Nikon D850 now in stock at BestBuy

The Nikon D850 camera (body only) is currently in stock at BestBuy online.

Check D850 availability at B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | WEX | Jessops.

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  • dr Depressor

    I did a preorder from Best Buy on August 24th as well. Just received my tracking number and will be delivered tomorrow according to UPS web site.

  • JimJoeBob2

    Best Buy!!! Woo hoo… ordered my by Best Buy the morning they were released and with Adorama… a package from Best Buy is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!!

  • caffeinedrink

    Anyone who ordered from Adorama receive theirs?? I think the mixed up shipment priorities from these other stores and people arbitrarily getting theirs is a direct result of other people canceling their orders.

  • Nobody Cares

    Sigh….now I wish I’d ordered from Best Buy yesterday. Oh well. Maybe B&H will actually send one this week (one can hope).

  • Nobody Cares

    True, but few people pay it.

  • Dinosaur

    I pre-ordered with Adorama on launch day at 3am EST and still no news. Yet Jason Odell with 11,000 YouTube subscribers got his Sept 8th from some camera store in Indiana. B&H and Adorama are screwing up.

    • decentrist

      some store is Roberts, and they are better than any retailer here…they actually pack your camera for shipping in a proper manner

  • Andrew Jay
  • alphab

    Battery charging now 🙂
    Thanks for the hints guys, I picked mine up from the local store (100.- more but two sensor cleanings included), and have canceled my online order with indefinite shipping date in fear that it would end up being October as reported by some.

    Serial number 23XX (Switzerland), anyone with >3000?
    Maybe it is more a production shortage than thousands of orders? Who cares, looking forward to shooting this afternoon.

    • Jon Sall

      Yes, 30009XX

      • Keekah

        Mine is 30009xx as well….

  • do you have to PAY for a guarantee in the US even the 1st year if not who would buy the one year, if accidental damage is that not on home ins.

    Learn about Geek Squad Protection Plans
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    • Dave

      I very much hate geek squad and highly recommend never getting their plan, its a largely useless add on much like getting all the add ons a financial manager at a used car dealership will try to scare you into buying, a waste of money and plays on your fears. You may want to check with your credit card, see if they have an extended warranty perk, you can apply it to this.

  • Mark

    i preordered mine from Best Buy in the store when it was still asking $4000, but have no information regarding its shipment. Store doesn’t know either. Online has no idea. There are no status updates, etc, but my best buy card was charged (showing up online as being charged on 8/24) and I just got my rewards certificates in the email today. Did you guys get charged on the day of the preorder or the day it shipped?

    • David

      I pre ordered from Best Buy on the 27th after the price went down $700. I payed with PayPal through my bank and they instantly withdrew the money. But I have not yet heard anything else or any status update changes. Please let me know, anyone that pre ordered from Best Buy if you are receiving yours. And it would be interesting to see if anyone that preordered on the 26-28 of August has received any notification changes or shipment progress..

      • Mark

        Did you get your rewards certificates (if you’re a member)? Mine just arrived on Friday — I’m wondering if that means it may have shipped to the store. The problem I have is that I preordered it IN the store, so I have no info on tracking whatsoever.

        • David

          That’s a good point, the store might have it. No I did not receive the rewards yet.

          • Mark

            Store doesn’t have it yet and can’t even tell me what the status is :-/. If I ordered online at least I’d have some notifications. I’m heading to Iceland next weekend and really hope I get it by then!

            • David

              Yes I would love to have it as well. Have some things coming up that the speed and mp would be great for. I just need them to ship it.

            • Mark

              Fingers crossed.

            • Mark

              Any luck? None from my end.

            • David

              Nope. I also ordered one on their site just in case to see which one comes first. I ordered the grip etc off amazon and the grip is on backorder. But hopefully I can have both by October.

  • Mark Kushigian

    Now that this full D850 drama has played out, I’m still left puzzled by the way Nikon announced it. They make a “sometime in the future we’re going to make a D850” announcement on their 100th anniversary. And they advertise one feature, 8K timelapse, which, while cool, we can probably agree is a fairly inconsequential “feature” compared to the other specs. Then one month later, they formally announce it and the preorder frenzy begins. Then in two weeks it actually ships.

    So from the “future development” announcement to the time I have an actual D850 in my hands was 6.5 weeks. Why in the world did they not just formally announce it on July 25th instead of disappointing everyone and basically opening themselves up to ridicule? Nobody would have complained that it wouldn’t ship for six weeks still… big deal! I mean, if they shipped this soon, surely the camera was fully finalized on July 25th and even in production possibly. What was in it for them to miss the chance to really announce it?

    Or was it somehow really not finalized on July 25 and they rushed it out in six weeks? I’d have a hard time believing that (and, for the sake of us all, I hope that’s not true).

