Weekly Nikon news flash #437

→ Big price drop on the old Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 lens for Nikon F-mount.


→ New Nikon D850 accessories:

KEH has a new deal going on this weekend - use promo codes BMSM09A and BMSM09E during checkout to get up to $150 off: spend $200+ get $25 off, spend $600+ get $75 off, spend $1,000+ to get $150 off.

Profoto A1 speedlight for Nikon announced (pre-orders are now open at B&H and Adorama).

→ Nikon has a Fan Meeting Caravan traveling through Japan.

The Nikon group provides aid to the victims of the earthquake in Mexico.

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  • Proto

    Profoto is one of the few manufactures who are continuously innovating, engaging consumers, and selling well at high price points

    Unlike Leica, zeiss, Hasselblad…

    • Spy Black

      …if you like to waste your money that way. Otherwise you buy Godox, an equally innovative company that sells gear for much less.

      • Proto

        Yup, I do used-SB910 and SB600 — best value. And would get a Godox – if i needed more power.

        I was just pointing out that in high-price lane, Profoto seems to get more traction than other high-price players

      • Lladnar

        Or Pixel, their newest speedlite uses Li-Ion and recycles in 1.5 sec at full power, high GN, wireless, and a quarter of this price.

        • Spy Black

          Sounds like a rebranded Godox, actualy.

          • Lladnar

            Don’t think so, I compared a bunch of them and pretty sure they had different specs.

      • GMck

        Waste money? Ask any pro that uses profoto if they wasted their money. You won’t find one. You always knock profoto. Bet you never even used one or own any profoto gear.

        • karayuschij

          Exact. There are 12 years that I have switched from Broncolor to Profoto strobes in studio, and I can say that I am extremely satisfied.

          • GMck

            I agree. I have many profoto strobes and modifiers and have never had a single problem. It’s not the case whether Godox are good or bad, it’s people that make claims that they are the same as Profoto for 1/3 of the price.

            • Vince Vinnyp

              I hardly us studio kit now but I am used to Bron. I don’t have Profoto or Godox but I have seen back to comparisons. Worryingly Godox had more consistency including colour. Of course no test really measures reliability where I expect the Profoto to excell.

            • GMck

              I don’t rely on specs and reviews to judge a product’s quality and durability, Only time and use can tell me that. The easiest way I can describe Profoto is “set it and forget it”. it’s going to work every time.

        • Agreed. I’ve been using Profoto for years and I’m very satisfied. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than rivals but it is kit I use every single day and I want something that’s going to last – and it has. Customer service is excellent too. When my Godox PROPAC failed within a year I was told I had to send it back to China. Ended up in the bin.

        • I81U812

          I agree. Profoto for me.

      • it’s crazy what we’re calling “innovation” these days. RIP craftsmanship and quality control.

        • Spy Black

          It’s a different world today, and innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. Godox is indeed an innovative company.

          • I must admit, as much as I hate to call cheap chinese junk “innovative”, …it was fascinating to watch Pocket Wizard implode over the last 10 years, due to a complete lack of innovation, despite their amazing reputation for quality products that were “tried and true” right up until they completely vanished from my radar due to being one of the worst options available.

            But still, I loathe having to call these new companies “innovative”. There’s still a whole lot of knocking-off going on, and a whole lot of shamefully poor manufacturing standards. The only innovative thing going on is giving consumers what they want, which happens to be cheap junk.

            • Spy Black

              Calling all Chinese manufacturers as producers of poor products is like calling all white people racists. 😉

            • “I hate to call cheap Chinese junk ‘innovative'” =/= *ALL* Chinese manufacturers.

              Don’t make me draw a venn diagram! 😛

            • GMck

              Not all Chinese products are poor quality. For example, a good number of products out there are re-branded Jinbei. Do they make good stuff? Sure, but proclaiming a higher priced product as not worth it because it’s outside of your comfort zone in capital cost is nonsense.

      • Aldo

        But pro-photo is pro! I mean it says it right there!

        • Proto

          your word play and foreplay….

    • Neopulse

      In my opinion, Phottix is actually very good in that sense. Speedlights like the Mitros and Mitros+ along with Lumopro lights are compatible with their strobes all with one radio signal.

  • MB

    Funny … Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 is way more expensive without the hood … maybe if they rip something else out, like CPU chip, it will be even more expensive …

    • BG

      Maybe if they add auto focus it’s down to $1000 after…?

    • T.I.M

      The one without the hood can have a filter (95mm I believe).

      • MB

        So can the model with a hood … and yes it is 95mm

        • T.I.M

          Are they both the same optical formula ?

        • Mark Kushigian

          I bought the hooded version maybe a month ago when I first learned of this price at B&H. And I can confirm that it takes a 95mm filter just fine. I got the B+W 95mm XS-Pro Clear MRC-Nano 007 Filter and it does not appear to vignette, which apparently is an issue with some filters on this lens. I don’t have a 95mm polarizer yet… that may be more challenging.

    • Captain Megaton

      Think of the the hoodless one is as the D800E to the regular D800. Yes it has less stuff, but it’s special item all the same, sold in even smaller quantities than the regular 15mm and therefore carries a price premium.

      Note the hood is part of the lens body, you can’t remove it.

