Weekly Nikon news flash #434 (more D850 coverage)

→ New Yongnuo YN968N flash for Nikon announced.

Chinese flash storage maker Longsys acquires Lexar.

I AM 100 event in Duesseldorf

Kaimera picks up Nikon as a media client: "In June, Nikon appointed R/GA Singapore as global digital agency of record. It's thought the brand's billings could be around $3 million. The official media spend from Nielsen is $1.3 million."

Nikon D850 coverage:

Focus Shift With The Nikon D850

In The Dark With The New Nikon D850

#Nikon #D850 hands-on report:

I played with the Nikon D850 yesterday and was very impressed. One thing your readers...

Posted by Nikon D850 on Saturday, September 2, 2017

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  • Spy Black

    First!…………………………………………………………….Gee, I thought something cool was going to happen…

    • A comment of commensurate crudeness called this box home previously.

      • Spy Black

        Maybe that’s why nothing happened…

  • s3t

    I don’t think they know how puzzles work.

  • Kenneth

    Is the YN968N just now appearing in headlines or something? I bought mine and received mine over a month ago. An awesome flash if you’re already invested in the 622 wireless system

    • akkual

      Seems cool. I have been waiting such, but haven’t been following. I’d assume that will more likely work bug free(?) with the commander, which is not the case I found with older 622TXs (the non updateable ones.. they require flashes in very specific settigs to get them work properly on all configurations). Probably gonna sell those 622TXs and my extra nikon speedlites, keep the commander and buy these to replace. Will also eliminate the flimsy trigger+flash hotshoe train, which is a bonus.

  • Eric Calabros

    That ISO 26000 long exposure shot is amazing

  • Eric Calabros

    Follow this guy.. covering US open with D850

      • Stangs55

        That WB needs some love…

    • Carleton Foxx

      I don’t know much about golf but is this how they dress for the links nowadays? https://www.instagram.com/p/BYkEjrJhuzP/?taken-by=jcphotomedia

      • mikeswitz

        Only at Trump properties.

      • Fly Moon

        Golf? Did you mean tennis?

        • Carleton Foxx

          No clue. I’m a medium-size, forest-dwelling carnivore noted for its cunning. I went to the Instagram post that Eric linked to and found a bunch of images that didn’t look like either golf or tennis. But the D850 photos I found looked promising.
          Can’t wait to get my paws on one.

          • Fly Moon

            You never heard of Sharapova?

            “Can’t wait to get my paws on one”.
            I hear yeah. Me too!

  • Carleton Foxx

    Is Yongnuo’s wireless system as accurate as Nikon’s CLS? With Nikon taking CLS out of its upper level cameras, I need to find an alternative and I don’t have the money for the radio system. I don’t care so much about build quality. I just need accuracy

    So how good is this Yongnuo stuff when it comes to nailing the exposure? Is it as good as Pocket Wizard’s wireless system? Or is there a different budget brand that’s as good as Nikon?

    • Spy Black

      I dont think its so much the wireless as how well the TTL system works.

  • Stangs55

    When is the review embargo up?

    • TurtleCat

      My guess is when the units start shipping.

    • Fly Moon

      I would guess Sep 7

  • br0xibear
    • silmasan

      Is that a Sony boy or a Canon chap?

    • almost over – I will reduce the D850 coverage next week once the camera starts shipping 🙂

      • Fly Moon

        But after that you have to post about unboxing and reviews! 🙂
        You don’t want us to go somewhere else to find the info. Do you? 🙂

        • silmasan

          Camerajabber has done unboxing. The first ‘real’ unboxing video, though by a reviewer, not a regular customer (not sure if there is some kind of NDA/embargo in effect…).

          But the previous ones (from Nikon reps??) were completely unnecessary. They should just leave it to the actual customers.

        • ZoetMB

          No, please, no unboxing videos. Those are the silliest things and biggest time wasters I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand the desire to see someone opening a box, pulling out the bag and taking the body out of the bag and then pulling out the accessories from the other cardboard compartments. “Okay so here we have the battery charger and here we have the cable and here we have the user’s guide and here we have the quick start guide and here we have the battery which you insert into the bottom door and here we have the camera strap which says Nikon D850 on it.” Duh.

          Who the freak cares? It’s like watching someone unpack groceries. And people took time out of their lives to create this ridiculous trivia? If people put that same effort into actually helping another human being, we’d all be much better off. Or, instead of wasting time creating that trash, go out and take a photo.

          When each box comes with a surprise, like a Cracker Jack box, then Peter can post unboxing videos.

