Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D750 for $1,229.99 (new low price)

Refurbished Nikon D750 DSLR cameras are currently listed for sale on eBay for $1,229.99 (regular price: $1,796.95). This is a new low price - the last price for refurbished D750 cameras was $1,399.

Refurbished cameras come with a with 90-day Nikon USA warranty.

I have no information about a potential D750 replacement being released anytime soon.

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  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    I stand by my prediction that the D750 will be replaced in early 2018 and that we will see new low prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This excellent price on the refurbished D750 is the precursor.

    • Just a few months after the D850? I don’t think so. Late 2018 at the earliest. Just my guess.

      • Owen Iverson

        Didnt the 750 come out like right after the 810 but with better specs for cheaper? I have no idea what I’m talking about, just that I seem to recall people wishing they’d waited and bought the 700 series rather than the 800 series (my model numbers might be off)

        • yes, just few months apart, but keep in mind that the D810 was just a minor update from the D800 while the D850 is a major release (like the D700 and D800)

          • Eric Lee Overton

            Along those lines, the FF mirrorless release should be expected to have close to the exact specs as the d750 update, so it will be interesting to see if Nikon retains the d750 line as a smaller alternative to the d850 (which will already be a slot filled by the full frame mirrorless release)

            • Eric Lee Overton

              Also, Nikon usa has 10% off all refurbished products right now

          • Aldo

            I was about to type exactly that… but then I remembered that the d600 was released the same year as the d800. Of course circumstances are very different, this was before nikon flooded the market with FF cameras.

          • Thom Hogan

            Of course, it could be reversed this time: the D750 might be the minor update ;~).

            • I was thinking a few days ago that a D750s might be enough. New shutter and speed of 1/8000. And a shutter that’s ‘much’ more quiet. Expeed 5. A bit better processing/color/white balance in tough conditions? Better af in live view. Maybe a swivel lcd? Slightly better build quality, although i rented a d750 and it wasn’t bad. And maybe it’s impossible, but shave a 100 grams off the weight? Keep the 24mp. Voila. I think I’d buy.

            • BVS

              Yeah, given the lackluster competition from Canon in the 6DII I also think we’ll probably only get a D750s/D760. In fact, it’ll probably be something of a D7500 with a FF sensor, like how 6DII is kind of an 80D with FF sensor:

              – 1/8000 shutter
              – 180K metering sensor + natural light WB
              – 7~8fps
              – 50 shot buffer
              – 4K
              – Probably keeps the 51pt AF to lower cost
              – Same flippy touchscreen as D7500
              – Snapbridge
              – AF Fine Tune
              – New ISO button
              – Maybe silent shooting and focus peaking
              – Bit smaller/lighter carbon fiber body
              – Hopefully they keep the grip and second card slot

        • Lou Rivera

          I asked a Nikon rep at PhotoPlus Expo when he thought the D750 replacement would come. It caught him off guard and looking at his expression and the smile he couldn’t contain, it was clear it was coming sooner than later

        • Max

          No way. The 750 has I think 1fps faster burst than D810, a flippy screen, somewhat better noise performance due to larger pixel pitch, cheaper, lighter. I can’t think of any other advantages or better specs.

        • j cortes

          Better Specs how ? Aside from the tilt screen what’s better on D750 ?

          • stephan de laat

            i’d rather compare the D750 with the D600/610. Same sensor, same body, same image processor (i believe). Yet it includes, wifi, tilty flippy and much better AF.

            i love my D600 for many things but the AF is just shit.

          • Carlos Miguel

            Wifi, Tilt screen, Better Af, more fps, lighter, it doesn’t use a CF card.

            • j cortes

              You can’t say the D750 is better. Maybe how it relates to what one shoots. I have both and I like the D810 better for 64 Iso , 1/8000 max shutter speed, better build, and more accessible controls. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the D750, but it’d be wrong to say it is better. It all depends what are your needs are and what you value.

      • Lou Rivera

        I asked a Nikon rep at PhotoPlus Expo when he thought the D750 replacement would come. It caught him off guard and looking at his expression and the smile he couldn’t contain, it was clear it was coming sooner than later.

        • Eric Calabros

          What else did you expect?

          • Lou Rivera

            I expected either the reaction I got or a firm answer indicating that a refresh was far off

        • TurtleCat

          Reps are usually the last to know things. They probably get most of their insider info from Peter.

          • Thom Hogan

            Except for one thing, I agree: at a show like PhotoPlus Expo there is usually a rep meeting that updates them on the near term.

        • j cortes

          It’d be badass if the update would come out in mirrorless form .

          • Nesto

            Nikon has to be working hard on a mirrorless camera. How could they update the D750 w/o it getting close to the D850? Idk, I don’t see much room between the 2 to justify a new D750 model. It would seem pointless to me. Now, if its mirrorless….

            • j cortes

              If only that were true . Hope springs eternal.

      • Thom Hogan

        Tell me what sensor a D750 replacement uses and I’ll tell you when it will be announced.

        • Lou Rivera

          The only thing he mentioned is that the 750 replacement would still likely have an updated 24 mp sensor and not go any higher. He said Nikon thinks that’s the sweet spot for that price range. Who knows? We’ll see.

          • Thom Hogan

            If so, then it would be announced sooner rather than later. As in “by CP+”.