      • MB

        Hm … actually D800e and D800 had more or less the same stuff, only on D800e OLPFs had opposite direction effectively canceling each other … but yeah you can think of it like that …
        On the other hand you could say that making hood-less version requires cutting off two peaces of aluminum approximately 2mm thick and about 2 inches (5cm) long in total, the price being 500$ higher you are effectively paying that cut about 250$ per inch (or 100$ per cm) … 🙂

        • Captain Megaton

          It’s not the individual fabrication cost, but more the bulk costs of packaging, marketing, stocking, and distributing a separate version, costs which is divided out over just a very few units sold.

          That said $500 does seem excessive.

  • Dustin Branch

    Maybe if they add auto focus it’s down to $1000 after…?

    • BG

      Umm. Yeah. Very creative.

      • silmasan

        Just flag as spam when you see something like that. It’s a bot so no use talking to it. :-/

        • Yes, please flag as spam – I delete them, ban them and report them.

        • BG

          Guess the lesson learned is that I’m so unpopular that people would rather up-vote a bot than me. 😀

          • silmasan

            If it’s any consolation, one of the two voters was 100% not a real person either. But yeah, the human one disappointed me a little… :-p

  • really in-correct pricing.

  • Matt Comerford

    Ugh, I paid more than that in 2016 for a used 15mm 🙁

  • ZoetMB

    I’m glad that Nikon is making “All-Round” zooms. I wouldn’t want them to be rectangular or anything – it might be hard to zoom. Some of the videos look quite good (others don’t). I’d love to know what they’re shooting them with.

    They’ve got the same images in different videos which are supposedly about different lenses. The photographer also states that he always walks around with just once body and one lens, yet he’s carrying a big backpack. What’s in there – lunch?

    • I just wish that Nikon didn’t make so many of them for Dx. 🙂

  • Valentin

    Ugh, I paid more than that in 2016 for a used 15mm 🙁

    • MB

      Is this supposed to be funny … repeating other people posts …

      • Ugh, I paid more than that in 2016 for a used 15mm 🙁

  • storm

    I just wish that Nikon didn’t make so many of them for Dx. 🙂

  • Aldo
    • Neopulse

      “Not shot by TIM?” lol

    • So is it shot by T.I.M. ?

  • yeah, that’s what I was thinking before making my smart-ass comment. 🙂 It’s a hell of a lens. Rented one to do an architecture shoot. Stunning. But so was the price at the time. For as often as I need it, I’ll just rent it. I have a 14mm Rokinon which is fine for day-to-day real estate shoots.

    • Spy Black

      Have you checked out any of the new Chinese manual focus superwides between 12-15mm? They supposedly tout good rectilinear response.

      • I am thinking of buying Laowa 12 mm zero D. Good reviews. But the sigma 12-24 also looks good. Cannot find any comparisons anywhere between these two. Wondering also if Laowa has good sharpness overall to match D850. In India there is no way I will be able to handle any of these lenses before buying. And nobody I know has bought the sigma. And we don’t get laowa here.

        • Proto

          Nikon 14 24 is best, and will let your mind peacefully focus on photography instead of experimenting with different lens. .

          • I need wider than that. 3 candidates I thought about. 12 mm Laowa, 11 mm Irix, 12-24 sigma. Still thinking. Distortion and uniform sharpness(not necessarily wide open) are important factors.

            • Proto

              zoom with your feet. take few steps back and 14mm will cover nearly as much as 12mm.

              Nikon 14-24 hella sharp! Likely sharper than Irix, citrix, petrix, and all those other options which are not electronically /digitally compatible with Nikons’s latest calibration software

            • You want me to walk through walls?

            • Proto

              Look at this way — gain 2mm on focal length width + gain all the hassles of non-nikon lens (AF compatibility, ttl, future proof software).

              Rooms in India maybe small, but usually limited action happens on edge of frame –
              between 14mm to 12mm.

              Each to his own. I like simple equipment that works without hassle so I can focus on getting the shot. Many masters made history with just 35mm.

              alert – gear acquisition syndrome.

            • Why do people think that others don’t know what they want or for that matter they don’t know anything about their trade?

            • Proto

              “Each to his own” — I already said. yella

            • That you did. I saw that. I also saw that you edited your reply. Thanks.

      • Hmm, those might be interesting. Going wider than 14mm seems extreme, but who knows. I use the 14mm for real estate shoots which is filler work for me. As such, I’ve found a low-cost solution that’s working and don’t think much beyond that. The market for that kind of photography is split in two. The space I work in isn’t high paying, but enough to make you shrug and say “why not”. So, a low-cost solution was in order. The other is a pretty good paying gig, but the agents who hire you think they own you and your time. So you have to put up with their whims which, at 63, I’m no longer inclined to do. The work is a bit more demanding, so something like this Zeiss makes sense. I rent it when hired by an architect and the rental becomes a line item on my bid and invoice.

  • Someone

    Nice to see the donation to the Mexican vistims of the earthquake.

    Just hope the money does get there to the right people.

  • benjamin dietrich

    Agreed. I’ve been using Profoto for years and I’m very satisfied. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than rivals but it is kit I use every single day and I want something that’s going to last – and it has. Customer service is excellent too. When my Godox PROPAC failed within a year I was told I had to send it back to China. Ended up in the bin.

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