    • ZoetMB

      The announcement isn’t the problem. Apple announced their Home Pod speaker in June at the WWDC and stated that it wouldn’t be available until late this year.

      The problem is announcing it’s available, sending out emails stating “Buy it now” and immediately being on backorder. Also this nonsense that all but the biggest dealers only get NPS orders + 1 camera and many didn’t even get that, plus apparently not giving reliable information to their dealers.

      They could have held it off a month to build up inventory and then released it. That would still have it out weeks before the Photo Plus show in NYC and before the holiday shopping season begins.

      • Mark Kushigian

        I agree that they could have waited another month to ship and virtually nobody would have complained.

        But I still say announcing development and then announcing the thing itself within a month is not so bright. Yes, Apple does the same thing (e.g. HomePod, iMac Pro, new non-cylindrical Mac Pro) but at least there is a reason for pre-announcing: the products aren’t close to ready yet and they want to keep our interest. In the case of the D850, I have to conclude that the product was already ready when they announced development. Just seems pointless.

  • Jon Sall

    FYI, my Best Buy order of D850 from Aug 25th arrived via FedEx today.
    I’m NPS member, and I got a call from a Nikon sales manager (that handles BB stores) last week to confirm my order would be sent out on the 7th to arrive the 9th…
    Jon in Chicago

  • roy

    Thanks, you too.

  • ZoetMB

    I look back at the photos I took with the D70 and even though it was only a 6.1MP DX camera, there’s just something about those photos that are better than the photos I take today,

    • Probably because of the CCD sensor?

      • ZoetMB

        Yeah, that’s what people have said when I’ve mentioned this before. In certain situations, the color was amazing.

        • I have an old Leica camera with a CCD sensor and I keep it for exactly the same reason. I should have kept also my Nikon D40 🙂

  • dr Depressor

    After all the mayhem with Best Buy and erroneous
    information transmitted I can report my camera was finally delivered today. Enjoying the new features. Giving the camera a workout. From my perspective the camera doeesnt seem lighter. The body seems beefier. The shutter isn’t any quieter. It sounds hollow. The LCD screen is brighter and easy to move pictures with fingertips scrolling pinching etc. The focus is quick. The video is sharp. However , there may still be a grounding noise issue using the Atomos Shogun as a recorder. Nikon refuses to recognise this problem. When recoding using the input microphone on the camera through the Shogun there is a grounding noise heard on playback. There is a work around. However, for the money this issue should be addressed. This also was prevalent in D810. Anyone else come a cross this problem let me know.

  • Moritz Thomas

    As an old sign in the hobby store I worked at while still in high school and collage used to read: “We don’t charge sales tax – we just collect it for the mayor.”All kidding aside, if your income taxes get audited, you’ll be paying the sales tax you didn’t pay, plus interest and penalties.

  • Jakeman

    The Florham Park camera shop here in NJ had one arrive Friday PM. I grabbed it this morning. None at the Photo Summit with no ETA in site. Cancelled my BH Order. Battery is charging. Feels great!

  • Jonathan Fay

    Any more rumors on when the 2nd shipment will be arriving?

    After all the drama with Best Buy, multiple confirmations that my camera was shipping on Friday, I’m currently in limbo with them. Someone on Saturday told me the latest I would receive it was September 15th, but the reps I’ve spoken with today say there is no estimated ship date.

    I leave on the 15th for Peru… would really love to bring a brand new D850 with me!

    • should be end of this week

      • Jonathan Fay

        Thanks Peter… I’ll cross my fingers it’s a little sooner than that. Even if I have to grab it on the way to the airport and configure it on the road, I would be very thankful!

        Hopefully you get yours soon as well. Good luck!

      • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

        Hi Peter, any info about adorama?

        • no idea, sorry

          • __LEE__

            Please be advised that for NPS members, they will be receiving the first shipment.

            Currently, there is no official ETA from the manufacturer when we will receive our next shipment.
            That is all from Adorama…….so you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Nesto

    nice job!!

  • Mark

    Anyone receive a new BB shipment over the last few days?

    • no

      • VatoGrande

        Best Buy now shows “sold out”. I am still waiting on my Amazon order (Oct 16) which I pre-ordered hours after it went live 🙁 I was going to try to snag one from BB, but I didn’t pull the trigger. (hoping for some surprise shipment at a local store)

  • Jay Levine

    Sold out

    • Yes, it sold out shortly after I posted that online.

  • Omar Geovani Feliciano

    Bestbuy shipped mine on Friday and I will be getting it Tuesday the 26th. I ordered it on August 28. I am happy they finally sent it.

  • Have to check it out even though it appears to be sold out almost everywhere. Luckily, I think my local camera rental place has already purchased it so I plan to give it a trial.

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