          • Davo

            The D750 (still) has an excellent sensor so it’d be good news. The updates are probably for 4K video.
            If they make some general all round refinements (ala D800->D810) and bring the UI more in line with D5/D850/D500 generation but in a more compact body then it’ll be a winner.

      • Jimmer

        They are different markets though. I’m a D610 user needing an upgrade and the D750 is just too old for me to get my money’s worth. D850 is a bit much for me.

    • Aldo

      That would be really cool, but I think Peter is right. It would be prudent for nikon (from a business perspective) to wait until the demand of the d850 stabilizes before they even think about putting another FF in the market.

    • Davo

      I tend to agree. Nikon should build on the momentum they’ve created with the D850. And D750 replacement competes in a different segment so whilst a few might be tempted away from a D850, a bit more volume would be a positive thing for Nikon.

  • Eric Lee Overton

    I paid 1299 for my refurb from Nikon usas website during their end of the year refurbished sale last December, so I don’t see this price drop as a significant sign of things to come, just an attempt to clear stock before the model gets any longer in the tooth. Better to sell refurbs now for 1200 than have them collecting dust in warehouses…

    • Harsh Bhavsar

      I am looking for a refurbished D750 this year. One linked on this page is sold out. From your experience, would there be a better deal around Thanksgiving/Black Friday, or end of year around Christmas?

      • Eric Lee Overton

        Hard to say, for a long time after the year end sale last year, there weren’t any d750s on the refurbished list on Nikon usa. Then when they came back they were $1499, then $1399, now $1555 (with 10% off). Nikon usa does charge sale tax though, but you also get a 90 day warranty on refurbished bodies. The prices on eBay have really went down on lightly used bodies with the release of the d850, so at this point I think that might be the way to go. There are several that look new. Also, if you can get the serial number from the seller before you buy, you can check it on nikons website to see if it needs a shutter. If so, you can buy it, send it to Nikon, and they will refurbish it for you.

        • Harsh Bhavsar

          Thanks for the detailed response. My concern with used was that I’ve also read about some isolated screen issues on the D750, and don’t want to end up being sold an import/grey market copy. That would suck to put in money and not be able to fix any issue (even outside of warranty). Do you know if we put in the serial number, we can figure if it’s a USA model or not? Then certainly that’s the way to go, and should ask for that from the seller. Thanks a lot.

          • Eric Lee Overton

            US serial numbers for the d750 start with the number 3. If the first number is:
            2 – Japan
            5 – Canada
            6 – Europe
            8 – various smaller markets

            • Harsh Bhavsar

              Thank you very much Eric, appreciate it!

  • Spy Black

    I would imagine these actually refurbs, as opposed to dormant stock, unless it came from one of those places it’s not suppose to be coming from (as per Nikon). 😉

  • dadff eewff

    WTF… you can buy a new one for 1200 £……..

    • tertius_decimus

      1200 £ ≠ 1230 $.

      • dadff eewff

        yeah but NEW

        • RC Jenkins

          There’s also a huge difference between over $1550 and $1200. Like as in 30%.

          This is a 30% savings for refurbished vs. new. For a camera that is routinely at or above this $1200 price used.

          What price would you like to pay for a factory-warrantied refurb camera that’s still a current model? 80% off?

          • dadff eewff

            buying a refurbished camera at the same price of a new one it’s just crazy man.. that’s the point

            • RC Jenkins

              It’s not the same price. That’s the point.

    • MB


  • fanboy fagz

    with the 3 recalls they had, im hesitant regarding refurbs.

    I would prefer to buy grey with mack diamond warranty.

  • T.I.M

    It’s ok, I think I still have time to return my D850 and get a refund.

  • Horshack

    The D750 is in a tough spot price-wise vs the D810, with mint used copies selling for as low as $1400 from those upgrading to the D850. At that price the D810 is a much more compelling camera than the D750. Some of the biggest competition Nikon faces today is their used gear market.

    • fanboy fagz

      actually I believe the D750 offers pluses over the D810. videos is much better AF is also better. low light IQ is also better. ergonomics is top notch.

      its not a clear cut case that the D810 is better.

      • Horshack

        I can’t disagree except to say that the low-light IQ is very close – the D750 only pulls ahead at ISOs that don’t produce usable images for most situations anyway. Here’s a video and high ISO comparison I did:

  • bgbs

    Nikon needs two more D850 cameras. One with 24mp classified as low light king, and 36mp, king of all trades.

  • monocolor

    I’m waiting for the official BF sales.. which I suspect will begin on the 19th.

    I still only expect brand new body+oem grip for 1500 USD and body+24-120+grip for 2000 USD as the sale.

    • monocolor

      oh and for the successor? eh hard to tell when exactly next year.. I think Nikon likes the 750 / 850 structuring at the moment.

      Features I expect are the upgraded D5 AF system, metering, and possibly upgrade shutter (1/8000) but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not expecting a monumental upgrade. I would *like* to see a 28-30MP sensor however.

  • Politics_Nerd

    LOVE my D750!

  • Todd Fulcher

    The Nikon rep at Best Buy today told me that the D750 will be $1599 body-only and $1999 with the 24-120 lens for Black Friday.

  • captaindash

    Stupid Canadian exchange rate. It was at par when the D600 came out.

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