          • Fly Moon

            “No, please, no unboxing videos”

            Honestly, I don’t like those either, but they can generate some traffic to NR from those people who like them!

          • fanboy fagz

            groceries haha.

            and ONLY those reviews who offer untouched full rez downloads for assessment.

        • Of course not – but I am not big on reviews, there are plenty of sites that do that better then me.

          • Fly Moon

            Fair enough. I am still going to check here first 🙂

      • Carleton Foxx

        Reduce the noise, but please keep up the first-hand reports from non-famous bloggers. I don’t care what the ’Fro or the extraterrestrial couple wearing skin suits say, but I would love to know what actual photographers think…Like whatever happened to Ryan Brenizer, he was pretty great on Nikons.

        • I know what you mean.

    • Fly Moon


  • Jeez, hand held the recommendation is a shutter speed of 4x the reciprocal of the lens focal length. Doesn’t sound like my kind of camera.

    • j cortes

      Seems kind of crazy having to resort to using 4x the reciprocal . Good thing higher ISO has improved . Another reason Nikon should incorporate IBIS .

    • Ande Notos

      I’d say ignore it and see what fits you best.

    • sgredsch

      for the d800 it went from 12Mp d700 to 36Mp from 1x to 2x – now 36 to 46 Mp is supposed to require 4x? thats the usual “OMG ITS SO HIGH RES IT’LL EAT UR CHILDRIN” talk. im pretty sure 2x will still be pretty spot on while not going below 1/125 for “long” handheld exposures (ofc shifting a bit dependent on used focal length). the d800 series can be an “everyday” camera just like any dslr, as long as you work “with” the camera, not against. i’ve been using the d800 since release and i have never thought “oh boy, i wish i had a lower resolution body in my hands”. i always got my shots.

    • ZoetMB

      So does that mean you have to shoot at min of 1/50th with a 200mm and as little as 1/12th of a second with a 50mm? What’s wrong with that? I can’t hand hold 1/12th of a second on any camera with any lens and even if I could, the subject would have moved anyway.

      • António

        I’m afraid you’re seeing it the other way around and what the link says is that a 200mm will force you to use 1/800 s (4x the focal distance) and so on while the D810 would require only 1/400s.

        As it is said the D850 uses a redesigned shutter and mirror mechanism I wonder if this has no impact on this reciprocal “rule” and going from 36 to 46 Mpx has a so big impact or if the new solutions will not keep things as with the D810 at least or even better.

        But that only experience will say and reviews that will certainly focus on that may be just around the corner to clarify this point.

        • ZoetMB

          I thought it said that it’s 4x the inverse of the focal length. So 200mm = 4x 1/200 = 4/200 = 1/50th. Personally, I don’t see what impact resolution has on exposure value anyway. Either it’s fast enough to stop movement or it isn’t.

          • António

            Stoping movement is one side to determine the shooting speed and the other (this reciprocal) is intended to avoid shooting blur and get sharpness, that becomes more demanding as sensor definition goes up, unless the camera’s mechanism uses a solution that solves the problem.

          • The idea is that blur from camera movement/shaking is easier to spot on a 45MP camera compared to a 24MP camera because of the higher resolution.

            • D700s

              Taking photos at the D850 Intro event I noticed the need to really concentrate on your holding technique. Shooting indoors under ambient lighting I had to raise the ISO to compensate for shutter speed. My mistake was thinking I could just grab the camera and shoot as I normally do. This isn’t to say it’s impossible to get sharp photos with the D850 but care must be given until you know your shutter speed boundaries. Glad I had the chance to shoot it beforehand. Now I can’t wait to get it in my hands.

            • Yes, I had to learn that back with the D800.

      • There is a decades-long tradition that says that the minimum shutter speed should be the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens. That was established in the film era. Today’s sensors are much finer than the films typically used by photographers. What this article implies at one point is that, with 36 MP the D800/810 could produce relatively shake-free photographs using a shutter speed of half that, and the D850 a quarter. So, for the purposes of verbal shorthand, they expressed it as a multiplier. Thus, a 50mm lens projecting onto film is 1/50 (1/60), a D800 is 1/100 (1/125) and a D850 is 1/200 (1/250).

    • Fly Moon

      In my books there are no rules. If you can get a sharp photo, you can do whatever you want!

