ridiculous.

  • Allan

    The English language is a thing of beauty. You can precisely say what you mean. I’m not very good at it. Some who post on this site do this very well.

    I feel that emojis dumb down this precision.

    Just my opinion.

  • Allan

    Good points.

    I think language is better at expressing nuances and subtleties. I can see using language or emojis to express emotions.

    I suppose I need to get used to the use of emojis as an additional form of expression.

  • Allan

    You edited and added more emojis!

    I give up.


    • Roger S

      Emojis are like punctuations marks. Don’t use many when one will do. (I learned this back in 6th grade when my teacher criticized my emphasizing a point in a paper by following a sentence with something like fifty exclamation marks.) Sometimes a few marks are necessary — e.g., … or !?! — but more than three is not recommended 🙂

      Barry’s final point about emojis as tools is very interesting, implying that there is a grammar of emojis. I like that. Of course, one point of grammar is to allow us to say things succinctly (the latter actually being something that I’m not that good at!). Note: only three punctuation marks in a row

  • Or insulting them and telling them that they are not being insulted. Which is happening quite regularly nowadays.

  • D700s

    We went through the same thing with the D800. Instead of waiting I googled a list of all Nikon dealers in the US and got on the phone. Had one the second week they were shipping. Quit complaining and do some work. You might not get one that fast now but it will be sooner than B&H.

  • D700s

    I’ll help out if Admin will approve the link…. Start calling

    • There are no links to approve.

    • jmb2560

      Don’t call the Adolph Gasser store in SF: they shut down end of March 2017. Someone in charge of Nikon US distribution is not a great job keeping this document up to date….

  • Tue Tran

    Got mine today from a local store. They received a few last week and didn’t get to my pre-order. They received another shipment last night and today I got mine. Hang in there folks.

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