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      Don’t base your purchase decision on this. I am continually baffled by the people who claim they can’t get sharp D800/810 images handheld or slower than 1/100th, etc. I regularly shoot around 1/30th with both weddings and photojournalism, mostly with /1.4 primes but also 70-200, sometimes 200/f2. Subject movement is typically the only isssue with 2-3 frames squeezed off, not camera movement. Check out Joe McNally’s YouTube video “Da Grip,” shooting posture makes a world of difference!!

      • Well, thanks, but I’m not considering this camera. I just don’t need it for a host of reasons. But, I’m always interested in what Nikon is doing and am hoping they come up with a really good compact…that’s what I’m staying tuned for. I was as curious about the writer feeling the need to comment on the shutter speed requirements of this camera as I was in the actual need to do it. And yes, if you use good technique you can do better than any “rule of thumb”.

  • Michael

    Was Dixie Dixon’s video content directed by Nikon marketing team? The collection of worst photography cliches. Flower decorated Swing – Check. Model on a Ladder – Check. Dalmatian dog and polka dot dress – Check. Waving long dress and assistant throwing it in the air – Check. Videography is awesome though.

    • Fly Moon

      What did/do you expect? Do you think the camera did a good job in those “cliches” situations?

      • Michael

        I enjoyed GFX video stories. They show why I would need this camera in a particular situation. Very professional and creative. This cliche barn shot is just annoyance and tells me nothing about D850 benefit over anything else. Glad they did not allow the horse inside.

        • Fly Moon

          I should check those GFX video stories!

    • ZoetMB

      So please cite other shoots that have a flower decorated swing, a model on a ladder, a polka dot dress and a Dalmatian dog and even if you could find one, so what? There are lots of repeated themes in life and in photography, especially when it comes to pretty female models. There were photographers before and after Ansel Adams who shot the equivalent of “Moon and Half Dome” and there were photographers before and after Diane Arbus who photographed odd and non-mainstream people. Etc.

      On the Nikon still photographers video with Dixie, they show a few of the stills from that session and they’re actually quite fabulous. And in the end, this was about quickly testing the camera as the photographers didn’t have very long with it. They didn’t apparently even let Joe McNally try the camera for very long. In that situation, you don’t attempt to do anything new, you shoot what you know.

      • Carleton Foxx

        I don’t know anything about her actual photography but Dixie persona is a very appealing on video if you like a Southern-fried look to everything.
        That said, I expect we’ll learn shortly that the video was shot on an Alexa or an Ursa rather than the D850.

      • Michael

        We, the future D850 owners, deserve creative and inspirational videos. That live discussion panel was painful to watch as well. Grow up Nikon.

        • ToastyFlake

          Use your D850 to make your own creative and inspirational video, Michelangelo. Nikon provides the tools, you make the art.

          • Michael

            We are talking about weak marketing campaign of Nikon. They need to appeal to a professional market with a pro body and they fail. I will sure use D850 to my best advantage.

            • mikeswitz

              We can’t wait for some examples. I mean we deserve it.

            • Michael

              Adorama should deliver this week. Ordered within hours when it went live. I will be glad to share my first D850 session with you.

        • mikeswitz

          You deserve nothing more than a good camera for the price. You don’t like the promotional videos? Really? You deserve better? C’mon man get a life.

          • Michael

            We are talking about well being of Nikon as a company. Their marketing campaign is embarrassing for a creative professional. Nothing wrong with hardware though.

  • Fly Moon

    It’s funny when girls wear hats like that and guys wear fedoras to show that they’re “artistic”!!

  • Graham Blaikie

    I thought the news on the acquisition of Lexar by the Chinese flash storage maker Longsys would be big news. Elsewhere I have seen comments doubting the continued quality of the Lexar products by a relatively unknown maker. But this quote from Tom’s Hardware looks reassuring: “Neither Longsys nor Micron have revealed details about this acquisition, but we learned that it was overseen by Longsys General Manager and flash-industry veteran Mike Chen, who came to the company in December 2016 from Micron. (He also has previous experience from his time at Marvell and Supermicro.)”

    • Fly Moon

      I was reading about it on DPreview. It doesn’t seam a big deal for NR rumor visitors.
      One would think so considering Nikon’s all top cameras use XQD cards.

    • fanboy fagz

      I hope the brand continues with the great quality/price they offered. they offer excellent products and an excellent alternative to sandisk and sony high prices

  • I remember that, great stuff 🙂

  • Polsloe

    How long will we have to wait for Adobe raw solution for D850?

    • Hopefully they will release an update next week.

      • Polsloe

        Fingers crossed for that

  • I guess thank you China for buying Lexar. I don’t mind now that it’s gonna be a chinese product as long as it can be as good as it was.

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